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Theme Park Review cleans up at The Oscar Awards!

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A few weeks ago, the Oscars were presented on TV.


Of course, all the big awards and big stars made the prime time slot, but there were a few awards awarded earlier in the night that I took a few pictures of for all of you.


The main point of interest was best overall Amusement Park Video, Best Actress in an Amusement Park Video, and Best Actor in an Amusement Park Video.


The air was full of electricity when the time came to give out the awards and I got right up in the front with my camera to snap a few shots!



First award, Best Amusement Park Video.


The Winner - Theme Park Review's Coaster Expedition 9 - The Spanish Coaster Inquisition!!!!


I was sooooooo excited and applauding that I forgot to snap any pictures of Robb and Elissa accepting the award. My Bad. I was just too caught up in the moment.


Don't worry, I did get the rest of the winners for you.


The pictures are at the end of my report here.


So, after all the meyham died down, another person came up on stage and got ready to announce Best Actress in an Amusement Park Video!


I knew we had a few good candidates in this catagory so I crossed my fingers.


The lady announced the winner for Best Actress, and it was our own KIDTUMS!!!!!


She was rolled up in her stroller and was as cheerful as ever!


Not only that, but she had a speech already prepared!!


I didn't even know Kidtums could talk yet, but here is the speech quoted exactly... short and brief and to the point:


"Ha Louise and The Hoffman Girl, take that you bitches!"




Finally the moment everyone there was waiting for.. Best Actor in an Amusement Park Video.


The tension could be cut with a knife as I saw many guys getting ready to make the walk up on stage to accept the Oscar.


The host got to the platform, went through a little spiel, and then took the envelope from his pocket.


He made a sly joke and then started opening the envelope ever so slowly.


He cleared his throat and out came the words:


The Oscar for Best Actor in an Amusement Park Video goes to........













Everything went silent..







You could hear a pin drop....







Just say it already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


















The Oscar for Best Actor in an Amusement Park Video goes to BIG MIKE!


I couldn't believe it


I won!



I handed my camera to the person standing next to me and asked her to take a few pictures of me accepting the Oscar.


I don't even remember what I said up there but she did get a great picture of me!!


So the night ended with me and the hot girl who took my picture hooking up and celebrating around town, Oscar in hand.



Hope you enjoyed my Oscar Awards photo report, I will try to make it there again next year for everyone.



Peace, Big Mike


Big Mike - Best Actor for his role in Theme Park Review's Coaster Expedition 9.


That's right... I said Bitches!!!

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Hmm--at last, something lamer than the People's Choice Awards and Golden Globes combined.


Mike, I like ya, You're a nice guy. But . . .




I feel better now. Please excuse me.

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