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Photo TR: Coaster Palooza 2008 - UPDATE P. 23

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hey i went to this in early oct. and there was nobody there we did all the mazes many times and the rides were cool to. i like how great america did and it was a good first year the best maze of all was Club Blood but not cuz of the scares cuz of the Go Go dancers lol

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^^&^^^I agree that it would have been good to go through Club Blood and Slaughterhouse. I was warned that it wasn't appropriate for a 10 year-old though.


We had a great time and I hope that Gyendolynne and I can go back and make it through the rest of the mazes and shows.


Please add some reviews of the shows and mazes to this thread if you would like!

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Yeah, Club Blood has vampire pole dancers and another scene that is kind of graphic that I don't want to give away. It doesn't happen all the time, but lets just say the scene I'm talking about involves a pregnant vampire lady. i haven't seen any of the shows, but people that have watched the hypnosis show either really liked it, or really hated it. I have not heard anything bad about Ed Alonzo and I really want to see his show. I haven't really heard anything about the Improv show. Camp Gonnagetcha was having some issues all weekend and wasn't running that much. Definitely go through Slaughterhouse! It's one of the best mazes there and the scare actor that walks through the queue line is really entertaining.

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so ya i wrote a little bout this earlier but heres so more info on each haunt


Carnevil- it was really colorful u need to get the 3d glasses it just makes it so much better, also in front of the maze is a scare zone with loads of fog and evil clowns scaring u


Werewolf Canyon- ok this one is like a camp that is run by hungry werewolves i really didn't like this one as all it is u walking through the line for ripping rapids the only scare i got was from the chainsaws so watch out


Cornstalkers- wow this one is really cool and i dont know how great america pulled it off. it just like a bunch of corn but with really good scares and its the longest of all the mazes it goes under the grizzly 2 so if u wait u get a bonus seeing it go by.


Slotherhouse (i think i spelled it wrong lol) so this one is inside and u go through all these crazy people cutting meat i do like how they made it colder when u go through the freezer its kind of fun but very short


Club blood- so this is a really good one it is like a club for vampires but then u go through some very random stuff after seeing the Go Go dancers. its fun and the guys will like the girls in here if yr like 16-20 cuz their r a lot of girls in here


Camp Gonnagetya- so this is really just the log ride but it has people hiding. its pretty cool cuz it really does look like a camp and a few good scares make this one worth the wait


ok the shows i only saw the magic show but i really liked it he was really funny and did some things i still dont know how he did it but the other shows i missed. and the rides are always fun. so ya its open for like one more week so go. i hope this helped

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Thanks for the replies everyone!


A few answers to some of the questions:


Angry_Gumball - I asked if I could take the monsters' pictures and they said yes. I wasn't told I couldn't do that anywhere.


SFA - We are planning on heading up to SFA on Sunday morning. We won't stay too long though!


Mechanic - Camp Gonnagetcha is set up on Logger's Run.


If I didn't answer your question, please ask again. We're in Virginia at the moment and we will be going to KD's Haunt tonight!

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I just went again yesterday, had an urge to hit up the mazes 1 last time for the 2008 Halloween Haunt. This time, I had no problems taking pictures, I just avoided flash photography just to play it safe. (I could easily see security confronting me about that and blinding actors and guests.) The clown (that you got a pic with) chased my cousin during the boofet last night. I snapped his picture, with a flash (he hates light) and instead of going after me, he chases my cousin across the pavilion...hilarious!


Without that flash, I worked with what available light I didn't have, and cranked up that ISO setting and came off with some really grainy pictures of clowns...and got some almost amazing (to me anyway) night shots of Orbit, Flight Deck, and....well, I think those were the only 2 that came out decent.


And we got onto Camp Gonnagetcha last night...with no wait at all for that first hour it was up and running. We took our own logs, which made it feel more weird/eerie. I just wish that the log didn't travel through the course so quick. On the other hand, at night, it did feel like going through some random abandoned campsite, and the station as maybe the main camp lodge.

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We went to Kings Dominion’s Haunt on Friday, October 24.


It was a great time! They have 8 Mazes, 4 Scare Zones, and 3 Shows. We went through all the mazes except Alien Outpost. The wait was too long. We also took in 2 of the 3 shows. We didn’t see Haunted Homecoming.


Overall we think KD’s Haunt was awesome! We went on a Friday night and really had a good time. Our plan was to go to the back (Club Blood) and work our way forward. This was based on the fact the 5 mazes were in that area. Most people stopped at Maze of Madness in the front. By the end of the night (around 10pm for us), there was no wait.


Enough is enough, onto the pictures!


That's all I have from Kings Dominion. We didn't make it to SFA, sorry. We fly back to San Jose tomorrow.


No re-entry.


Last maze, no wait. If we would have stopped here on the way in, we would have waited around 30 minutes! Head to the back first!!!


There was a lot of fog in this scare zone outside of Elvira.


Final "show" it is actually a virtual reality roller coaster ride with Elvira. I'm sure most of you have seen this.



We stopped to watch a little of Disturbia.



I am attempting to go "artsy" here.


There is no Fire at their ride.


We didn't go in.


Just took photos of Alien Outpost.


We stopped for some pizza before continuing on...


This guy was running late for Big Top Terror.


Hi Clown!


Their 3-D maze was very similar to Carn-Evil at CGA.


They have a Jack in the Box too...



This was Blackbeard's Revenge maze at White Water Canyon.



Didn't see it, I wish we could have.


These were the cars. Gyendolynne kept telling me to go faster!



This maze was great! It is where the cars are and monsters jump out everywhere...



Some clowns heading back to Big Top Terror.


Security followed us through this maze to make sure I didn't take any photos inside.


They did a great job on the theming at each maze.


The next maze.


I can't remember both of their names, but one of them was named Whiskers...anyone know the other name?


We were just a little early and had to wait.





Since we didn't do Club Blood at CGA, we made sure we went to it first at KD.


A couple of monster "friends"


We didn't head through this scare zone, but we would go through it later.






While we were walking to the back, there were some great decorations...


I REALLY like the eyes in the tower.


First maze, they have an Animatronics guy, just like CGA.


They used lights to make their water red.


Closer photo of Gyendolynne.


Gyendolynne with the tower and scarecrow.


The front area has a scarecrow scare zone. There were so many monsters walking around.


There was a big crowd at the beginning. I'm glad we got there early.


Friday night in Virginia, time for some fun!


You get a pretty good look at the tower from the entrance.


I like how they put eyes in the tower.


Arriving, going across the freeway!

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Their top spin ride usually does have fire. I think that during their Haunt event, the fire is off. That was the original Tomb Raider: Fire Fall before going to The Crypt. There are fire effects and sound effects. One of the employees told me that because there is a scare zone next to the ride "Voo Doo Swamp", The fire is cut off for it as well as some of the lights that the ride usually has on. That park is very much with the fire in that area. Volcano has it, Back Lot has it, and the Crypt has it. Glad to see you had a great time at KD. That park really does do a good job with their Halloween Haunt event. My wife and I love to go there and were there two weeks ago for it. I would almost... almost say it is a little better than the one done by Cedar Point. We did that one back in September.

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I can't believe it has been so long since I updated this thread.


I went to CGA's Haunt final day. It rained really bad, but I was happy that I was able to go through Club Blood and Slaughterhouse. There will only be a couple of photos because of the rain.


My next update will be SFDK's Fright Fest last day. We're hoping to attend Holiday in the park for SFDK soon.


This was definitely a high-light. Slaughterhouse was everything that it should be. Scary, disgusting, graphic!!! That's all for the moment. SFDK is up next!


I liked this Club Blood much more than KD's Club Blood.


Yep, it is raining really bad!

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We went to SFDK's Fright Fest's last day on 11-1-08. It was the day after a torrential downpour in NorCal. Because of the rain, there was one maze open. The shows that they have were good though.


We saw the Thriller show and the sea lion show. We'll see more during Holiday in the Park.


SFDK's Fright Fest!!!


That's it for now. See you at Holiday in the Park next!!!





The oldest and biggest!


They have a new sea lion. We saw the little one last year.





I like how they train the sea lions



He does an Austin Powers imitation.


This was our first time watching it.


The start of the sea lion show.


The workers were having a great time!


They pull someone from the audience and put them in there. I know it is a "plant"





The start of the funeral precesion.







The Thriller part...



This is the beginning of the Thriller show. It started out with a Rocky Horror Picture show re-make.




The spider at the entrance.

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