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Six Flags Great America? or Six Flags St. Louis?

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As for World's of Fun, I haven't been there, but these are things you should know:


The Spinning Dragons is the same layout as Tony Hawk.

I believe the Patriot is the same ride as Talon. I thought Talon was a good invert instead of a great invert like Raptor, Montu, Batman the Ride, and Dueling Dragons (Ice).

Boomerangs are at many amusement parks.


The Morgan Mamba might be like the one at Dorney Park (Steel Force). I been on that one, and I got zippo airtime the whole time while Raging Bull will give you at least some airtime, but nothing like I really want.


Dinn wooden coasters to me seem to be "on the wild" side. It's not necessarily a bad thing because I love the Wild One at SFA, and Georgia Cyclone at SFOG. However, I hated Texas Giant (SFOT), and I didn't like Raging Wolf Bobs (former Gaugea Lake). Yet, you have SFKK Thunder Run which was just okay, and it wasn't that rough. Mean Streak is another Dinn at Cedar Point which everyone seems to hate.

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I used to not like Six Flags St. Louis very much, but under the new management it is turning into a very nice park. It has a nice selection of coasters and flats, and the atmosphere is really great. Plus they are getting Evil Knievel this summer!


On the other hand I have never been to Six Flags Great America. I have heard it's got some nice coasters, and seems to be a ncie park, but I think Six Flags St. Louis would still be a very nice choice, even though they don't have the greates waterpark in the world.

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^Just to clarify, Patriot is indeed similar to Talon, but they aren't the same ride.

Wow, I hadn't actually realized how similar they were though. It's more like a clone that's been modified to fit the area. So while it may not be the exactly 'same ride', I would say that they 'pretty much' are the same ride. If you put a member of the public on both rides back to back, I doubt they'd be able to tell the difference.


Talon has to be one of my least favorite B&M Inverts. That an Silver Bullet. I can't imagine Patriot being much better than those two.



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