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Six Flags announces Six Flags Thrilleaders

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^It's not really a bad decision per se, atleast they're trying to think up ways to interact with the guests throughout the park. I'm sure they'll just be walking around the park and they'll have certain destinations where they stop and do a set, kind of like a show out on the midways.


The success of this idea really depends on a couple things.


First the show needs to be top notch. There needs to be a large group of them, perhaps 12 cheerleaders at 1 spot, they need to be loud, proud of the moves they're doing (because it will show) and really good with the choreography. There should be good, new music (I'm thinking a family friendly song, along the lines of Paramore's crushcrushcrush) that needs to be queued correctly, and it needs to be loud and clear.


Nobody wants to act like they're excited or cheer for a show that's boring. A good example of this was the Ride The Mountain stunt shows they had in The Movie District and Colossus County Fair the past summer. The shows were okay, but the crowd never seemed too impressed because nothing was going on that people hadn't seen before (the stunts weren't that great). They'd ask people to cheer and they'd all be like "Why??"


Second, there needs to be a Thrilleader in charge, or a person in the group that is good at reading crowds and can really make the guests excited during the show. When there's just someone out there telling the crowd they need to clap louder to do a stunt that the crowd doesn't care about, its lame.


Third, the show needs to be unique, hearing that the choreographer from the Bring it On cheerleading movies is good, because I'm sure he has experience with exactly that. Being unique gives the cheerleaders pride, and the cheerleaders being proud of the show they're doing really has an effect on how well the guests will react. When everyone can tell that the cheerleaders are not having a good time, its like a domino effect. The guests don't enjoy the show and don't have a good time either.


So I'm gonna have to eat my words with my first reaction to this, because now that I think about it, this shouldn't be too bad. Unless of course its obvious that very little time or money was spent to get this done right. This is one of those things that you get out of it what you put into it.


Anything to get more chicks in skirts walking around the park, cleaning bathrooms or not, I'm all for.

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Im not sure if I like the idea, but roaming the parks and seeing hot cheerleaders is ok by me!


I agree with that statement, but still, the first thought that came to my mind was "What the $%@& are the thinking?"

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This is like the NHL teams south of Ohio having cheerleaders at hockey games!!!


"Put those hands up in the air

Wave them like you just don't care,

Roller coasters that's our game,

Come to Six Flags, we're not lame!

Who loves coasters?


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PURE's most recent post got me thinking a little bit about how, if done correctly, this Thrilleader thing could be at least a little bit like the HSM show at DCA. While I personally don't care a bit for HSM, or the show, it does seem pretty popular with a lot of guests. So I guess I'll wait to see how it actually plays out and judge it after that. I guess my initial impression was based on how I used to preceive Six Flags as a chain, prior to the recent improvement in the quality of the experience they're offering guests. I had sort of an involuntary Nirvana, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" music video vision of the production at first.

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You...have got....to be kidding me.

I personally think it's a Mr.Six replacement.I think they'll have their stupid little annoying cheer/chant-jingle that we'll see at Burger King,Subway,on TV,and hear it on the radio just like Mr.Six and his stupid song.Just how low will SF go? I'm afraid to wonder.

But,hey,I don't mind seeing these girls in skimpy outfits dancing around while I ride some coasters!

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A friend of mine, who was once a cheerleader, went to WDW and performed in the parks with other national cheerleading teams. She told me that everyone responded very positively to the event. Of course, that is an annual thing and Disney hosts it, not Six Flags. Yeah, maybe it'll be like a parade of some sort. I hope at least! I mean, how ridiculous would it be if some overly excited "Thrillleader" came up to you randomly and was like, "OMG AREN'T YOU EXCITED TO BE HERE!?!?" What kind of response are they even looking for?

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WDW does host annual cheering events for nationally competing squads... I am a cheerleader and I currently go to a division I school who competed in the UCA cheer competition at WDW--not a parade. If anything the Thrilleaders may be more like your pro-football cheerleading team. And the home park is in SFGADV. And men are able to be on the team too--unlike pro cheerleading teams (in sports). I think the most they will do is have scheduled performances, and according to their website, you must perform charitable duties outside of SF (therefore I believe that they are some sort of a marketing ploy to get people in general to come to the park... IMO.

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Wow, fascinating addition, Six Flags. Really burning the midnight oil to come up with groundbreaking ideas like this one, huh?


This only works if one of the cheerleaders is the chick with the speech impediment from Not Another Teen Movie. Sorry, I don't have time to drum up a YouTube clip to illustrate.

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If you guys would like to see these actually cheerleaders you can check them out at www.procheerleaderblog.com click on the link at the bottom and then there is an article about them -


I was actually at the auditions and they didn't get much of a response in NYC or NJ....@ NYC there was probably like 6 girls there and at the audition in NJ there was 10 - 9 boys and 1 girl....supposedly there was to be 12 but due to low amount of interest they had to settle on 7 - 6 girls and 1 boy - now how are you going to be a cheerleading squad with 1 boy...usually the boys lift the girls

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