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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 403 - Park opening for a limited Holiday Event!

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Okay, so i recently won 4 free tickets to carowinds and i just started looking at hours. On saturdays its 10-5:30, then 7-12?? So do i need different tickets for the different event? To me it seems pretty messed up if they make you leave to have to come back in for a couple hours. Any advice is welcome, i haven't been to carowinds since it was a paramount park still

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Fury 325 brings another accolade for Carowinds, revenue boost for owner


The most talked-about Carowinds attraction in recent memory has earned the Charlotte theme park yet another high-profile accolade, this time landing among Amusement Today’s Golden Ticket Award winners.

The Fury 325 roller coaster, touted as one of the tallest and fastest in the world, was named “Best New Ride” on the annual list, which highlights parks around the globe.

“It’s the first time in Carowinds history we’ve been recognized with a Golden Ticket Award by Amusement Today,” said Mike Fehnel, general manager, in a prepared statement. “Fury 325 is a signature coaster that will forever define the skyline at Carowinds, and our team is very proud of what we have achieved together this season.”

Additionally, Carowinds was the only park in the world to have two of its rides (Fury 325 at No. 4 and the Intimidator at No. 7) ranked among the industry publication's top 10 Best Steel Roller Coasters of 2015, according to the park’s news release.

The Fury, which has given more than 1.5 million rides since opening in March, has been highlighted by such well-known media outlets as The Wall Street Journal, Businessweek and Condé Nast Traveler, to name a few.

It has also provided a revenue boost for Carowinds owner Cedar Fair Entertainment Co. (NYSE:FUN). The Sandusky Register, based near Cedar Fair’s Ohio headquarters, reported Friday that the company’s preliminary net revenue through Labor Day hit $1.2 billion, a record-breaking figure and a 7% increase over last year.

In addition, Cedar Fair has seen attendance across all of its parks increase 5% so far this season. The newspaper notes Cedar Fair’s investments in Carowinds’ Fury as well as new rides at Knott’s Berry Farm and Cedar Point have been a driving factor in its improving performance.

“Guests stay longer and spend more because they see value,” Stacy Frole, vice president of investor relations for Cedar Fair, told the Sandusky newspaper.

And as the Charlotte Business Journal reported last month, the company is not finished with investing in Carowinds. At a splashy announcement in August of a major expansion and renovation of its waterpark set to open next summer, Fehnel said a second wave of investment from Cedar Fair, beyond the $50 million already being poured into the multiyear makeover that included the Fury, was prompted by increased attendance at the local park.

Carowinds is the Charlotte region’s top tourist attraction, drawing 1.9 million visitors in 2014. The 400-acre park straddles the North Carolina-South Carolina state line near Interstate 77.





With 1.9 million visitors last year, Fury should've easily boosted it to 2.0 this season.

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Does anyone know if they have given a specific date for the second 2016 announcement?


They haven't set a date yet or if they even will considering California Great Adventure didn't have an announcement. They just made the what's new in 2016 link go live. It seems like the same technology carowinds hinted with the whole plants vs zombie thing.

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There you have it people!!




Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: 3Z Arena

Coming to Carowinds in Spring 2016


Carowinds and PopCap Games, creator of some of the world's most beloved video game franchises, and an Electronic Arts Inc. studio are leading the charge as innovators in the amusement park industry by announcing a new digital experience. Carowinds will open the world's first intra-active 3-D game experience, Plants vs Zombies™ Garden Warfare: 3Z Arena, in spring 2016 - adding to the park's family line-up of thrills for all ages.




Plants vs Zombies Ride


The new attraction, exclusive to Carowinds, will be based off the Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare franchise - a hilarious and over-the-top shooter videogame series that drops you into a crazy, all-out battle between plants and zombies in their fight for suburbia. The newest release from the franchise, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2, will also launch spring 2016 and for the first time, zombies have taken over and plants are on the attack. Players will be able to join the battle with new characters including Super Brainz, a zombie super hero who thinks he's an 80's action movie star, and Citron, a bounty-hunting orange from the future.


An intra-active experience means the game allows players to interact with the opposing team's screen. Guests will step inside the state-of-the-art Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: 3Z Arena complex decked with 3-D technology, massive screens, surround sound and motion-based seats, to enjoy outrageous and imaginative encounters with their competition. Teams will compete in the Plants vs Zombies universe during an almost five minute backyard battle, where they'll shoot screens with blasters and track their scores as they go.


Additional information on Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: 3Z Arena includes:




- 68 motion-based seats equipped with hand-held laser devices

- Nearly 3,600 square foot arena

- Two 14'6" x 26' screen with independent 5.1 surround sound

- The attraction will run approximately ten times per hour to accommodate between 600-700 guests.

- Players will be able to purchase photos in the Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: 3Z Arena retail store

- Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: 3Z Arena will be located inside a transformed Action Theater, in the County Fair section of the park


Guests will be able to play all season long by purchasing a 2016 season pass or renewing their current season pass. For more information, click here.



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I was hoping for a dark ride, but at least it's a new attraction and not a re-theming of boo blasters. Unless I'm missing something, I don't see why this will make you "wet your plants". No mention of water effects, something else I was hoping to see.


Still a great use of the theater. Should be pretty fun, looking forward to trying it out.

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Scarowinds is getting very busy now that it's October. I went last Friday night and it's coming to a point of either riding rides or doing the mazes. You wont be able to do both. I went at 6:45pm. Saturday should be somewhat ok. Most people wait until Scarowinds to go to the park being it a separate admission ticket.

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I did both rides and mazes on Saturday. I went straight to Fury at 7. The queue was full and it took about 30 minutes. Then I headed over to Cyclone and waited for the front row. The line wasn't even out of the station and it took about 15 minutes. The person working in controls was awesome. Also, we went through a couple walk throughs such as Blood Yard and Scary Tails. Following that, we waited for Last Laugh. The line was out of the entrance, and it probably took about 20 minutes. Afterwards, we went to AfterBurn and waited about 30 minutes with a full queue extended out of the entrance. Then, we headed over to Defex and waited for about 20 minutes with a full line. We would have ridden Intimidator, but after watching trains stack every cycle while waiting for DeFex and then seeing a queue out into the midway, we decided to pass.


Regarding crowds, I also went in the day. The lines were 20 minutes max. Nighthawk of course, had a long line. You shouldn't worry too much about day time. For Scarowinds, if you plan on riding any coasters at that time, ride the lower capacity attractions first such as Nighthawk, Vortex, and Ricochet. Carolina Cobra's line moves at a decent pace. However, I'm assuming you won't be riding much cause you'll get to ride them during the day. Maze wise, hit Slaughter House first then Silver Screams Cinema. Lines get long quick for those. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

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It was a good trip! Friday night was super packed but we did alright since we had a few quick queue passes from our last trip that we used on Fury. The line was outside both blocks for Fury all night so the passes really helped. We ended up doing 5 rides on Fury, 3 on Intimidator (avg wait was probably about 30 mins), 2 on Afterburn (avg wait 20 mins) and 1 ride on Hurler (30 minute wait). The best take away from Friday night was front row on Afterburn in the dark. Both my friend and I got off that ride both remarking how great it was at night in the front row.


Saturday was even better. The crowd was pretty busy but we had our Fast Lane passes for a full day of almost walk on rides all day. The only exception was Fury. The Fast Lane line was at the bottom of the stairs. But we were able to get plenty of rides. Saturday's totals were Fury - 14, Intimidator - 13, Afterburn - 2 and Hurler - 1.


We had awesome weather too so overall a great trip up to Carowinds.

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Hey everyone,


I need a little bit of advice. My wife and I have been trying to make it to Carowinds all year to ride Fury. However, due to our schedules, the first and only day we will be able to go is Halloween. We aren't interested in the haunts, but night admission is cheaper. Is it usually much more crowded for rides at night during "haunt season?" Would it be worth the extra admission cost to just go during the day and not worry about it?


Any help from some regulars is appreciated!

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