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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 403 - Park opening for a limited Holiday Event!

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14 hours ago, Rai Fox said:

What is it with wasps this year?  All the other problems with parks...yeah, I get it, I know why staffing and parts shortages and all these things are a problem, and I don't want to hold them against any parks.  Wasps though...2/3s of the parks I've been to this year have been absolutely invested with them.  Twice this year, (Raven@Holiday World and Thunderhawk@Dorney) I've been stuck on a brake run with wasps crawling over me while I was stuck in the restraints.  I do not do well with wasps.  Never had that happen before this year...

I noticed this at KI this weekend as well. Couldn't sit down at a table or bench or anything outside without 20 yellow jackets sitting down with you. All over the outside soda fountains as well, although not quite as bad as Lake Compounce used to get during the free soda days. Thankfully no issues with bees on brake runs.

That reminds me of one time probably 15 years ago at the Big E in MA, they had a drop tower called (I believe) Drop of Fear which had a big top section on top of the tower. One year apparently a bunch of bees set up shop right where the car stopped when it got to the top, underneath the big top section. The ride op had the ability to estop the ride right at the top for dramatic effect and we were screaming for him to let us drop because we were getting SWARMED while we were sitting there. Definitely the worst bee/wasp experience I've ever had on a ride lol.

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It is just a good year for wasps and particularly yellow jackets, I think. I've never previously found any on my property and I found four different nests this year. I destroyed three of them and let one be that I thought was far enough out of the way. 

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One of the issues with yellow jackets could be due to staffing shortages and things (tables, trash cans, etc.) not being cleaned as often as in the past. When I worked at a park we had one year we had a MASSIVE yellow jacket problem, and it was because the manager in charge of park services that year was lazy AF and didn't have them spray the insides of the trash cans with bleach water every few days like the previous manager had. I had to deal with guest complaints about them multiple times a day.

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45 minutes ago, coasterbill said:

I think Carowinds pushed the 2022 opening date up by a week or two.

Rare good news on the operating-calendar-front from them...

That is good news, we've looked at going in the past for Spring Break but the park wasn't open til the following week. Nice to have that option in play now.

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