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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 403 - Park opening for a limited Holiday Event!

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Let's just say, this trim is probably actually needed. I mean without it, there's no telling how intense the turnaround might really be. When you are changing from a height of 232ft to a height of 125ft over a series of just three hills, that's a lot of potential energy. So unless you want to hit that hammerhead at 60mph and fly through it (over-estimation), that trim isn't really so bad. Hey, just be glad they only put in 1 of the available two.


Oh and speaking of trims, they recently installed one on hurler. Apparently two bad things really is a good thing, because that trim actually made the ride very tolerable without killing the airtime.

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Yea, I rode Hurler on friday as well. The ride seemed plenty exciting to me. Looking back, I had no idea that a trim brake was installed on that ride. Knowing this information, the ride did seem less aggressive on the banks before the turns. The first bunny hop certainly gave a ton of airtime, and squashed my full bladder. I had a feeling that Intimidator would have "check" brakes installed at some point. I don't think it will detract terribly from the ride. Goliath's (SFOG) did not during its first season, and Diamondback's was not bad either. The mid-course was the biggest detraction on Kings Island's installment, hopefully it will not be one on Intimidator.

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I looked around and haven't seen this so here it is, I found the names of the kiddie rides that will be renamed for Planet Snoopy.


Roller Coasters:


* Rugrat’s Runaway Reptar > Flying Ace Aerial Chase

* Hey Arnold’s Taxi Chase > Lucy’s Crabbie Cabbie

* Fairly Odd Coaster > Woodstock Express


Flat Rides:


* Nick-O-Round > Character Carousel

* Backyardigans Swing-A-Long > Charlie Brown’s Wind Up

* Boot’s Balloon Race > Flying Ace Balloon Race

* Little Bill’s Cruisers > Peanut’s Yacht Club

* Tommy’s Take Off > Red Baron

* Flying Dutchman’s Revenge > Sea Dog: HMS Beagle

* Nick Jr. Jets > Snoopy’s Space Race

* Danny Phantom Flyers > Woodstock Gliders

* Rocket Power Airtime > Snoopy’s GR8 SK8


Other Rides:


* TV Road Trip > Joe Cool’s Driving School

* LazyTown Sporticopters > Woodstock’s Whirly Birds

* Dora The Explorer’s Azul Adventure > Snoopy’s Express Railroad


^From "Park Thoughts"


I thought that was cool. Do you like the new names? Also I believe the name of the show that's replacing "Endless Summer on Ice" is to going to be "Snoopy Rocks on Ice"

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I think the best part of the ride is that it'll be so photogenic. LSHoF was insanely epic to photograph, and this thing will provide even better views.


Well, that and LSHoF itself was epic, so this should be just as good ride-wise (if not better)

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WOW...those hills look LOADED with airtime!


That second drop looks like a ton of fun too


As of right now Goliath at SFOG is my favorite B&M but the more I look at Intimidator I think its going to blow it out of the water!


Makes me even more excited about the IntimidaTour Trip!

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I guess I see why they have trims on those hills now...Maybe it's just the angle of the photos but after the first and second drops, the completed hills look like baby Goliath at La Ronde hills. Diamondbacks hills seemed to just be massive up to the last three compared to those. Anybody notice what I'm talking about?


Edit: Now that I think about it, it probably has more to do with the terrain Diamondback sits on compared to Intimidator. Either way, I normally hate red track, but the red is EPIC sitting on top of the grey (or gray in American syntax) supports.

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