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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 417 - Fury back open now with 100% less crack!

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I swear to Buddha, every year this same stupid theory/complaint about the trains being isolating comes up, usually from people who haven't ridden in them. Then, the ride opens, and it is never mentioned again...until the next B&M is announced with these trains and someone who hasn't ridden in them brings it up.

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For instance, Deja Vu has the same kind of seating...


Sorry, but this is wrong...


While I can see that you may glance at a photo of the two and make this comparison, besides the "V-like" shape, there aren't really any similarities at all.


Each car carries 4 passengers, two in each row. (Yes, as in, two completely separate rows.) Each row has its own queue, so there is a total of 16 of them, compared to Deja Vu's 8. When stepping into the back row of a car, the first passenger walks all the way to the far seat, with nothing blocking the path in between. (The lapbars are up and out of the way.) When both passengers are secured in the extremely airy and comfy seats, there is about a...4?...foot gap in between them, which may sound like a lot at first, but is really not. In fact, it would undeniable be possible to comfortably hold hands with your partner, if desired. There is nothing that would block you from carrying on a conversation, and the seats in front of you, while still giving you plenty of room, are close enough that you could have a discussion with the people in them, as well.


Based on my experiences with them, there aren't any "isolation" problems at all. Oh yeah, and as mentioned...the airtime is better.

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Based on my experiences with them, there aren't any "isolation" problems at all. Oh yeah, and as mentioned...the airtime is better.


Which brings up this question for me...is it the new trains making the airtime better since they are more sleek and aerodynamic compared to the bulky 4 across trains or has B&M actually redesigned their hills to provide better airtime?

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who carries a conversation on a roller coaster?


I frequently discuss the meaning of life with my friends as I am riding coasters.

I didn't say that I carry on a full blown conversation or anything, I just like to talk to my friends on rides, see their reactions, and laugh with them etc.; I didn't realize it was that rare of a thing.


Nor did I originally bring up the point of being isolated on the ride as Themeparkman25 said:

I understand it is meant to give a more open and free feel, but I don't like the fact you are so isolated from your group on either of the two outside seats. I'm not a fan of it on the GIBs either. Maybe it is just me.


This is where I got the inference of being isolated from, and then you (Jarmor) chimed in about the isolation issue:


since I go to parks alone being isolated from a group isnt that bad of an idea at all lol

My original comment was a reply to this quote.


My comment in no way stated that the isolation would really ruin the ride experience, it just stated my slight preference, and my assumed preference of other people around my age if this isolation issue is in fact true. I for one wouldn't like sitting in a seat alone with about 4 feet between me and my friend, so I assumed that other people of my age (since I am a teenager) may feel the same. I don't expect to see any complaining about it or anything as it really isn't that big of a deal. Again, the ride experience wont be ruined, I'm sure it will be JUST about as fine, hell, it'll be better for people who don't want to be sitting next to people, I'd just rather sit next to someone than on my own.


Better yet, forget I just said anything.


That said, I am still somewhat looking forward to this ride (even though it's still pretty similar to B&M's latest coasters/I'll probably never have the money to make it out and ride this). It at least looks like the most original of the Cedar Fair hypers of recent years. And I'm sure the trains will give you a nice and open feeling

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Based on my experiences with them, there aren't any "isolation" problems at all. Oh yeah, and as mentioned...the airtime is better.


Which brings up this question for me...is it the new trains making the airtime better since they are more sleek and aerodynamic compared to the bulky 4 across trains or has B&M actually redesigned their hills to provide better airtime?


Since I'm not an engineer, this could be wrong, but I'll give my opinion. The newer trains are longer, therefore they provide more sustained air as opposed to the quick bursts of airtime on the older B&M hypers.


That may or may not be right, but I know the sustained airtime on Diamondback with its new trains is way more extreme than on Nitro, Goliath, or Apollo's Chariot with the old trains. Oddly enough, I still like Apollo better.

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Carowinds has sent us a press release about their latest charity activity in conjuction with the Dale Earnhardt Foundation:


The most anticipated new thrill ride in the country, Intimidator™ at Carowinds, the 122-acre amusement park, opens to the public on Saturday, March 27, 2010. As a kick-off to the tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster in the Southeast, the Park is partnering with the Dale Earnhardt Foundation to host a charity auction for the first rides on this spectacular $23 million steel roller coaster, inspired by racing legend Dale Earnhardt.


“Not only are we thrilled to debut this mammoth scream machine to coaster enthusiasts and Dale fans alike, we are also very excited to partner with the Dale Earnhardt Foundation to make a difference in our communities,” said Bart Kinzel, Carowinds’ General Manager and Vice President.


The mission of the Dale Earnhardt Foundation is to “Continue The Legend™” and legacy of Dale Earnhardt through charitable programs and grants that sustain his lifelong commitment to Children, Education and Environmental/Wildlife Preservation. One hundred percent of the proceeds raised from the first ride auction will go directly to the Dale Earnhardt Foundation to benefit key organizations in the community that focus on children and education, such as JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Central & Western North Carolina, and the American Red Cross. The funds raised will also benefit charitable programs headed by the Dale Earnhardt Foundation.


"We are delighted to partner with Carowinds to commemorate Dale's legacy with the Intimidator roller coaster," said Teresa Earnhardt of Dale Earnhardt Incorporated. “As we ‘Continue The Legend’ with the Dale Earnhardt Foundation we are especially pleased that through our efforts several other worthy charities stand to benefit as well.”


Carowinds has a strong commitment to working with local charitable organizations. The Park annually hosts the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes, celebrating its 20th year at Carowinds this April, and is the Charlotte Chapter’s largest walk of the year. The Park also hosts the Make-A-Wish Family Reunion Picnic, an event for Make-A-Wish children and their families that includes park admission, parking passes, a picnic, and more—celebrating its 10th year at Carowinds this October. It is the organization’s largest in-kind donation of the year. In addition to these two events, the Park holds an American Red Cross blood drive each fall that continues to raise the most donations each year in the Charlotte region.


Carowinds has also uploaded some great photos of their progress, including the arrival of the ride's trains on their website: http://www.intimidator.carowinds.com/public/latest/gallery/index.cfm












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Carowinds has sent us a press release about their latest wave of hiring for the coming season:


Carowinds, the 122-acre amusement and water park located off of I-77, is now accepting applications and conducting on-site interviews for the 2010 season in all departments. The park plans to hire more than 2,100 seasonal associates for its 38th season of operation.


Associates will be hired to fill seasonal positions in the areas of food and beverage, rides, games, merchandise, admissions, marketing, aquatics, security, warehouse, cash services and guest services. Those wishing to apply must be at least 15 years of age or older. An online application found at www.jobs4fun.com must be filled out prior to arriving at the Employment Office. Interviews will be conducted on a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants can report to the Employment Office located behind the Park on Catawba Trace Boulevard Monday-Sunday, 9am-5pm, after having filled out the online application. Available positions are also posted at the aforementioned website.

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I didn't necessarily mean to say that it'd ruin the ride or anything, I just said that most people would prefer not being isolated. For instance, Deja Vu has the same kind of seating, and it's kind of annoying riding with a friend, but not being able to talk to him or her on it because he's a good 4 feet away (and in Vu's case, pretty hidden from your view). I'm just saying that most people would probably prefer a ride where you're sitting next to someone (well I guess that's true for the first seats in each car), especially if they're scared, which the gp will most likely be on a coaster this size.


I worked on Diamondback last season, and don't you worry one bit Nervous Nancy, people like it just fine.


People who want to sit together can in the seats that are (in Diamondback's case, the odd numbered rows) right next to each other. Everyone can easily turn around/lean forward to talk if you want to. Everyone gets a little scared, but we still kranked through 1,000-1,300 people an hour pretty much all day long. Don't worry about the GP.

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Carowinds has sent us a press release regarding their latest sweepstakes in honor of Dale Earnhardt's legacy and the opening of Intimidator.


Carowinds introduces Dale Earnhardt Legacy Experience Sweepstakes

You could win a Dale Earnhardt Legacy Experience when you purchase a 2010 Season Pass


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Jan. 25, 2010) —Carowinds, the 122-acre amusement park located on the border of the Carolinas near Charlotte, will debut Intimidator™, the tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster in the Southeast, inspired by racing legend Dale Earnhardt. The massive new scream machine will open to the public on March 27 and include a Victory Lane, Winner’s Circle, and Wall of Fame Tribute to Dale Earnhardt and his illustrious career. To further celebrate the addition of the roller coaster and the life of the legacy it was inspired by, the Park is launching the Dale Earnhardt Legacy Experience Sweepstakes. Guests have the chance to win the experience when they purchase a 2010 Carowinds Season Pass at www.carowinds.com between 1/25/10- 3/14/10.


The Grand Prize winner will be awarded the following:


4 copies of the video documentary Dale

Exclusive private behind-the-scenes tour for four (4) people of Dale Earnhardt, Inc.This Private and exclusive behind-the-scenes tour at Dale Earnhardt Inc. is not available to the public and will highlight the life of the legendary NASCAR seven-time champion, Dale Earnhardt, and the building, teams and people that he touched. The tour includes visits to engine and race shop areas in addition to the executive level of the complex.

Lunch for four (4) people in The Trophy Room – the private dining room of Dale Earnhardt Inc., inspired by Dale’s love of fine food, wine and dining.

This prestigious dining room has hosted exclusive events for celebrities, entertainers, NASCAR and many Fortune 500 companies, and now has gained a reputation for providing the very best in both service and cuisine. Trophies from Dale’s illustrious career are also on display, making this room a very unique experience.


“Our partnership with Dale Earnhardt, Inc. and the new addition of Intimidator™ has given us the opportunity to award coaster fans and race fans alike,” said Bart Kinzel, Vice President and General Manager of Carowinds. “This sweepstakes allows us to say ‘Thank you’ in a big way!”


To enter and for Official Rules, including odds, free methods of entry and prize descriptions, visit carowinds.com. Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary. Open to legal U.S. residents. Ends 03/14/10.

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