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Body Piercings?!?

What do you have?  

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  1. 1. What do you have?

    • Ear - Cartilage!
    • Ear - Lobe!
    • Ear - Industrial!
    • Eyebrow!
    • Nose!
    • Cheek!
    • Tounge!
    • Lips!
    • Nipples!
    • Navel!
    • Neck!
    • Some where below the belt :-/
    • Other -- Please Explain!
    • None

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I have my ears pierced but almost never wear earrings. I also have my navel pierced and usually wear a silver hoop. Although recently KidTums has discovered that piercing and doesn't realize it's attached to me so I'm thinking about taking it out.


Did you have to get it re-pierced after you had KT? Feel free to ignore if this is TMI for some reason.


I have my navel pierced, and in my ears 3 in each lobe and 2 in the left cartilage. I love the feeling of getting things pierced cause I'm weird. But I can't get anything else pierced.

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I have three in my left ear, one in my right, both nipples, navel and tounge.


I had my nose pierced twice, but in the world of banking...not really accepted. I don't wear my earrings or tounge ring to work, but can usually be found sporting them on weekends.



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I got my left ear lobe pierced at 15 and then the right at 17. Then on my 18th birthday I got the left cartilage.


That all came to an end during my Disney College Program. I took them all out and never went back. That was 5 years ago so everything is all closed up now. I don't regret any of it, but it was a phase and not really part of my style today.

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I haven't picked any of the choices (yet) because well... I've got most of them, heh. <:


So well, my piercings are;

Both nipples


Two on the same side of the lip (venombite)

One horizontal in each eyebrow

One earl (between the eyes)

Septum (the bull ring)

One 20mm stretched earlobe in both ears (how much that is in gauge and such, I don't know).


Got my first one (the tounge) when I was about 15 years old...


So, all in all... 11 so far. I'm planning to get at least 9 more, everyone well planned. And those are;

Both cheeks

Venombite on the other side of the lip

Normal labret (in the middle of the lip)

Lowbret (underneath the normal labret)

Medusa (upper lip, in the middle)

Lower side of the navel

Atleast one Lorum.


I've also got a tattoo, and I'm planning on getting many more... Though, that doesn't belong to this thread. <:

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