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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 417 - Fury back open now with 100% less crack!

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Oh wow, I never rode this rapids ride. Walked by it several times. It was in such a prime location for a coaster to be honest— lots of land, near the front gate, you could always make it interact with Fury if need be. A log flume running under Fury would be amazing, and give the park a much-needed successor to Thornberrys after they tore down Whitewater Falls.

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FFS, people... Haven't we learned by now that when there is some new official roller coaster news to WAIT FOR US TO POST IT?!!?!?!?


Posting it yourself doesn't make you look any cooler to the owners of this site. In fact, it makes us have to do MORE WORK because of your impatience....

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Carowinds have sent us some awesome new footage of the first Copperhead Strike test run! Including a POV shot of the JoJo roll! Who else is excited about this new coaster?

What little we can see so far looks fantastic. I look forward to this ride

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As luck would seem to have it, my job is sending me to Charlotte for a conference that just so happens to end on the same day that Carowinds opens for the season, and the building is only 6 miles from Carowinds. I am thinking of booking a late flight home that evening which would give me about 3-4 hours at the park ( never been there before).


edit - answered my question

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Hey guys! Yesterday I was fortunate to get a close up view of the progress of Copperhead Strike via Winter Warm Up, an ACE event. Before I get to the pictures, I would like to say that (with great confidence) the rapids ride will not be returning to the park in any fashion. The park has their reasoning and I understand. What will happen with it, no one knows right now but right now the park is focused on gearing up for 2019 and what they are doing for 2020. With the dinos having its final year this year, that frees up a two substantial plots of land.


First up, the food. Wings will be renovated and become Blue Ridge Country Kitchen and will feature rotisserie whole chickens! The park provided some tasting of the offerings and i have to say, everything was good.








Now on to the new area, blue ridge junction . . .

The Flyers/Gliders are coming along quite well.




There it is!




The entrance to the coaster is coming along well.



As well as the barn. . .



The park opened up the area by the bumper cars to have a better flow.



There will be a fire place adjacent to the barn and across from the country kitchen.




I guess the workers are ready to get back to work lol.



With people to give prospective . . .



The train is still parked in the barn awaiting preliminary launch #1 testing.



Some more angles . . .





Well that's all for now.



One more thing before I go, it seems Cedar Far has great confidence within the folks running the park as it was THEM who came up with the name and other elements of the area. Out of 5 manes, Copperhead Strike won but I would have loved Ridge Runner myself as it would have run even more true to the theme of moonshining!

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Wait jarmor, you were at Winter Warm-Up too?! I don’t remember them mentioning the five different names for Copperhead Strike though... I was the one who asked the questions about Millennium Flyers on Rampage (“maybe”) and Dollywood’s next thrilling expansion (“we are doing something in 2021”).

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Wow! I gotta say, they're doing an excellent job with not only this ride, but everything going on around it.


They're actually putting in PAVERS instead of just flat boring concrete *cough* Six Flags *cough*


And that fireplace, my gawd, that is not a cheap addition!


Hat's off to Carowinds and their new installation, this actually looks like a ride I'd make a trip out of my way to go actually ride Copperhead Strike and enjoy the other festivities at the park.

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