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Best Haunted Houses!

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Was watching some old videos today and I completely forgot about the best haunted house.. ever!


Dracula's Castle at Wildwood, NJ. It's been gone for a few years but I remember growing up that thing used to scare the crap out of everyone. It had the usual cheap haunted house effects but also real people that snuck around the inside of the castle and would jump out from anywhere. It was great.. never the same ride twice. They also had a walk thru part but I never did that.


Then of course.. there's Knoebels. One of the few haunted houses that you almost feel lost inside..


Knoebels... Mmmm

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My favorite haunted house ever has to be Hellgate Prison at Universal Orlando's previous Halloween Horror Nights. This house was full of scares, terror, and some strange parts. Overall it was an awesome house.


Also a walk through video of the house can be found at http://www.hhnvault.com/haunts/hhn14/hhn14vids.html


Kust scroll down and click on Hellgate Prison. [/url]


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well could u class the haunted mansion at disney land a haunted house coz i thought the special effects on that were well good the ball room with the ghosts dancing is well good does anyone else think that that is a good ride shame its not exactly scary


The Haunted Mansion In The Ballroom

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I haven't been in too many haunted houses...but I really like Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. I guess the only other ride one I've been on was at SCBB, which was alright (I get scared very easily, and I thought it was scary lol). I've been through one walk through haunted house at Fright Fest (I think it was called Nightmares) and it scared me crapless. I was 8 at the time...and it really scarred me haha. Now whenever we go to Fright Fest, we just stick with the scare zones.

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The Trail of Terror, Down here in Wallingford Connecticut. I thought I was gonna die, it was long to walk through too! (like 40 mins) and i waited 2 1/2 hrs.


40 minutes?! I would die lol! How long do the ones at Fright Fest take...like 5 minutes? I haven't been in one for years, but I remember being scared out of my mind and it seemed to last for a long time!

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When it was a haunted house:


Alton Towers's Haunted House. Really scary at the time and was very long. Espcially loved the queu line witht he girl in the doll house and the face in the fire. . . . not to mention the whole room was skew-wif!


i think my avatar says it all though.

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