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Lawmaker Wants to Make Anonymous Internet Posting Illegal


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Fraud eh? I didn't know we would have to give our social security number with our unanonymous screenname.


It's pretty much been said - it violates the first amendment. You can write into a newspaper anonymously, why not be able to write on the internet anonymously. Honestly, I don't really care if it gets passed or not (it won't). I just don't have anything to hide. I am who I am.

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^That was the first thing to appear in my mind. I see what the reasoning of suggesting this law was for, but it just isn't practical. For one thing: They can just fake their names and as you had said, fraud will be incredibly easy.


(Semi off topic.) I agree what Hercules said about the internet being a real interaction. My definiton of interaction (through common sense - which sadly is treated practically like a severely handicapping genetic mutation in our society) is when people exchange ideas, words, feelings, etc. that both can receive and respond to - through any means, not just verbal and face to face. If verbal and face to face is the only way of true interaction, then technically exchanging notes with someone but keeping your back turned to them so you don't see them, is not a real interaction. Which in turn, I hate it when people say that those who are on the internet are not very social people - simply hermits. Well, we are not anti - social - heck, we are probably FAR more social than those who claim that, as we can communicate almost instantly with anyone on the entire planet that has a computer and internet access. I'm pretty sure that's well into the billions of people, compared to the perhaps a few dozen friends, acquaintances and relatives that other person may have.

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I do not see the point in this at all. And if this does get passed *cough*yeahright*cough* I assume that there will be a legal age for using the internet to protect children? If I were to give out my full name, mailing address, and e-mail, it would make it incredibly easy for a pedophile to find me. Where I live (assuming I don't have a mailing address separate from my home address) is RIGHT in front of their faces, they would then be able to find what school I go to, and on a less severe (though quite annoying) matter, I would have about 7x as much spam in my in my inbox as a do now.


Seriously, even if this was passed just to make a point, it didn't make him look any better to me.

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I totally agree with all of the arguments against this. Another one, though, is that on this site (and I'm sure most others) there are a lot of international posters.

If this bill does get passed (HA), do we (citizens of other countries) also really need to give out our information just to post on an American based website? It's not law where I come from, so I really wouldn't be playing that game. Why should Robb be fined for having me post anonymously even though for me it isn't against the law to do so? As long as I am posting from Canadian soil, should he be fined for my anonymous posts? Surely I am mistaken or that couldn't be right.

I just didn't understand how that would play out.

It doesn't work out internationally from what I can see.

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