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Photo TR: Cypress Gardens

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Went down to Orlando to visit mom (among other things), and decided to hit the biggest park in the area that I'd never been to before, Cypress Gardens. It was nice. A few ghetto spots, and hardly a major thrill park--but flowers are nice, and I liked it much better than Wild Adventures.


And now I end with a self-review of this TR. Sorry for the lack of ride photos. The flowers were just more interesting to me, in this park. :OP


The Starliner gives the park a real "adult" coaster. It was rougher than I remember it being at Miracle Strip, but that might just be my imagination.


I still haven't been on one of these. Mom wasn't interested, but it didn't look very wet. I'd thought they were supposed to be. Maybe it's adjustable...?


I just like this shot. That's Triple Hurricane in the background, which was good fun also (in a minor way).


I did ride Swamp Thing. It's the first Junior Inverted I've been on. A bit headbangy, but otherwise fairly good, I thought.


I have some issues with this picture, but it does give you a good idea of the rides section of the park.


For some reason, this looks like the monks are about to have a shoot out.


The banyan tree was pretty cool. Mom was all about it.


The boat wasn't running due to low water levels. Note the famous water ski show, with the Island In The Sky in the background. I like this picture.


Yeah, yeah...I'll get to the rides in a minute. (I wonder if any of the 13 year old enthusiasts are even still reading?)


A "southern belle" strolls down the midway, while old people 'tsk, tsk' her slutty outfit.


A pleasant little water feature. (This TR is nearly irony free, so far. I don't know what's wrong with me.)


Honestly, I was in no big hurry to get to the rides. I think I would have enjoyed the "old" Cypress Gardens just fine.


Here, we see a duck attacking a ladybug, while a peacock looks on in judgment.


The middle of the "old section" is filled with topiary.


This does not appear to be a complete sentence.


A charming midway near the front of the park.


The park also has several minor attractions, such as a museum of different versions of Santa Claus, a model train exhibit, and this thing.


The park has several coasters, but most of them are quite minor.


The Island In The Sky (or, "Sunshine Adventure") was probably my favorite thing in the park. Great views.


One of which is a "bird aviary." (As opposed to a "fish aviary," I suppose.)


The front of the park has several small zoo-like attractions, as well as some nice scenery.


I enjoy interesting signs almost as much as I enjoy roller coasters. :OP


The front entrance. Fairly impressive, if a bit bland.


I can't decide if this homemade tram is super-ghetto, or actually quite clever. Maybe both.

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Nice report. Cypress Gardens looks like a very scenic park. That Island in the Sky thing looks like fun (I've always liked towers and observation type rides).


Perhaps on my next visit to Florida I'll check this place out.



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The Starliner gives the park a real "adult" coaster. It was rougher than I remember it being at Miracle Strip, but that might just be my imagination.


No, not your imagination. I thought it was quite a bit rougher than when it ran at MS. Not many people seem to have ridden it at both locations, so you don't see a lot of comparisons.



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Well, if anything, their Drop Tower was really good. It had a freaking huge amount of airtime compared to the other Drop Towers I have been on. (DP, LC, good ToT, Dr. Doom's Fearfall, SFNE, Ny State Fair, Seabreeze - junior drop tower, and probably some more others I can't remember.)

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Also, is that a crashed model railway?


It is! Just part of a much larger model train exhibit...but I thought that was the best part.


Thanks for the kind words.

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