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Mild Thing @ Valleyfair!


Okay, first, I know what you're thinking! (I'm psychic) "Oh it's just a stupid roller coasters that goes around in a circle" Well, you're right, but I tried to make it as real and as life like as possible. I know that some of the station/scenery pieces are mis-colored but I've tried for hours to get them right, and I think it looks good anyways! Second, I know that there aren't little wooden pieces in the track, but the track, and the cars are the closest to Mild Thing's so I figured it was the closest and most realistic. Third, I know the supports aren't perfect either. They're about half auto so don't blame me if they're bad or anything!



Enjoy, Ride, And Rate!

Mild Thing.zip

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Hey Vffreak, not a bad creation, I especially liked the station roof surround. There is a lot that you can do with supports in No Limits, but is there a point at which it becomes sloppy and a poor subsitute for 3DS work?

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