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NCAA Yahoo tourney Pick Um League


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Here is the final standings.


1 the losing one Adam 146 46 of 63 146

2 larrygator larrygator 117 38 of 63 117

3 Daniel's 2008 Bracket dbru28 108 41 of 63 108

4 coasterguy4 thompsonscott65 104 46 of 63 104

5 LuckyShotIII Brad E 96 39 of 63 96

6 The Turkeltones steve t 81 36 of 63 81

7 Castaway Picks 2 * Coaster_Cop 78 40 of 63 78

8 HT's (losing) Bracket Byron B 77 38 of 63 77

9 Hercules James W 75 38 of 63 75

10 CB's Bracket chrisman981 73 39 of 63 73


Now that I am top picker, I will share my strategy for picks. All I did was.









Pick the higher seed till all the number ones are left and then just randomly pick. Yeah, it was pure luck I won.

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I should have filled out the TPR bracket. I had picked all the number 1 seeds in the final four (though Davidson had done a nice job of making sure my Bracket would be wrong from the beginning), however I had UNC and UCLA in the title game, so I missed the ball right there.

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I was working last night at CBS station, hoping the game would be over by 11:30pm as CBS said. With 2 minutes to go, I knew it wasn't going to end at 11:30, but was hoping for 11:45 or sooner. Then the shot heard around the world. That three pointer was amazing, but it made the producer, who lived an hour away, mad. I got a little less sleep last night, but got an hour and 15 minutes of OT.


On one pick em contest here at work, I was first 2 weeks ago. One week ago, I was about 10th to last, the final standings had me second to last. When I got to the final 8, I started picking teams randomly and had no one in the final four.

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