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FlipDude gets HoliBlogged

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Dang, high ranking officials actually care about us enthusiasts! Maybe I would be Holiblogged for Holiday World's newest attraction for 2025: A Strata Thrills Company wooden coaster. (Semi joke.)


-Tanks "Paula, why don't you post more often on here? - just wondering cuz you are all kinda famous and stuff amongst us enthusiasts" 4me05.

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Oh my goodness, thank you so much!


I knew about beign posted in the Holiblog earlier, seeing as I emailed that picture to Paula and she told me in the reply, which I was sure to thank her heartly for, but to even go and post a thread on TPR about it! I am very flattered and thankful, and this defiantely made me very happy.

This is a great surprise, and I also thank everyone who congratulated me... (And I apologize for making this sound like some snooty award ceremony speech, honest. I just couldn't figure out how to phrase it otherwise...)


I am also very glad that I helped "brighten up an otherwise gloomy morning".


James - No, I am in no way shape or form a celebrity, of the coaster community or otherwise. Might enjoy being one someday though

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^Who outside of TPR knows about me? I'm still struggling to make a name for myself around where I live!

Paula used to be in that category but now she's a TPRer.





This is all rather embarassing. Embarrassing in a good way, though.

Kinda like a surprise party.




Holiday is the park with the best PR ever. I don't ever recall a park focusing on me for just about anything, really. You are awsome Paula.



EDIT - Paula, if you ever need any art done, graphics, whatever, free of charge, you let me know. I'll be more than happy to provide.

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Dang, high ranking officials actually care about us enthusiasts!


Dang! Who went and made me a "high-ranking official"?!


I've been called a "suit" before ... that always makes me laugh.


I remember the day Tomi was here with the TPR group so well ... as it was our park's birthday, August 3. I made a stupid joke about bringing a birthday cake for everyone to enjoy, but that Robb saw it first and ate the whole thing. The hearty guffaws were much appreciated.


Thanks for the invitation to post more often ... I'll try.



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I will give credit where credit is due, he is a very good cartoonist.


I do have to say that he will never hit the big time until he does a Big Mike charactor though.


Just my opinion



Peace, Big Mike

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Congrats Tomi! I didn't know you were a big artist...


I got Holi-blogged last year. I went to HW on a Friday in early Spring for the Bakuli commercial shooting. It was about 45 degrees out, and the temperature of the water on my first ride came as a surprise to me, and someone just happened to take a picture of me on the first splash (looking like an idiot).


In my defense, I don't really look as stupid as I did in the picture... do you remember that, Paula?

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