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Six Flags announces Six Flags Dubailand.

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It's hard to say for certain to what extent the project will be affected. At the very least expect delays.


Many of the financial lenders have over extended themselves and now need "bailout" loans from the oil men.


Projects are likely to get further scrutinized and those that are not far along could lose funding unless their success is certain.


The success of an amusement park in a desert is not a sure thing..


There are a lot of articles from reputable sources regarding Dubai's current financial states. I would read those before trusting anything you hear on TPR.


Just my opinion!

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Will the current state of Dubai's largest developers being in debt effect the future plans for Dubailand?


The simple answer is "yes". The situation can be put like this; if its open now, it might not be soon, and if it isn't done yet, it probably never will be. I miss Dubaidave's enduring positive attitude towards the projects there, but the stories of late from there regarding treatment of workers and such are mighty sad.


I, for one, am interested to see how long it takes the Ferrari Experience to end up like HRP.

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^ I'd be much more willing to bet on Ferrari World's success than anything else in the area. It's a proven worldwide name with legions of European fans. Plus, they've already held a successful F1 event this past November right next door. That's not saying it won't one day go under, but at this point in time, I'm fairly confident in Yas Island, and it's anchor, Ferrari World.

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Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Ferrari World not in Dubai? Yup just looked on the site Scott linked to and it's in Abu Dhabi, does anyone who follows foreign politics better know if Abu Dhabi is in the same financial crisis as Dubai or at least as bad? That could be the difference in Ferrari World surviving more then any of the other Dubailand projects.

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D'oh! You guys are right. In the "What I really meant to say" file, I really meant to say something about the greater issues in that part of the world. There's a lot of projects stalling out and parks dying, whether its in Qatar, the UAE, Kuwait, whatever. Someone pointed out the F1 race; Bahrain and Qatar have big time racing too, but the spectator numbers are pretty lousy now after big starts. Even with the oil money, you gotta wonder how long they'll keep it up.

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To Robb and Elissa:

With your amazing knowledge at theme parks and all, do you think that Six Flags Dubailand or anything in Dubailand will ever get off the ground?! I was looking through a huge album of photos and this place just looks to amazing to be canceled!!


Also with all of your sources, have you heard any rumors of this project still in planning or something?! Thanks!



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We're very excited to announce the start of a series showcasing the art of Six Flags Dubailand- one of the most exciting and dynamic theme parks designed in several decades. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates!



Guests arriving at SIX FLAGS DUBAILAND would start their experience along "ROLLER COASTER ROAD"- a series of gentle hills, dips, and turns that lead from the main boulevard to the breathtaking toll plaza.



The first of several "WOW" moments occurs as guests are faced with the breathtaking panoramic vista of the COLOSSUS wooden roller coaster's superstructure that serves not only as the resort's signature marquee, but covering for the parking lot toll booths as well.



On the way into the SIX FLAGS DUBAILAND "WELCOME CENTER", guests pass by the TOWER OF LIGHT- a kinetic sculpture made up of six giant ROTATING PRISMS that catch and refract light in all directions.



One of the most exciting design features of SIX FLAGS DUBAILAND was its revolutionary approach to ticketing- removing the barriers between hosts and guests, allowing for direct interactions in a luxurious environment featuring giant panoramic windows looking out upon the pavilion's lush gardens and gleaming steel tracks of the REVOLUTION turbo coaster.




I am really loving how this is looking so far. The coaster line up looks like it could be really good with the huge woodie, the hyper in the back, the dive machine, the Revolution Turbo coaster and what appears to be a Mack water coaster.

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This is real cool and all, but what are the chances of this even making it off the ground?


A lot of touristy cities that tried to build too fast are experiencing a huge problem with projects not getting done (like Dubai and Las Vegas). Personally I don't really see this becoming a reality since the economy is still pretty bad and people aren't as likely to pay money to visit Dubai in droves. Bearcat89 pretty much summed up my feelings about this project best.


Heck, I'm not even sure if Ferrari World will be able to make it off the ground (with just about every single new park built in the last 10 years having trouble).


However I guess we just have to wait and see.


** Tee hee I see a parachute drop, log flume, and a possible mine train coaster. I guess SF's going back to its roots. **

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In one of those pictures describing the kalidascope wheel, they say that the coaster behind it is a giga. Now I know it's just artwork, but it looks like a beemer. If this park comes to fruition could we indeed see the first giga B&M?


Edit: Haha, I just read that the coaster in question is named The Dubai Giant. Much approved.

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Three more photos have been released:


Once guests had received their tickets in the WELCOME CENTER, they would then make their way onto the TREASURE PROMENADE- a chic boulevard filled with boutique shops and cafes. At the end of the promenade, guests would be beckoned by the incredible "KALEIDOSCOPE"- SIX FLAGS DUBAILAND's central icon, as well as by the towering structure of The DUBAI GIANT giga coaster


At the heart of SIX FLAGS DUBAILAND is the park's spectacular icon- the KALEIDOSCOPE. Designed by "Glow in the Park" Production Designer Raul Rodriguez, the Kaleidoscope is an icon unlike any other in the world. Centered around a giant ferris wheel, colossal fabric discs turn free-form in opposing directions to create an endless series of thrilling visuals that take on a different look in the day and night.


Guests would make their grand arrival to SIX FLAGS DUBAILAND along the TREASURE PROMENADE- a luxurious shopping street set amidst lush landscaped alleyways and hidden garden courtyards.


One of the most unique aspects of SIX FLAGS DUBAILAND is that the lands do not try to re-create specific times or places, but rather are designed to evoke certain emotions. From the park's central hub, guests would be able to choose from six spectacular gateways representing these breathtaking themed areas.

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The park icon is certainly unique. Like the twists on the Disney formula of Main Street and the hub system. It will be very interesting to see if this park ever does get built.

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More concept art.


Now that we've reached the park's hub, we'll explore SIX FLAGS DUBAILAND one land at a time, beginning today with EXPLORE. In EXPLORE, guests can fly in a stunt plane on the "SCREAMIN' EAGLE", careen down a whitewater river on "ROARING RAPIDS", or take a scenic drive on the park's "ANTIQUE CARS."

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