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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 403 - Park opening for a limited Holiday Event!

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Music Expresses aren't that much of a priority for flat rides for me at most parks. But it is kind of ridiculous that I haven't been on Cosmotron. I've been to Knoebels 5 times, but there's so many other must-do rides!


Has anyone been on a Top Scan at a park? I've heard the one at Thorpe Park for example runs a tame cycle. So I think the one coming here will be that way, too. I haven't even been to any place that has a Top Scan, but they look really cool.


I've been on Shockwave many times at my home park, Canada's Wonderland. In my opinion, it has a decent program which allows for quite a bit of flipping. But, it isn't crazy like the programs seen on Mondial Top Scans among travelling midways. But, for an intense (or more so thrilling) ride on any Top Scan, I suggest sitting in the outer seats of any gondola, and have your arms up throughout the entire ride.

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Ugh they took the lights off the colored sections.

I'm guessing they will put lights back on once it is in the final location. As far as I know, all four rides will have beautiful lighting packages installed.


Agreed. It's easier to install a ride and then install the lights than to install the ride with the lights.

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They still haven't announced when Season Pass preview will be. I'm guessing Fri. the 24th


That's a safe assumption.


... and confirmed. Pass processing lines are usually awful on pass holder preview nights so anyone attending who had a pass last year should renew it online which allows you to use the same pass and avoid the hassle.

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^ I believe the rapids is the only one left, but keep in mind that they do have one hell of a waterpark if folks are looking to cool off. I hope that this leads to them adding a traditional log flume at some point in the near future, it would fit perfectly at this park.

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Id love for a company like Larson or chance to buy the old arrow log flume designs and mass produce them again.


Plenty of companies still make Log Flumes and a lot of parks still buy them... sadly this rarely includes major corporate parks in the United States though.


Hopkins / Whitewater West still makes them and just sold one to Calaway Park in Canada, Mack still makes them and Intamin still makes them. I'm sure there are others manufacturers as well.

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I'm still disappointed they weren't able to keep their existing log flume. I really enjoyed it and definitely think they need one.


As for White Water Falls, I'm not sad to see it go at all. Plenty of parks have the same one trick pony water ride and that area is looking prime for future development.

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