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Coaster Videos from the 1980s

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With Shane and Scott doing some looking back I finally got to Transfer my Family film to video's and DVD and now I'm starting to post on YouTube. My screen name over there is Coasterdad. one of my first uploads was Mr. Twister POV. with more to come. This was shot during the RCBI convention in the 80's. Shane remember the Ski Poster?

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Just out of curiosity, but what type of old school video camera did you use back then? Was it the type where it was a full VHS tape in the camera or was it the mini VHS tapes where you needed an adapter to watch it in a VCR. Just wondering because it's hard to imagine bringing a huge camcorder on rides back then.


Great videos. It's great to see videos from the 80's...my generation!

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Wow! I completely missed this thread the first time it was posted! I made some edits to the topic title that I think may give it some better visibility.


Would any of you that has footage like this be interested in contributing it for one of the next installments of Roller Coasters in the RAW? I plan on doing a 'defunct coaster disc' as one of the next volumes.



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