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Photo TR: SFOG June 2007

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So its 2 AM and I am bored so I thought "Why not post a TR from my June SFOG trip?


So my brother and two of my friends set out for our day. Originally planned to be a two day trip, some things came up that forced us to change it to only one, but we still had a good day.



We are HERE!



We're lazy, and it was only $5 extra, so we followed the gold arrows to preferred parking.



This was my first visit since Goliath opened, so of course we headed there first.



First drop THROUGH A TREE!



This is what we like to call stacking. The ride op in me decided to time them, and it was taking like 1:40 to unload and load the train. And they had 4 people checking restraints. Sorry, but I can unload and load and Arrow train, with the footpedal restrains, bymyself in just over a minute. This was lame, but they got better later.



Going up.


The new logos on Acros top.



Ok now, why on earth do you have PORKY PIG outside a BBQ resturant all day?



Good ole Batman:The Ride



*sigh* Why must guests do this?



I really entoy Batman's station.



Another stacking photo. This crew was better than Goliath's though.



Yay MindBender!



I actually didn't ride a major coaster from 1996-2000 because of this ride.



I really like Gotham City



Such a beautiful ride.



With a great sign too.



Never seen this shot before.



Its open!



I love the whole Boomerang family.



Train in the loop THROUGH THE TREES!






Any vertical loop fans in the house?



In case you forgot what ride this is.






Lickskillet and Ninja from the Sky Buckets



I still need this credit



I *heart* Acro





What's that? A bird? A plane?



This dip is kinda weird, but I like it.



Such a good ride.



Goliath AND Ice Cream.



Georgia Scorcher's new paint job looked AMAZING!



The most a coaster can beeeeeeeeeeeeeee!



Georgia Cyclone's crew was GREAT. No stacking at all.



A little rougher than last time, but still a good ride.



It's Godzilla!!



And the soon to be retired Space Shuttle!



My favorite drop ride! One of my friends, who never cusses, had a few choice words at the top. Then he tried to kill me after the ride. But he's fat and couldn't



A SFOG original.



No line at all. Sweet!



Thank you Chase for getting me 4 tickets for $99.



More Goliath goodness.



I don't know why, but I really this ride. #2 in the park for me.



"Crossing" trains.



Some nice shade to relax for a few minutes.



The black belt of roller coasters!



GASM had only one train operation and a line as a result, so no ride for me today



I like the black supports better than the old white paint job.



I'm glad I don't have to wear that on the back of my uniform.



Stupid one train.






I really enjoyed Superman when it first opened. It's still a good ride, but, meh.



I think it's about time for some new signs.



I see you hiding train #3



When I got back from the park I though "Why did I take so many pictures of Deja Vu? Now I am glad that I did.



This was my biggest complaint of the day. You see those clouds? There was one clap of thunder and no lightning, but they shut the rides down for 45 mins. I get the safety thing, But the clouds were gone and the sun out for nearly 15 minutes before the rides started testing again.


Well after our really delayed final ride on Goliath it was time to hit the road! Thanks for reading!

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Great TR! I swear I only live 2 hours from SFOG and I still haven't ridden Goliath! I'm really jealous about Deja Vu! I don't know who many times I have tried riding that thing and to have it shut down! I guess I will not be able to since it is alas gone!?

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For some reason I have never wanted to visit this park. I was in atlanta on business and I never even considered going there because they didnt have enough hypercoasters, but it is really a beautiful park from what I can see. Goliath really looks good but it is hard for me to go to a park for one ride. The other coasters looks like a clone from some ride at another park I have been to. Like the Georgia Cyclone is a replica of the Texas Cyclone, The Standup coaster looks like the stand up and Astroworld, the Ninja looks like the viper at SFMM only smaller, the superman is the the same as Great Adventure, Batman is just the SAME, but it does look like a very beautiful park, acutally the most beautiful one in the SF chain.

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Alymighty, you truly are missing out on a great park! As you noted, it is a very beautiful park, especially for Six Flags, but the ride selection is a lot better than you make it out to be!


Goliath - My personal #1 steel coaster. A great mix of floater and ejector air with an insane helix.

Scorcher - My favorite stand-up coaster. Very well paced and it doesn't kill like other stand-ups I've ridden (Mantis, Chang, Iron Wolf, etc).

Mindbender - INCREDIBLE ride. Very under rated. Very unique, and an amazing setting.

Batman - Most intense version I've ridden.

Ninja - Well, yeah, Arrow garbage. Every park has their duds.

Supes - Clone, yes, but nice setting.

Scream Machine - A classic with a great setting and some nice pops of air.

Cyclone - RIDICULOUS. LOVE this ride.


You really should give the park a try.

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