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Six Flags Over Texas Opening Day Photo TR

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As you know, SFOT is open today, and of course I was there.

So I will make you wait no longer, Here it the TR.



Woke up at eight and was out the door by eight thirty. Got there around nine ish.

SFOT 069.bmp

Oh thank god, you cut it in half...

SFOT 068.bmp


SFOT 065.bmp

He looks alot better now that He's off Atkins

SFOT 063.bmp

Yeah.. It works

SFOT 061.bmp

New Coldstone next to France

SFOT 060.bmp

Stupid thing costs 10 fudgin' dollars!

SFOT 056.bmp

It looks the same.. But its alot bigger. They cut down some trees and put up a big black wall.. I need Casey

SFOT 055.bmp

So heres a progress report on THBS

SFOT 051.bmp

"Sponge bob square... awwww"

SFOT 047.bmp

So this new movie is actually a small clip from the a big real movie coming soon to real theatres, Im confused too.

SFOT 046.bmp

Its pretty photogenic


A ninja will come and kick you in the nuts.

SFOT 042.bmp

They had these up everywhere.

SFOT 041.bmp


SFOT 040.bmp


SFOT 037.bmp

I like this shot

SFOT 020.bmp

And then went to check out the new lockers. They kinda suck.

SFOT 019.bmp

So I got my Mr.Freeze and Batman rides done.

SFOT 015.bmp

And then it was like this!

SFOT 014.bmp

And then they left us for dead.

SFOT 013.bmp

They told us not to bump but Tweety bird gets to!

SFOT 012.bmp

They had a little dinky parade go by

This car was cool so I took a picture.

SFOT 011.bmp

Oooh! Giant Freefall ride that Im deathly afraid of!

SFOT 010.bmp

So now we get to wait here for an hour!

SFOT 009.bmp


SFOT 008.bmp

Another shot before lots of dirty stinky GP get all over it.

SFOT 007.bmp

Nice and Fancy red carpet.

SFOT 006.bmp

We were the 11th car there. Yep count 'em 11. I fail at captioning

SFOT 005.bmp

Ooh Pretty!

SFOT 002.bmp

Yay! We get there at nine ish.

SFOT 001.bmp

Manditory Animal Photo

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Part Dos

SFOT 072.bmp


SFOT 091.bmp

Ok Thanks for Reading!

SFOT 095.bmp


SFOT 097.bmp

It It Its my first coaster track I ever touched!

SFOT 094.bmp

Twisty Goodness!

SFOT 093.bmp

Ok fine, Heres a surprise!

SFOT 092.bmp

Thanks Magic Mountain!

SFOT 079.bmp

So then I rode a horse and left.

SFOT 074.bmp

I like the bawoons

SFOT 073.bmp

Its a thing to charge all your crap

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Thanks David! Great pics!


I really want to get out there one day! SFoT looks aswome! The Ten Point Basketball thing looks really stupid. Another thing to take your money! Tony Hawk's Bih Sppin looks really cool. Did you ride Judge Roy Scream? Is it good?




Stupid? To you and me yes, but to the park, It will make a TON of money probably. That perticular game is usually really popular at most parks it seems. $10 does seem steep though.

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Oh shockwave is retracking? I have never heard of a steel coaster retracking.


They are putting in new track that will keep the ride around longer, because they love Shockwave enough to do that.


Six Flags Over Texas is one of my favorite parks EVAR, and it makes me weep how overlooked it is (in my opinion, atleast). I swear if SF celebrates the Six Flags chains 50th anywhere besides Over Texas, I will shut myself in a closet and weep...


Great photo TR, glad to see my SFoT gettin some love...

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Cool PTR I was there too in a TPR Shirt. I saw those tracks from Titan, which had no line at all. But my back still hurts like crazy from that beating I took from Texas Giant, I hate that ride, they said they re tracked a bit of it but it felt like they just made it worse, tear it down I say! Well any way it was a great day there no lines in the beginning of the day and larger lines later, I had fun still. But whats up with the neon yellow clothes the employs are wearing?

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