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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 417 - Fury back open now with 100% less crack!

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It will probably end up being Copperhead Timbers....lol

It does match Carowinds more so than the other parks. It also seems a bit too early to worry about TM a snake themed water slide that a name like that would match as well, so most likely for the assumed coaster at Carowinds.

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It will probably end up being Copperhead Timbers....lol



So judging from CF past, with this name option we can officially narrow it down to a ground up GCI, or an RMC I-box conversion of Hurler lol!

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Does anybody know whether you actually CAN get your guests in for the early ride time if you're a Passholder? I know it says you can't on the site, but you've always been able to at CP,


Hey, hold on a sec... I have NEVER been able to get guests in for early ride time at CP...


Huh... That's strange, because I've done it with no issue every time I've gone over the years! Unlike Carowinds, the CP site doesn't say anything about it not applying to friends, so I'm going to assume they are still allowing it.


So, regarding Carowinds, my kids and I had a great time Saturday, even though the park was pretty crowded! We rode everything we wanted, and Fury 4 times, including 2 amazing night rides! They weren't preventing people from choosing the front if they wanted, so we got 1 ride in on the front as well! It was awesome, but I think I still prefer the very back row, for all the amazing airtime!


I still think Afterburn is a very good Invert, but not better than Banshee, Montu, or my memory of Alpengeist. I'll hopefully ride Alpie again this year, and have a better ride to compare it to other Inverts I've ridden more recently. I'll be enjoying the fantastic Montu again on Tuesday, most likely!


I also decided that Intimidator needed a new name, since it's not intimidating in the least anymore. So I dubbed it "Marginalized: The Coaster"! Additionally, any hope of thinking better about the coaster disappeared, when the jack @$$ ride op put his ENTIRE WEIGHT down on my restraint for some f-ed up reason, and made it a very uncomfortable for me the entire ride... I thought about reporting him, but who has time for that? It didn't ruin my day or anything, just that particular ride, and I already know what the coaster is like (good, but not great - one of my least favorite B&M Hypers.)


Oh, another negative? Don't even get me started on the Carolina Goldrusher dispatch time situation!


On the positive, Electrospin was awesome, though I hope I'm not riding an arm with all little kids next time, so I actually flip more!


Carowinds is an interesting park for me... It has my very favorite coaster in the world (for at least another 11 days), but beyond that, I'm pretty ambivalent about the park. Yet, I think anytime I'm in the area, I'm sure I'll go, just because Fury is THAT good! I absolutely think they need another top notch coaster to really make the park solid, much like what KD has now with I-305 and TT (though I love Volcano and Dominator there as well, so they're already loaded up!) Hopefully whatever their next addition is, is so good it becomes their 2nd best coaster!


Still, I had a great day at the park, my kids enjoyed it, and again, Fury is LIFE!!!

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I saw a Carowinds commercial on my local station here in Greensboro, NC this morning. It was all about Camp Snoopy. I remember seeing ads on TV in this market for Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Carowinds when I was a kid but can't remember seeing one in many years.


Planning to spend all day there Saturday and get my first coaster rides of 2018.

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Could it be an Intamin Blitz coaster? I know it’s been a while since Cedar Fair worked with Intamin, but it seems like the name would fit it perfectly...

What's a Blitz coaster?


I wouldn't expect a super-crazy steel coaster, they just got Fury 325 after all.

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Hi everyone! I am sorry to ask another how to tackle this park but could really use some advice. We are traveling back from Florida on a Saturday in June and will only have a few hours to hit a couple of rides. We are platinum holders with cedar point and want to take advantage of it. We only have about 4 hours in the park but we only want to ride Fury, Intimidator and Nighthawk. We want to ride Fury more times than the others.


I was wondering if the Platinum pass gets me early entry? If it does or not what is the best strategy for the park. We can be there for early entry or when the park opens. Is there a specific route to get to the rides you recommend? I know a lot of parks when they early entry have some sections roped off.


We are so excited to ride Fury the most. I appreciate all the help and thank you!

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There is ERT on Saturdays in June. 30 minutes early for Fury 325, Camp Snoopy, and water park.


Ride Fury 325 during ERT then hit Nighthawk as throughput is crap on that one. I also highly recommend Afterburn, it is indeed fantastic.

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Here's your only acceptable schedule for the day:


Arrive early for ERT on Fury

At park open go directly to Nighthakw and get your ride on that garbage out of the way

Ride Intimidator since you're right there

Walk back to Afterburn and ride it, back row or bust

Head back over to Fury and re-ride it until you force yourself to leave


Caution: you will be tempted to ride Intimidator again on your way out since it's right by the exit. If you do, it will only make you want to walk all the way back to Fury again to make that your last ride. It's that good. You've been warned!


Have fun!

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Who's ready to know what Carowinds has up their sleeves for the 2019 season? As I said before... no... this is not the transformation of Vortex into a Floorless coaster. And no... this is not the conversion of Hurler into another Twisted Timbers style hybrid coaster experience... though I'm sure that particular plan may still be in the works for a future season. Oh... and no... this is not a new wooden coaster either.

According to Screamscape's exclusive sources, Carowinds will be getting a brand new launched steel coaster experience unlike almost anything else in the country. Yes, I did say launched... and I'll say it again, because this will be a DOUBLE LAUNCHED monster of a coaster that is expected to be from the geniuses at Mack Rides.

This is somewhat new territory for Cedar Fair, who hasn't worked with Mack very much on the coaster side of things thus far, but Mack Rides has really been rising up to become a major player in the coaster scene in the last few years following the creation of Blue Fire Megacoaster at Europa Park in 2009. To date, I think the only launched Mack coaster installed in the US was the family friendly Manta at SeaWorld San Diego, but in the past three years they've installed some incredible rides elsewhere around the world like Helix at Liseberg, Star Trek: Operation Enterprise at Movie Park Germany, Capitol Bullet Train coaster at Motiongate Dubai and very soon Icon will open at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

So I'm happy to report that Carowinds will be the next step in this legacy of awesome coasters... but wait... there is more. Would you believe that I believe we have a drawing that should show a fairly close rendition of the 2019 coaster's layout? While I'm not sure exactly where in the park it will go, I took into consideration the removal of the old White Water Falls ride last season, mixed with the current demolition taking place to remove the Sand Dune Lagoon kiddie pool area from the waterpark. Mix this new open land in with the remains of the former Thunder Road station area and you've got a pretty good size piece of land that can perfectly hold this new coaster, placing the station and queue area in the same general area where Thunder Road's old station was. Take a look at Screamscape's exclusive concept art and overlay of the layout over an aerial image of Carowinds and see what you think.

As far as the ride goes, it is difficult to know where most of the inversions are located, other than a pair of vertical loops that lie at the end of each launch track, but there also appears to be a large and tall tophat looking element that I believe would rise up and over the new queue/entrance area next to the Plants vs Zombies building. So far I'm just guessing... as this could also be some kind of inversion, but I get the feeling this may end up being more like a tophat style or overbanked hill element, kind of like the one right after the launch on Blue Fire. Also, as weird as it seems, the track almost appears to perform a little barrel roll inversion as soon as it leaves the station itself, before rounding the corner the first launch... not unlike what Hydra does at Dorney Park before the lift hill. I see a couple of other locations where inversions may also be possible, so my best guess is that this coaster will have somewhere between 4 and 6 inversions.

For all the latest information, please keep checking Screamscape as we will be covering this project as it develops.

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Well this development is pretty cool! Really hoping this turns out to be it as that would be a great coaster to add to Carowinds! Might have to hold off on my Carowinds re-visit till next year so Fury 325 isn't the only ride of note added since I went in 2012.

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