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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

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^You're probably right about the Carnevil walls.


I know this is a bit off topic as of right now, but does anybody know when the official announcement will be for haunt. The site's been up almost a month and still hasn't been updated.


they are working on it. a lot has to be done for the actual update as a lot of things are being re-written.


as for the walls, yes those would be for CarnEVIL


I saw another set of the wood walls today (one of the two sets was the one I saw being moved yesterday) , sitting under Vortex right now. Given where they are sitting, thinking back to last season, there were changing rooms built under Vortex and they are likely for them this season as well and not for Carnevil. But then again I could be wrong and they could just be keeping them there for Carnevil.


And as noted a while back, Rapids does close on September 5th for it's conversion to begin into Werewolf Canyon, as does Barney Old Field speedway for it's use as Cornstalkers. Boomerang Bay's last day of operation is also on September 5th.

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I thought Six Flags was the money thirsty company here... Did this change? Just wondering?

Because of the recent trend of upcharge high(er) capacity attraction like Dinos Alive! going in at CP. I believe there were also some tests with 'skip to the front of the line' programs like what Six Flags offers.

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It would be awesome if they re-opened the IMAX Pictorium.


Though, they would ruin it by charging it extra, I mean we're talking about the new Cedar Fair.


IIRC, the building has already been gutted.

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exactly.and you can technically consider Slaughterhouse a new maze as it's been re-designed, and re-named unlike CarnEVIL last year that just received an enhancement.


and it feels nice to be able to chat more about haunt now that i'm able to talk about this year =p

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Yeah Slaughterhouse will be basically a new maze same with Dead Man's Cove will be a huge zone this year. It's really cool that the designers realize that tweaking and re-designing mazes can have a positive impact on the event. It also seems like the quality of the event keeps growing each year, which is great.

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I figure I'll post this again as it got lost a few pages back. Anyone care to meet up at CGA this Sunday? A fellow TPR-er, my cousin, and I are hitting up CGA this sunday the 28th. I will probably be wearing a TPR shirt once they arrive...just got to decide on what color.


And Haunt's always fun if you bring someone who gets scared easily Cornstalkers is the perfect maze to ditch them in. Yes, I'm mean!

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