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Carowinds 2008 Season Opening Day pics!

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Dropped by Carowinds today to see what Cedar Fair had done for its most southern east coast property.


Breezed through Platinum season pass processing and then had a decent flight on Flying Scooter (repainted - same garish colors, smaller Nick decals) and Top Gun (Afterburn -- no changes there).


The Borg Vekoma Flying Coaster (now Nighthawk) got a new sign and lost the signature Borg sphere prop. Wonder where that went ... ?


The Scooby Doo junior woodie (I will NEVER call it ... whatever it's called now!) got some new tracking and rebult structure. Queue was too long for a ride. It's still my fav wooden coaster in the park.


The 'new' Geauga Lake YoYo sits where the much-prettier Wave Swinger once did. It could've used a paint job, but still fits well in County Fair. Now if they just had a nice Big Eli Wheel, a Spider and Tilt or Whip ...


Got a peek at Thunder Road's reconstruction. Though the back turn (port side) has been totally rebuilt, the GCI-rehab won't be completed until May. There's a good chunk of structure and track still missing (on the port side return leg), but the guys will be hard at work for the next few weeks to get the ride open by late this spring. It's nice to see CF taking care of this coaster. Though the trains were nowhere in sight, they will be ready and both turned around forward!!!! Yeaaaaah. No more backwards madness. Now if they could just paint TRoad like Racer and Rebel Yell ... Oh, and actually race this 'racing coaster' it would be a good ride.


The FSSaturator got new paint and WILL be open in 2008 on the waterpark schedule.


Hurler got sweet candy apple-red paint for one of its trains. Still a bit brutal.








New wood from the footers to the sky!!!!





Carowinds Theater



New entrance sign

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It really is too bad Huler has so much jackhammering! It needs work and it could be a good ride!


I agree. It could be. Thunder Run at SFKK is amazing .. at least when I rode it 1.5 years ago. It was the inspiration for Hurler. Those SF mechanics were sooooo taking care of that ride. That's what Hurler COULD be. ::sigh::

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It really is too bad Huler has so much jackhammering! It needs work and it could be a good ride!


I'm dubious as to the Hurler ever being a good ride...personally speaking of course. I have stated my hatred of the big H before. I rode it it's first year and I've ridden the various clones in other parks. They sucked equally well!

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I usually try for 2nd row as it is more ejector. The back has awesome floater though. Today I lined up for the 2nd row but some hos in the 3rd row wanted me to cut them so they could line up with their buddies. The roughness everyone is talking about is completely non existent.




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Now if they could just paint TRoad like Racer and Rebel Yell ... Oh, and actually race this 'racing coaster' it would be a good ride.


I talked to the supervisor over T-road, and they will be racing 100%


As Pufferfish stated, how did you get those pics of T-road?


If TRoad's drivers pay attention to each other and coordinate their dispatches, I'll be very impressed. It'll be just like when the ride opened ... except for the lack of the original Riverview rolling stock, of course.


My pics of TRoad are just part of a story I'm working on about GCII's rehab work on several wooden coasters. It'll appear in the MAY issue of Amusement Today.

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oh ok. Well, I was talking to the supervisor for T-road, and He wants to race them as much as possible, even with one train op on one side. And with the supervisors being at their respective ride most of the time I'm fairly certain they will race now.


^^ No, They both open up in May.

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