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~Milkchan's Coaster Catalog~ Get your designs today!

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I am starting a coaster catalog with original designs by me.


In order to get these designs you must message (pm) me requesting the model and link me to your park that is in progress on a forum



I want these designs to big as Batman clones .


Check out the ghost's RCT2 Catalog


Coaster Catalog



Mini-Hyper (Intamin)

Model #1 (View photos below)

Highest Drop: 117.22 ft

Top Speed: 58 mph

Length: 3123.62 ft

Airtime: 20 sec

Excitement: 7.65 (High)

Intensity: 5.24

This ride has a small foot print and can fit in pretty tight spaces. Great for thrill seekers, but also a ride for riders not seeking big thrills.



Model #2 (View photos below)

Highest Drop: 130.27 ft

Top Speed: 60.28 mph

Length: 2473.11 ft

Airtime: 19 sec

Excitement: 6.87 (High)

Intensity: 4.84

This ride has the longest front prints because it is and out and back. Awesome ride to attract thrill seekers without the thrill seeker budget.


Stand Up (Bolliger & Mabillard)

Model #1 (View photos below)

Highest Drop: 78.35 ft

Top Speed: 40.04 mph

Length: 2377.37 ft

Inversions: 1 (Vertical Loop)

Excitement: 6.66 (High)

Intensity: 5.30

A Compact stand up coaster with all the thrills of larger counter-parts.


Spinning Steel

Model #1 (View photos below)

Highest Drop: 52.07 ft

Top Speed: 38.43 mph

Length: 1390.14 ft

Excitement: 5.28 (High)

Intensity: 3.7

A very compact ride for the whole family. This coaster can be easily themed.


Model #2 (View photos below)

Highest Drop: 33.06 ft

Top Speed: 41.13 mph

Length: 2272.65 ft

Excitement: 5.69 (High)

Intensity: 3.4

This is a great ride family thrill seekers. A larger font print than previous model, but can also be easily themed.


Wooden Coaster

Model #1 (View photos below)

Highest Drop: 84.67 ft

Top Speed: 48.02 mph

Length: 2582.37 ft

Excitement: 6.16 (High)

Intensity: 6.89

This coaster is a classic out and back woody. This is an exciting ride that brings the classics back!.




Flying Coaster

Model #1(Vekoma) (View photos below)

Highest Drop: 68.77 ft

Top Speed: 45.78 mph

Length: 2476.04 ft

Excitement: 6.91 (High)

Intensity: 6.48

Inversions: 5

This ride has a large foot print, but can be easily themed with buildings and other structures.









I will try to put up a new model every 1 or 2 days. If you have any questions please ask!



Model #1


~Stand Up (B&M)

Model #1



Model #2


~Wooden Coaster~

Model #1


~Spinning Steel~

Model #2


~Spinning Steel~

Model #1


~Flying Coaster~

Model #1

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^That way he has notice of who is using his coasters, so he can use that for advertisement. Also, so that no park adds the same coaster at the same time, because then nothing would be unique...

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