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Indoor Advetures- RCT2

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A huge new indoor park called Indoor Adventures just opened and I went on opening day to check it out. It is the world's largest, by size, indoor park. It opened with two roller coasters, a Vekoma custom looper and an Intamin Micro Hyper. The park has two themes, a beach theme and a forest theme that cuts the park in half. This update is of the beach section. So here are the pictures.


Some water slides.


The rest of Splash Falls.


Surfin' U.S.A. (Top Spin) and Splash Falls


Dune Buggies' Middle Third


Dune Buggies' First and Last Third


Second Half


First Half


Tidal Force's Staion


Entrance Area


View After Entering. The coaster is Tidal Force.


The Roof




Service Area


The Entrance

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Year 1


Here are the rest of the pictures from year 1. The are mostly of the Forest area. They put in a Intamin Micro Hyper called Cougar. It is my personal favorite in the park. The also have a drop tower called Falcon. The also have a couple other smaller rides. For more information on the building, it is 85 feet high with a max. ride clearance of 80 feet. I won't complete the roof because you wouldn't see inside then, so I just did a little of it. Now here are the pictures. Comments please.


Complete Overview


Overview of The Beach


Overview of The Forest


An eating place and a bumper cars.


Couger's Ending


Couger and a Merry-Go-Round


Couger and Falcon


Couger's Station


Entrance to the Forest with chairswing in the background.

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Looks great! I like how things are spred out, its different. But in the future, I would like this to evolve into an indoor park like today. As the park expands, I'd like you to keep the structure the same, and just make wise decisions so the park will be completely filled, but not OVER crowded. Does that make since?


Keep updating!

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Thanks for the comments and Steffen do you mean it looks that way because it doesn't show the roof or because the park isn't crammed together like other indoor parks.


P.S. Somethings aren't completely finished yet.



I mean it, because it's no "natury" if you know what I mean? I really like it

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Year 2


Nothing really new happened to the park for its second year other then the unfinished building was torn down and was replaced by a seating area. The pictures I have are ones that a have comments on from myself. And Steffen if you mean that there are to many trees, I thought that but I think it looks cool because it is the only indoor park like that. Here are the pictures. Comments please.


The water slides arn't very popular and since they are out of place I don't think they will last long.


I love the small sand dunes on Dune Buggies but it takes up to much of a footprint for an indoor park.


Surfin' U.S.A. is themed to a surfboard (red and yellow) on a wave (blue area).


The new seating area.


I also love the little pathway behind the loops.


I love the bathrooms and the info buildingthat are in the back of the pathway.

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Year 4


I finally made it back to the park for its forth year really late in the season. The only thing new this year is a redesigned entrance. The old entrance had to many trees so they took those out and added more flags to the area. I was told the park would add more rides for their fifth year. There was track in a fenced off portion of the parking lot but it didn't look like coaster track, so I think it could be for some kind of dark ride, which could be really cool. Here are the pictures.


The track, doesn't look like coster track but we can hope for one.


The new entrance which is much more open.

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