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Photo TR: Six Flags Magic Mountain 3/1/2008

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Out in LA this week, First stop was Six Flags Magic Mountain. Being from the Northeast, I guess 65 is


not shorts/tshirt weather in California as we were the only ones wearing them. Arrived at the park


around 9:40am with not many cars in the parking lot:


Rode the tram in beause it was waiting at the drop when we arrived. The tram car itself was a dump. A


little refurb would be nice on them. Smelling gas the whole ride isn't exactly enjoyable. (I don't


have a pic)


First stop was security. Kudos to magic mountain for having people going through security way before


you get to the ticket gate. It gets things moving quicker once the gate actually opens.


First stop was season pass processing. I got my season pass here since it was my first six flags of


the year and I found it really cheap online ($45). I like how they make the guest type in their info


into the computers instead of writing it on paper and the employee doing it. We got to bypass this


because we had our info entered in the online system when we bought our passes.


My season pass also came with a flashpass for X2 in June. If anyone wants it and is really going to


use it, I can mail it to you. Just send me a message.



Now onto the rides! Headed up the left side up the park and rode Viper:


There was advertising for X2 all over the park:


Tatsu was next, this is my new favorite flying coaster and now in my top 10 steel:





Deja Vu was closed all day I'm now 0 for 2 on Inverted Boomerangs. (SFoGA was the first miss)


Rode Riddler's revenge next:



Headed over to Gotham City


to ride:



Ate some lunch then headed over to Gold Rusher for a ride on a classic mine ride. After Gold Rusher,


went over to ride Ninja, but found it closed. Superman: The Escape was next. Only the right side was


running. Although it was a fun ride, the launch is pretty tame if you have ridden TTD and Kingda Ka.


But, considering it's a bit older than them, it's still pretty cool. Anyone know why the ride is so






This picture was on the door before you got on the ride. It might be a little bit sexist?


Revolution was next. In the world of steel coasters, this is a classic.




Headed over to kiddie land to ride canyon blaster and saw this on the way. Cage: the ride?


Time to ride Canyon Blaster:



Goliath next:


Colossus was only running the left track (or right if you are on the ride in the station). The closed


side's track was rusty in the station. While on the ride, you could see retracking being done on the


second big turn around.


The closed side:


Scream! was next. They should rename it "Parking lot: The Ride"



From the entrance stairs of Scream!, you can see the nice arsenal of fire extinguishers back stage:


Back over to Ninja to see if it was open, it was!



One last ride on Tatsu before calling it a day



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Nice TR. Looks like you had a pretty good day.

Don't feel bad about missing Deja Vu, it happens to a lot of people...

As for why Superman is so loud, it is steel wheels on steel track, and I believe I read somewhere on the forums a while back that they engineered it to be loud, that's how they wanted it...

And damn that is a lot of fire extinguishers!

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I am so jealous! I have been wanting to go to SFMM since I was little. I remember watching The Revolution on National Lampoons Summer Vacation! Now The Revolution looks like a Kiddie coaster with Tatsu in the background!


How is Viper? I have always wanted to ride it! I'm sure it is pretty rough as most all of those type coasters are.


Oh and BTW... here at SFOG season passes are 69.99! You paid 45 bucks? That is awesome! Screw SFOG!

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Says the arrowfanman.


Great TR thanks for all the photos. Looks like it was a turdy day, but atleast it didn't rain! Maybe I'll be at the park one day when they have Rockin Scream, they playing any Rage out there?

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I never thought about it, but what a ghetto computer setup---monitors mounted on the walls.


Anyway, nice report. I'm actually looking forward to going out there next Sunday for West Coast Bash. For whatever reason, the thought of a visit to SFMM over the last couple of years just registered as "eh" for me. Not sure why, but I'm glad to be coming back.



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