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What is your favorite kiddie ride? Not like a family ride like a log flume or ferris wheel but all out kid ride.


I personally love Rock 'n Tug boats. Its almost peacefull. When I'm in a park and I'm fed up with all sorts of stuff, I just step into the tiny queue and boom. Instant gratification.

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Moser Drop Towers, like the Drop Zone at Fantasy Island


I get the stomach dropping feeling on each drop of the 12 drop cycle


It's kind of difficult to see in the picture but there are 2 rows with the front row being floorless and the back row having a floor so it's 2 different ride experiences as well.

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I'd have to say I still LOVE going on Chair Swings, no matter how old I am anytime I see on in a park I have to stop what I'm doing and ride them!


Other then that I'd have to say my other favorite kiddie ride (that is still around) would be Peter Pans Adventures at Disneyworld.

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Well, in Turkey I went on this "Ballerina" type ride(works like a rip tide ride), which, in most cases would be considered a kiddie ride or at LEAST a family ride, but they ran it at such incredibly high speeds that people would be hanging on for dear life, so I guess that might fit on that list.


Other than that.... Probably Jr. Gemini, simply because I got that credit despite it being impossibly illusive.

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