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Hard Rock Park Sneak Peak Photo Trip Report

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So yesterday, I took a trip to Hard Rock Park to do the awesome sneak peak VIP tour. It was totally worth it. I have to say that this park will have one of the best atmosphere I've ever been too, the employees of Hard Rock were extremely friendly, including the parking guys. They still have tons of work to do still, but they are really close. ONLY a month! Enough talk, let the pictures do the talking and drooling.

- Reminder they didn't let us go to the back of the park due to the frequent construction, so I don't have as many pictures as I wanted, but do enjoy!


I think I'm at the right spot..


Yep, I'm at the right spot!


Entrance Plaza


The GATEWAY to heaven


Follow that white sign!


Merchandise, of the many few shops they have.


Slogans and Sayings, around the park you will see.


Guitar awesomeness


Closer View


Side View


The Plaza, where you enter the park from.


One of the many rides at HRP. This one in Cool Country.


Massive Theater where Ice Skating Shows will be in this building.




Fun Interactive cow for the kids. He talks to you and BEWARE! When he "utters," beware his "udders"!


Again, another interactive station for the kids instead with water jets and wheels. You will see all kinds of interactive things for the kids to do.


Eagles: Life in the Fast Lane. The renamed Vekoma mine ride, announced yesterday Morning.




Again, water playground for the kids.


What do I see in the background


Led Zeppelin in all her glory!




Just NOOO Comment needed.


Second Loopage!~






Across the Lagoon





Maximum RPM! Across the lagoon.


Slippery When Wet! - Don't mind the guitar


Great statues you will see around the park.


Who doesn't like signage?




Tiki Gods will take your SOLE!


You will see some of these around the park, but mostly in restaurants.


They are a tribute to the past away rock legends




Interactive Guitar! Again, for the kids. When you strum the water under the guitar like strings, it will play a song. Not telling what song though




Section I didn't get to go see due again to constant construction.


There's still tons of things to do still, but I'm not going to give away the other amazing information that will be happening around HRP.

I will tell you that the lagoon will have an nightly lazer/water jet show featuring the massive guitar.

Well thanks for viewing and reading!



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Thank you for this trip report!!! Zepplin looks incredible. I love the white and blue as it sits on the lagoon. The park itself looks really nice. Can't wait to visit. I will have to plan a trip out that way.

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Looks fantastic. I can't believe this is a TOTALLY new theme park, going will be a completely different experience than other parks.


Which coaster was renamed for the Eagles?


EDIT* Nevermind, figured it out.


One thing though. Being in Myrtle Beach, this Park is going to be PACKED all the time! There probably wont be a good day to go the whole opening season without having to wait at least 45 minutes to ride one of the coasters.

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When is Opening day anyway?

May 9th.


Led Zep looks awsome! It towers over the other rides.


And about the name change. The logo looks cool, but I'm still not a fan of the name.


Man I've got to go to this park sometime!

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Which coaster was renamed for the Eagles?


EDIT* Nevermind, figured it out.

But why ar you not telling this to us.

Because there are 2 Vekoma coasters in the park.

One is a minetrain and one is a junior coaster.

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^There are trees, they just aren't very shady. Some look to stay that way, but some just haven't had time to grow yet. Give it some time and (I hope) you'll see a little more shade.


I'm a fan of the rename to the Eagles. First of all, being a musically-themed park, ANY change from a rather generic name to a band name or other musical reference is a plus and an enhancement to the overall cohesion and atmosphere. Also, the Eagles are a great band for a western-themed ride. They are certainly country rock/southern rock, and "Life In The Fast Lane" is one of their faster, rock-ier songs. And the Eagles are redoing the song just for this ride, so I would assume the lyrics will fit a little better than they would now. After all, who would think the Aerosmith songs (especially the original content of them) would fit the feel of a coaster as well as they do? I'm sure it's something that is better in person than on paper.

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He talks to you and you better watch out for his utters!


That would be "udders." When he "utters," beware his "udders"! That is one gender-bending cow. Unless those aren't teats and he's multi-phallic or something.


Thanks for sharing your pictures. I'm hoping to get down there this summer.

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^Take a close look at almost every B&M out there.


They're all basically the same elements put together in different orders with different layouts. It's nothing new.


As for the trees and shade, I'm sorry, I just don't think this park is cutting it.



There's not even a place for them to add trees, it's all concrete! They couldn't have put a huge tree or even a fountain at the center of that huge black circle?



No trees here either, during the summer when temperatures rise and there's direct sun, this is not going to be fun.



Again, no trees.


I know somebody said that they'll eventually fill out, but how can they fill out if there's none to be found?

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^ I don't think that's the issue, I mean how many trees period did you see??


As for the trees and shade, I'm sorry, I just don't think this park is cutting it.

I could probably live with the midways lacking trees, but if the queues are outside and unshaded, that park is going to be hell when its 95 degrees out there..

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