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Indoor Advetures- RCT2

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Year 5


For the park's fifth season they upgraded the back section of the Forest area with two new rides, a singing ship named Crazy Canoe and a helicopter ride called Tee Top Explorer. These are located around the pond in the Forest area. I think these new rides make the area look a lot nicer. I also keep hearing rumors of a new roller coaster for next year, so we can only hope. Here are the pictures, comments please.


Another View


Overview of the new rides.

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Construction Update


When I went to the park today I found out that they put up construction walls around part of dune buggies, which was closed. When I went on Tidal Force I saw that the sand was cleared, the pond was drained, and trees were gone. So maybe this is this is for the rumored coaster. Here is a picture.


Construction Area.

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Construction Update


I went to the park to check out the construction. It looks like Dune Buggies are safe but are going to be smaller, which the good part of them are still there. The construction area is really small though, so it might not be for a new coaster. We will see. Here is a picture.


New Picture.

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Construction Update


This is a new picture showing off the entire construction area for the new roller coaster. I was told it was going to be just a kiddy coaster because the other two coaster are geared more to adults. Here is the pictures.


The construction area.

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This is a really nice park. Very compact. That is a lot of room for a kiddie coaster, maybe it will be bigger and he's just telling us this to make it a surprise.


^ No, he has Surfin' USA blocked off from the construction area, so it will be staying. I hope...

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Special Update


The track work for the coaster is complete. It looks to be a fun ride for the little kids. It also looks like Surfin' U.S.A. will be safe, so thats good. The park is also looking for suggestions for a name for the new coaster so if any of you have any ideas you should post them. Here are some pictures.


The coaster.


I decided to put in a picture of the new Dune Buggies.

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