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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 403 - Park opening for a limited Holiday Event!

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^ Yeah, I've mostly only have seen positive outlooks since this ride was announced. I don't think many people are complaining, just discussing alternatives that could have been made to keep hype alive for this ride until opening day. Not everyone wets their pants when a new track piece is installed like others.


I personally see this ride easily making my top-10, possibly higher. I'll be there as soon as it opens as well. I don't think there is a single enthusiast out there who can look at any coaster in the world and not think of a minor change they'd like to see.

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At first I was pretty underwhelmed by this layout due to the lack of airtime outside of the first drop, but after seeing it go up I can see the similarities between this and Millennium Force. It's close to the ground, fast and long; a big difference from most other B&M mega coasters! And I'm almost positive this ride will go over very well with enthusiasts. Plus that drop looks like it could easily be in the top 5 best drops ever.

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Every piece that goes up gets me more excited for this thing. Happily making the 16 hour drive for it.


On the topic of why we have to bring up the fact that its going to be relatively forceless, its because this is a discussion website. Not a praise anything with a track site. Discussion includes positives and negatives. Overall, we obviously know this is going to be a fantastic ride, doesn't mean we can't speculate what the ride experience will and will not have. That is found in any enthusiast hobby from wine, to food, to cars, to cigars.

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According to the park's GM the final pieces of track should arrive next week. Won't be much longer until it is finished!

You should have posted the photos...















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If this is a ride that ends up being solely about that drop, then so be it. Millennium Force is nothing but the drop and a whole lot of speed, but it's a top coaster because of that drop. There's no doubt in my mind that B&M doing a drop like that instead of Intamin is going to be one of the most out of this world experiences available.

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