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Well; here I am again


I've really been thinking that I have to make more NL-coasters to get much better. I've therefore, in the last couple of days, been working on this little coaster, and this time I really want to make a good and smooth coaster.


The name, you ask: Well it's Biblical sea monster --> CLICK HERE



Right now I've finished the layout + a little smoothing, but I'm far from finished. And some elements/spots will probably be changed a bit..


But here are some pics of it:





Leviathan, Intamin Launched

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It looks very fast and compact. I think Leviathan is a really awesome name for a ride, too.


Looking at the second picture, I think the wraparound cobra roll inversion needs to start banking sooner. The top of the inversion should not be exactly 180 degrees. It also looks like it banks all the way back to 0 degrees about halfway through the turn coming out of the inversion. You should keep this part banked at around 30 to 40 degrees to reduce the lateral g's.

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Well. . . it was okay. . .


Trackwork - The trackwork was alright. Some spots/segments seemed smoother then others, and some seemed really jerky and pumpy. The last segment before the break run was terrible. Way too little and sharp to be a transition.


Adrenaline - Adrenaline wasn't the best. It seemed like most of the rides were jerky turns, and then the inversions were just kinda thrown in there. I think maybe if you smoothed it out more, expanded the airtime moments, and decreased a bit of your banking this could be a good ride.


Overall - I think you can do better then this dude. It had some potential, but it was just really pumpy & jerky.



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Well, it was really funky, but I liked it. Like Vffreak said, some strange transitions, but I actually think that's why I liked it. It was so... out of control?


Anyway, pretty nice coaster!

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I liked the layout a lot Steffen, a really creative design. The track work really wasn't great however; it was over banked towards the end as it was travelling far too slowly to require the banking you provided. As has been noted the turn onto the brake run was awful. Think about the heart-line: the track should swing under the train and into the breaks. There was also a lot of stalling, so a faster launch may well be needed for this ride, or other changes to increase speed during inversions, or perhaps removal of some? With supports it looks messy to have a two section support and branch out in the middle, just branch of 1 support. Also add support joins like most good designers seem to be doing with free nodes and thicker tubes at the desired points. Keep up the good work!

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I liked it, didn't love it...


The colors are cool (nice and bright) but the lay-out didn't thrill me as much as some of your other coasters do, the main problem I have is that you only turn to the left, I just got dizzy (even behind the computer). overall it was good!

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How do you place support joints?

i think you can use the Autoflanger, but it also does something with the track




And thanks for the comments and constructive criticism. I can really use it for my future coasters, and I'm also trying to make this one a bit better

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Right, I've been gone for a while and it seems like theres a lot to catch up up on so here I go...


This is more your material compare to Hugin in my opinion, it had a good layout if a bit weird and it was well presented. One major flaw is the banking, it is'nt that realistic. With a little work on that this could be a fantastic ride.

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