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Robb and Elissa are EVERYWHERE!


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Ok, I have searched and can't find anything in the forum about Robb and Elissa's fame (and fortune?!) but I have found a few random posts about them cropping up in random places, including an educational DVD and on RCT, the cheat where you type in Elissa White as a guest name. I was just interested to see what other random places these two turn up in! Sorry if there is already a thread but I couldn't find one, if there is I am really sorry, feel free to add me to the stupid things said on TPR!


Being in England I wasn't really expecting to behold a random Robb and Elissa sighting but was suprised when my girlfriends dad was flicking through the television channels last night and I saw two familiar faces. On Sky Three at about 7-8 there was a programme about theme parks, I wasn't allowed to watch it as 'Eastenders' was on but in the few minutes I did get to watch it they showed Ghost Rider at Knotts. They showed some POV and other shots including a look back along the train, and in the front seats were none other than Robb and Elissa. Came as a bit of a suprise so it got me thinking; has anyone else had a suprise when Robb and Elissa popped up somewhere they wern't expecting? although having said that I suppose I should have been expecting them on a programme about Rollercoasters!



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Sorry! Thank you for the link, I did search but didn't find anything, I was a bit suprised that no one had started a topic like this before, now I know they had, sorry for starting something that already existed, I will search harder next time!

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