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Legoland - Land of Adventure Preview & KidTums' Birthday

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Hey everyone!


So yesterday was KidTums' first birthday (I know, I know...where has the year gone?) so we decided to take a trip down to Legoland! Why you may ask?


Well, for those of you who may not know the story (and I'll make this short) the day I got the call from Elissa to "OMFG GET HOME NOW!!!" because KidTums was on the way...where was I? LEGOLAND! I drove like a bat outta hell back to Valencia to make it home in time for her to be born. (FYI - She was born 5 weeks early and we had NO warning signs at all that she might be coming early!)


So of course it was only natural that we spent her first birthday there!


And not only was it her birthday, but we were lucky enough to get a walk through of the latest area currently in development "Land of Adventure."


The new land is based on Egyptian theming and it's kind of "Raider of the Lost Ark" meets Legoland. Land of Adventure opens on March 10th.


Four new attractions make up the new area:


Lost Kingdom Adventure - Shooting dark ride built by Sally

Cargo Ace - A themed "Flying Tigers" by Zamperla

Beetle Bounce - Two "Frog Hoppers" by S&S

Pharaoh's Revenge - A Squishy ball play are by Prime Play


The whole area was designed by Master Model Designer Bill Vollbrecht who studied Egyptian history and hieroglyphics to make the experience educational and authentic.


There is still quite a bit of work to be done, but the Lego maniacs have promised that everything will be ready to go for opening day.


Since you are all here for photos, here we go!


Lego trucks


Lego New York City


Where's Britney?


Lego X-Scream is just as scary!


Yay! This should make Mr. Stratosphere happy!


Something is missing here...any ideas? ;)


"Where is Wes? We miss him."


The girls of Technic Test Track




"There is a reward to everyone who targets Elissa with the water cannons!!!"


Splash Battle cooled us off.


Kristen got to do the slides in the GIANT play area (she survived!)


The Rockin' Tug was new since our last visit. (Hello again Bruno!)


They are plotting their way to Jahan's house.


"No bumping! Don't make them yell at us again!!!"


Team Thomas agrees!


I still think that Funtown Fire Academy is one of the most unique rides ever!


Yay! Turns out we were teleported to Denmark! Next stop...Bon Bon Land! =)


I sense an element of foreshadowing here.


At one year old, KidTums is already taken!


Country Pig Jamboree


Insert "Robb under the water" joke here.


Kristen was happy that there were some KidTums sized rides for her too!


"Now I don't even need to go to Africa!"


Now on to everyone having some fun at Legoland!


"Hey guys! Did you forget about me? It's my BIRTHDAY! Hello??!?"


Here's the car they were using for testing. The rest of the vehicles should be on the track later this week.


The Land of Adventure opens on March 10th, 2008


OH NO! The "spike room" or the place where Madonna buys her bras. You decide!


There are a lot of Lego "people" but most of the sets are not made from Legos as it turns out that Legos don't show up well under black light. Go figure!




There's a little mouse guy hiding out for us. (This should make Elissa happy!)


We are told that every target on the ride will make some sort of action happen!


Lego Skeleton.


Poor little Lego guy. Better zap that spider before he becomes a tasty Lego lunch.


Here's a few photos from the inside of the attraction. Now I will say that, most of this stuff will look a *LOT* better once it's dark...because well, it IS a "dark ride" after all, and that's what these sets are built for!


Some attention to detail for you crazy ride vehicle enthusiasts.


You'll get to shoot lots of random Lego dudes with your blaster.


The ride vehicles look fantastic! Something right of an Indy movie.


Betcha didn't know these bricks have been around for this long, did you?


Of course Legoland has added lots of "funny" little touches.


In front of the ride is the world's largest display of waterproofing membrane. It's amazing looking!

Ok, ok, we're joking...it's going to be a giant Pharoah made of 300,000 legos. But waterproofing is cool too! Isn't it?


The main attraction is the "Lost Kingdom Adventure" which is a really awesome looking dark ride built by Sally.


They've also got a pair of S&S Frog Hoppers or "Beetle Bounce" as they are known at Legoland which should add some fun for the kiddies! (Hey look, they've got the big boy seat too for us adults!)


"Cargo Ace" is one of those Zamperla Flying Tigers rides (Hi Bruno!) and here it is in it's "unfinished" state. The Lego maniacs have a few additions to add to it before it can be considered "done"


These guys are already camping out for opening day!


"Pharaoh's Revenge" is one of those squishy ball play areas. This one is mostly outdoors, which is kind of cool.


Lots of Lego stuff still to be put in place over the next week. Those Lego maniacs are all working around the clock to get it done.


Here is the entrance to the new area. If you are familiar with the layout of the park, it's just to the left of Technic Test Track.


Land of Adventure, opening, well NEXT WEEK!


Here we are at Legolan Californ

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More photos....


It was a great day! Thank you to Legoland for showing us around. And Happy Birthday KidTums!


Tatsu made Elissa a rodent (Don't tell Disney legal!!!)


Kristen got to eat ice cream for the first time! (and while it may not look like it, she LOVED it!)


And TATSU was our chef!!! No joke!!!


For dinner we went to Benihana


Is it time for the TPR Europe Trip yet?


"Hi Jahan, how's it going?"


We went to go see the Fun Town Fire Show. Oh, what is that I see?


Lego Poop

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First of all, Happy 1st Birthday KidTums! Hope you had fun!


Second, the new dark ride looks very cool. The vehicles (to me) kind of looks like a cross between the Indy vehicles and Mr. Toad. Looks nice though!


But I wonder why they didn't built the TOGO death machine for the LEGO New York New York hotel?

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Aww...Kristen is so cute, and grown up!


She looks so big already, the next years are just going to fly by!


My best wishes to you, Robb and Elissa; the coming years watching her grow will probably be the best of your life!


(my mom always tells me watching me grow ages 1-4 was the happiest time of her life, so I'm just guessing...)

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Great Trip report! I can't wait to see the Dark Ride when I go to California someday. Maybe this summer if I get internship at Yahoo! in Burbanks...


Happy Birthday Kristen! You are in luck when Robb got back in time for your arrival to this crazy world! It's world of Roller Coasters!


Question about this picture...



Did you all get like sunburn or what? Nice smiles from all of you! Robb, is that Philsbury Doughboy you were holding in your hands? Just wonder.

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It always cracks me up, every time I see how LegoLand has gone to the trouble to make bathrooms along with their other buildings, AND have little peeps doing little poops 'n pees in them!




(Edit: It's never too late to once again, say Happy Birthday Sweetie!)

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KidTums really likes going outside in general, and she likes parks even more. In fact she tried as hard as possible to stay awake and not take any naps because she was having fun riding stuff, watching shows, and watching us go on the bigger rides.


It's hard during the off season to keep her content, but she loves going on the long trips and doing parks every day!

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Um, when did Jahan become the "Red Button Alarm" winner, taking the crown away from Chuck???


I don't remember bullet trains in Southern California...


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Um, when did Jahan become the "Red Button Alarm" winner, taking the crown away from Chuck???


I don't remember bullet trains in Southern California...



I agree. Please share with us Jahan!

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