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Adventureland USA Photo TR

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Hey, my home park!

That's not a very common TR.


Great pictures! You should think about sending some of these to RCDB!

Weird to see Mixer still there.

Also, when did you go? I don't remember it ever being that nice outside in Iowa. It looks like California.


Are the coasters there any good?

Dragon is absolutely terrible. You should honestly make sure that you're completely willing to go through with it before you ride.

Underground is a joke. It's a cute little dark ride, but it barely qualifies as a coaster.

Tornado is decent. It used to be better, but it's gotten quite shaky recently.

Outlaw, on the other hand... Wow. Outlaw is a fantastic roller coaster. Marathon Outlaw.


As far as flats go, you've got Sidewinder, the Moser frisbee, Space Shot, the (really good) S&S tower, SplashOver, the Moser topspin, and Sawmill Splash, that waterslide thing with the Outlaw pictures.

EDIT: Can't believe I forgot Falling Star. You must ride it. Don't skip it because you've ridden it elsewhere. This one is different.

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110% agree about the Dragon. I love coasters, and I refuse to ride it. It is a steel coaster that rides like the worst old wooden coaster over with loops thrown in. The Outlaw is my favorite there, even if it is a bit tame. My family lives about 5 minutes away, so we get season passes every year. It is worth it to be able to go on a Sunday evening for a few hours when it isn't busy and know that you can ride whatever you want without wasting a whole day standing in lines.


I drove by the new water area 2 nights ago. It is coming along. I am not sure if they will make their deadline of June 1st for opening, but it is getting there. I should take some pictures and post them...

Here is a preview video of what it should look like when it is done:


Kokomo Kove Preview Video

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Yup. They just call it the "Splash Over". It seems to be either partially or completely broken down a lot. Sometimes the whole ride, sometimes it just isn't spraying water. After the first year it sure seemed to squeak a lot (metal on metal squeaks)... That can't be good.

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