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Oakwood Discussion Thread

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Anyone else think that the name of the ride will be "Speed" based on that URL?




I would think it refers to the speed needed to run the videos but instead of just using the terms "high" and "low" by themselves, they use speed with it.

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It is similar to Typhoon in Bobbejaanland, but the elements are in different places on the track. Looks more of an out and back style coaster compared to Typhoon which is more a wild mouse sized coaster..

A bit like the difference of the track layouts of Spinball Whizzer Alton Towers and Dragons fury Thorpe park same type of coaster different style layouts.

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^Dragon's Fury, Chessington


I'm glad they've finally made their mind up about this, as it gives me a little more reason to finally make the 5hr drive down there next year. Shame the layout isn't a bit more interesting though, but can't complain I guess, at least they're getting one.

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I think megaphobia Sucks


What The, You think megafobia sucks, it is one of the worlds best woodies, it has great airtime so I think megafobia is way better than the new eurofighter.


Everyone has their own opinions. Atleast he used the words "I think" which alot of people dont. And I think you should be happy as there will be one person less queueing for Megaphobia

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This looks like a good ride. The drop looks great, and the layout is original. This might just be me, but the drop seems like the only reason I would want to ride. It has some nice hills and other elements, but these just do not call out to me.

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Hi Robb & everybody




Should be open around April 2006 just in time for TPR UK visit to the park

name to be announced in the next few weeks




97 Degree First Drop

Highest Point 115ft

Top Speed 95KPH

G-force 1G


Minimum height 1.25m


2000 feet of steel roller coaster built for speed and fun! Our new ride will thrill you with a vertical lift, a more than vertical first drop, a -1G camel hump, a flying 110 degree turn, a vertical loop, a 360 degree barrel roll and a horizontal loop at speeds of up to 95 kph!


Interesting Fact

The UK's only more than vertical drop...a 97 degree overhang!


Go to: www.oakwood-leisure.com/rides/new.htm

for animated POV


If anybody is interested I can get some pics from Oakwood to post on the site to see how things are progressing and keep it updated



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