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Dumbest things said on TPR


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I know someone who said that Volcano is the fastest roller coaster in the world, and that person had been on I305. I also saw a video on Youtube of Goliath at SFOG, and the title of that video was "FASTEST ROLLER COASTER IN THE WORLD!!!".

I saw a POV of SFMM's Goliath that said "tallest in the world." How deliriously ironic.

If you don't know how to use words please dont use them... you will be ridiculed... by ME!

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Transferred a post from the "Weirdest Things the GP Have Said" thread, because it belongs here:

I just heard from my sister in Las Vegas that Circus Circus bought speed: The Ride. however the water ride will be no more, but they want to build another coaster in its place. so speed isn't dead yet


^And you know this to be true...because?


my sister who lives in vegas told me

As seen on the Speed: The Ride Thread


Thank you buckaroo234 for the quote!

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Found this in the Darien Lake thread about the RoS death:


Original Comment:

There's just got to be something they're not telling us!?!?


How the hell can you not hold the staff and park negligent when you say that they didn't follow their own rules that led to a patron's death!?!? Isn't that pretty much the definition of negligence?!?!


Is this park in Florida, and is the guy who died actually a 2 year old girl!?!? (What? Too Soon?)


His response:

Darien Lake is not in Florida, it's in New York state
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^ I wouldn't be so quick to adding that to this thread yet. The last one is definitely sarcasm and there's a good chance that the middle one might be as well.


Yeah, those were definitely sarcasm.


If it's not sarcasm, I'm very worried.

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^Then following it up with this when members with more experience with Europa call him on his lame comparison:


Ouch guess there're a lot of Germans here...? Last I checked modern theme parks were an American invention for our suburbs, so, if anything, American parks are the bottled wine to Europe's boxed. Just take the freakin compliment already people.


Edited by cfc
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In the Weirdest things the "GP" have said thread:


So, there's this episode of Jimmy Neutron in which Jimmy's Atom's get scrambled with a hamster. At one part, his dad talks about taking him to Retroland. He says..


"I love those zig-zaggy lines, that are...not straight.!"

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Surprised this hasn't found it's way in here yet!


I think that SFDK needs some more family coasters. This ride has a lot of flaws...

1. Superman isn't a fitting theme

2. It looks sickening. I doubt that it'll be around for a long time.

3. Low Capacity

4. You go through a barrel roll 150 ft in the air with only a lapbar. This ride should have shoulder restraints if it's gonna do that.


In the long run. I don't think a lot of people are gonna ride it. (Or at least let their kids on it.)


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