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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 417 - Fury back open now with 100% less crack!

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Carowinds has a "meh" line up of Coasters, maybe (a BIG MAYBE) I will try to make it there.


So Fury 325 just didn't do it for you, huh? You're right. A 325-foot, 95mph coaster that is 6,602 feet in length looks very "meh" and uninteresting.


Okay. Here's my rant.


I understand that the majority of the comments on here are positive about Fury 325, but this rant is for those who consider this to be "boring", "meh", and any other negative, judgmental word you can think of (I say judgmental because none of us have ridden it yet...of course). I don't know about other people, but lately, I have been getting pretty bothered about everyone trashing every single new B&M coaster in that last few years. Why do enthusiasts constantly think that every new coaster to be built in the world at any theme park in the future has to be OMG KICK YOUR A$$ AMAZING??? We ride roller coasters for enjoyment and fun, not to train to become an astronaut.


In my opinion, Fury 325 looks like the best B&M ever built. What is there not to like? It has an ENORMOUS drop at 81 degrees (literally free falling 300 feet to the ground), it goes 95mph, it is a LONG ride, and it looks like it has some decent airtime. Oh yeah, airtime.


Does this coaster look like it will have OMG EJECTOR airtime? No. Does it have to? NO. I happen to LOVE floater airtime a lot. And especially with the open, comfiness of B&M Hypers, it is such a great feeling! It frustrates me when people say "no airtime" when they really mean "-0.02 Gs". If you can manage to ride a roller coaster that crests and hill and drops back down without lifting up our of your seat at all, let me know, because congratulations, you are able to defy the laws of physics, and I will totally respect you for that.


So strap yourself in, throw your hands up, and enjoy the ride! If enthusiasts are going to be disappointed and uninterested with a 325-foot monster, then I personally don't see the point in being an enthusiast anymore. I don't know about you, but I would rather have 325-foot behemoths (no pun intended) be built than Mega-Lite clones at every park. Diversity and originality is what makes being an enthusiast so much fun!


Okay, rant over. Had to let off a little steam.


I never said that Fury 325 did not peak my interest. I just said that Carowind's line up of coasters do not interest me as much as other parks like Cedar Point, SFGAD, BGW, Hershey Park or KD. I for one can only take so much time off or can afford 2-3 theme parks a year. So my bad if I did not elaborate on my statement, but I was simply implying that even with a brand new extreme ride, it is not going to make go out of my way when I feel i have better options. That is all. Carowinds is getting there, just not there yet for me.

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Well, I been at work mostly all the day, and the conversation still hasn't change much. Let's move on. Who's buying the Fast Lane Plus for this ride? It's going to be a "must have" for this ride.


Um... it is NOT a "must have" for this ride. Just be smart and you'll get on this ride really quickly.


True, but I was told the same thing about Knott's Berry Farm as well. "Oh, it's slow today. You don't need a fast lane." I walked around the park and the shortest line was 45mins! I bought it anyway, and finished the park in a few hours! It's worth it, trust me.

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Guys, I am very upset about this announcement. I am not happy with the outcome.


They wanted to build an actual game changer that would draw people to the park? Why on earth did they not do the obvious and take SkyRider from Canada's and build it in place of this new fangled piece of junk? That is a real roller coaster that people can get excited about. Carowinds park review: 0/10; next time try a little harder, hmm?

I totally understand this was a joke, but as someone who's rode leviathan (the only other B&M gig), and skyrider, I'd legit take Skyrider over L306... At least Skyrider has decent "ejector"

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^Don't get me wrong, I'm not wild about it (still needs a pre-lift section and some tunnels!). Beggars can't always be choosers, though! I'm sure it will be fun and super-popular. On a brighter related note, I'll be riding the Conneaut Blue Streak tomorrow - THAT I'm wild about


This ride is definitely going to be AMAZING! I know it's going to kick major butt regardless. I guess everybody is expecting airtime, hills after hills, and etc. As long as this coaster provides a great ride, I'm good.

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I really love what B&M and Carowinds are doing with this one. As I said earlier B&M hypers are not great airtime machines, and to have one who is focusing on speed turns and overbanks is just awesome. This is exactly what they should do IMO.


The turnaround almost look like something RMC have designed, I love it!

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It amazes me for the fact we are all here for our common love of theme parks and roller coasters, yet people don't respect other's opinions, and not to mention the amount of condescending ass holes that live here just when there is a difference in opinion. Just goes to show that in this world, there really will never be a day where people, even with common interests, can coexist without all the drama.


What is so hard to grasp that this ride just doesn't do it for some people? My God... And then to be torn down over your opinion!? Do you realize how freaking ignorant you sound!? That's literally the same thing as getting upset that the person in front of you at subway ordered something you don't like.

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Are people complaining about getting a giga coaster? It's freaking B&M, what were you expecting? I'd be happy to have this ride come to a park near me, and I wouldn't be disappointed in the layout because IT'S B&M. At least it looks a lot better than Leviathan, looks like the layout is aimed more for sustained speed.


What's the point in being disappointed in B&M at this point? Their rides are what they are and nothing more.


Though to the ones being more negative, I sympathize... I already learned in the Holiday World thread what happens on this forum to those who dare to go against majority opinion.

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I've only seen POV's of Leviathan and Fury 325 (obviously) but Fury definitely has much more going on and I'm a lot more excited to ride this. My coaster ignorance may be showing but at some parts of these video renderings of Fury I thought B&M was "borrowing" from Intamin--I305 and MF.

As for similarities to B&M hypers, can't comment. I definitely favor the older ones, Apollo's, Nitro, and Goliath to the "newer" ones. That said, I've only ridden one of those--Diamondback--and I still had fun on that.

I'll definitely try to get to Carowinds as I still have Intimidator to ride as well.

Also, boo to anyone in this forum who said Carowinds should have gotten a wingrider instead.

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Too bad Cedar Fair dropped Intamin. An Intamin giga would fit much better than a B&M because they already have Intimidator.


Question: Do you have any proof that Cedar Fair dropped Intamin? I mean, sure, they haven't ordered a ride from Intamin in a while, but that doesn't mean they dropped them. They could always go back to Intamin if they wanted. But as of now, Cedar Fair loves B&M, and will probably keep buying from B&M for a while.


I'm sure Fury325 is a great addition for Carowinds , even though it is a B&M. Remember coaster enthusiasts only count for a small fraction of what parks actually earn. I'm sure the GP will eat this thing up.


At Banshee Bash I was talking to the Kings Island president and I mentioned that I liked Kings Island better than my home park KD but still thought I305 was my favorite steel. I then said I guess we won't be seeing too many more Intamin coasters at Cedar Fair and he kind of smiled and nodded.

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I'm curious, why do B&M gigas have the four across seating, and the newer hypers don't??


I think it's because some of the outer seats can be a little more rough and shaky (relative term for a B&M) as opposed to the 4 across.

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