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-The 2008 NL Tennis game-

Which name you think our coaster should be called?  

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  1. 1. Which name you think our coaster should be called?

    • Zephyrus-dr.gumbo
    • Typhoon-Dbru
    • Tribe-rolercstrluvr

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Times have obviously changed since this thing began. People started to lose interest in what I think is a masterpeice of teamwork. The only people who appeared to care about it anymore where myself and Tanks4me05 who came up with the idea of sending it to various forums to get it finished. Thanks to everyone who helped build it or contributed in anyway.


People participating

Seed file-dr.gumbo-Lime green-Station (temporary), lifthill and first drop

1-Steffen_Dk-Black-Over head turn

2-DBru-Dark blue-Double up and down

3-Tanks4me05-Chaos red-Warped Immelmann

4-jpdupuis-White-S-bent / Corkscrew

5-dr.gumbo-Lime green-Overhead turn into helix / brake run

6-ElToroExtreme-Obnoxious Purple -Drop / bunny hop / Mini onerhead turn

7-jamjar-Powder blue-Inclined loop / Half helix

8-Dbru-yellow-Brakes / Launch / Turn around

9-Tanks4me05-Chaos red-Turn / Immelmann type thing

10-jamjar-Powder blue-Sengel Dive / Short turn


Track Tennis- A game which consists of a large amount of people creating one coaster. People take turns to insert one element then they pass it on to the next person in line. Last time this was done, it was never finished and it would be nice to try and complete one. The rules are as followed: (from NoLimits Dev center)


Please note that I have slightly altered the rules so some of the rules below are invalid.


Anyone can play, regardless of ability. Please respect the other players in this regard, however. For example, if you know that you aren't very experienced with terraforming, you should probably avoid doing that for your turn. Likewise for supports, track work, and scenery.



You must state in the project thread that you are working on the track file, this is to avoid multiple people working on it at once. A simple post that says "Work In Progess" is generally sufficient.


Note that you may only claim a turn after the match referee has declared that the previous turn is complete and has been approved.



You must complete your element within 3 days. If you fail to complete your element in 3 days, then you default and it is passed on to the next volunteer, using the previous version of the track. You may finish early if you like, but you may not go back and make changes after your 3 days, even during later turns.



You may not, for any reason, modify someone elses work. If they added a cobra roll which is 30 meters tall and 15 meters wide, then you must leave it where it is, and with those dimensions.


Exception 1: You may alter the track direction slightly as it exits the previous person's track element, so long as their element retains the same look and feel it had when you started. The Match Referee will have final decision in this matter.



If you are adding track work, you may only work in the direction of the train. You may not add track work to the end of the track - only the front.



You may not take 2 turns in a row. Three (3) other people must take a turn before you may go again. This is to prevent one or two people from having too much influence on the project.



You may not conspire with other participants or otherwise influence what other people do during their turn. The referee has final decision on what is and is not "conspiring".



You may default on your turn if you find you are unable to do what you wanted to do within the time alloted. If you default after the first 48 hours, however, or do not finish within the three (3) days allotted, you must take a 3 turn penalty which means you will not be elligible to participate for the next six (6) turns (as opposed to the usual three [3]). The referee may waive this penalty at their discretion for extenuating circumstances (if you have been shot or are arrested, for example).



The Match Referee reserves the right to say when the track is done.



The Match Referee is responsible for closing the track circuit at their discretion. This event does not have to mean the track is done, however, and usually won't, in fact.


Label what you have done by colouring YOUR track work with a custom colour of your choice. Don't use the same colours as other people, try and keep them as different as possible


The track style I have chosen is an LIM Launch coaster, I have created a station, lift and drop. You can continue it in anyway you like. You must keep it in the area shown.


Try and make the elements as realistic as possible, I don't mind creativity but I don't like fantasy. Try and keep the forces no higher than red.


The first person to reply will be first, the second will be second and so on!


Good Luck!


NOTE: If you have any questions just ask!


EDIT: I'll just add another rule, don't make your track in a way that makes it impossible for the next person to make an element. A little common sence goes a long way!

2008 Track Tennis.nltrack


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^So are you making your element now? Can I reserve second, or does I have to wait until he is done?


This sounds fun!


As far as I know, I have to wait until dr.gumbo has finished his element.. But I can't see the problem of making your element before the one before you has finished his..

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^Actually I think you can start now, I think I've done enought so far so someone else can continue.


As for the order of turns





5-Vekoma Fan Boy


I think I'll leave it at that until it comes close for the next five to book up for their turns. I'll try and make it so that everyone can have a turn.


Another thing, I am going to do a log on the first post so when your done write down what you did and I'll add it. Still colour the track piece however.


And another thing, only do trackwork for the time being and when that is complete then I will consider letting people have a hand at other things depending on if people are willing to do it.


I think thats all.

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Red G's are 5.5 vertical, -2.0 airtime, and 2.0 +/- lateral. Although, I would allow anything up to 6.3 Vertials if INTENTIONALLY BUILT ONLY - as a roller oaster in South Africa's Gold Reef City has one. (Tower of Terror.)

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Try and keep the forces no higher than red.


What is higher than red?


Well, here is my element. It's a (silver) dive loop! (With lots of red g's...)


You need to spend a little more time with your trackwork dude... And you may want to go download Loefet's circle building tools... Those may help.


Umm, I'm pretty sure thats bad...

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Try to make a different element then. Besides, it is too tight - if you look there, the trains bump into each other by about a good 3 - 4 inches or so (stupid "C" key on my keyboard is getting stuck now I have to press it really hard to get it to work) therefore the train will either get stuck or just have a violent stop and fall bakwards, or even the wheel assemblies could break, and the train would fall off the track, and it looks like the train is over 100 feet above ground, and that would be bad for the riders. If you can't make anything G friendly without running out of room, I would suggest that either A: someone moves the entire ride farhter away from the map or B: the person that went before you should hange their element to make everything fit better.

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Okay, I tightened the entrance of the element a little more, and expanded the top vertex. It now looks like this...



Any better?



It seems that there are a lot of red G's in the transitions from element to element (not just mine), so is it okay? If not, what should I do?

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Just a quick question, when my turn comes around, can I just make one slight change to the building area. (Bear with me before you stop reading and say no.) I just want to change the supports marking the boundaries to I beams instead of small pipes. Only because I am red/green colorblind and it is extremely difficult for me to see the red boundary markers and nodes on the green turf. The teal color of the I beams in the editor sticks out like a sore thumb though.

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Well it seems like there are a LOT of red g's and pumps here. May I stress that you's have got three days to put an element and I would like people to put there maximum efforts into this. I know some people are better than others at NL but I'm quite sure you can produce a smooth ride if you take a little bit longer. By no means am I saying you have to spend three days on the element and produce something amazing but I do like to see people try there best. After about ten minutes work I got it a much smoother version of the track. It is'nt butter smooth but it does'nt have to be, it just has to be your best effort.


(remember you can alter the element before yours to make it flow smoothly into yours, just dont alter it completely)


I will let the people who have gone so far to improve there trackwork themselves (tahts the whole point of the game). I suggest that you break up the track into smaller segments (not as small as I have done, that was just me testing a tool). It helps, trust me!


BTW Please don't take it as a critism, I'm just trying to help.


And also if you don't want to alter your trackwork, fair enough, I can't force you. It would be nice though.


^As for your question, of coarse you can. I have a freind with that and I know its hard for you.

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Well, I can work on the transition between Steffen and my elements, but does Steffen have to fix the transition between yours and his?


I will try both if you want me to...

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^ You can when the first five complete their elements.


^^ May I make a suggestion, could you slightly bank the exit of your element because it lowers the forces a bit. Say about 20 degrees.


Also, can you put a download up , I'll smooth the other transition because we need to give other people there turns.

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I have created a NoLimits Dev Centre Page and a quick logo (on the first post and no its not the final logo for the ride, just the project). Link Below!




EDIT: After a long thought, I have desides that you can build where ever you want, I've figured that keeping it compact is going to cause some problems. I will sent a message to those who have taken there turn and ask them if they want to do change their element. I'm sorry for causing so much hassle but I'm sure it will make it easier for other people.

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