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Photo TR: Jahan's Awesome TPR-Midwest Trip Report!


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I remember the heat and the wait on Roadrunner Express. There was a guy in front of us in line that was waving to have his family come up and get in line for him. My HILARIOUS roomate Terrance had a little "moment" when he told the guy that that wasn't gonna' happen. The moment truly released alot of heat induced tension for me.

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Umm, Cora, was it Roadrunner that we were in line for (eternally)...and someone made a doodie in the queue?


Yup it totally was! Now why did you get a picture of the stuff at Cedar Point but not out in line here?

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That mofo bugs STILL has my sandals...


SFKK was definately one of the better times i had during the trip. Deluge was insane (Chuck: dont valley, dont valley, dont valley, dont valley, please dont valley), Gettin my stuff stolen was fun(ny), and the way the park treated us overall was really top-notch!


I was one of the smart ones who sat out on Roadrunner Express, so I missed Chris the technicolor terrorist! However, I was in the group that did finally get the pink side of Twisted Twins, and had to make the mad dash for the bus, and even in the A/C'd bus I was sweatin like a pig in a burnin barn...


...and it was SO much fun . I miss this trip so much...

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Very nice Jahan, I have to say that SFKK was fun, it didn't have top ten in the world coasters but it was a great place to visit. Though T2 that was a bad, even for an SLC, not only head banging but it kind of thrust you in the middle of the back too, not good at all. I really appreciate the way they treated us that day, first class, Six Flags.

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I visited SFKK in 2006 expecting a crap-hole, but I thought the staff was one of the best I have seen at any Six Flags park. It's what a local park should be. I really have no idea where the bad repuation came from.


Too bad you guys didn't get on Thunder Run. It was by far the best coaster there in my opinion.

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Day 3: Beech Bend



Hey everybody!


Alright, so I hope you’re all ready to pick up where I left off, because I’m about to jump right into this!


We left Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom at 3:00pm and made route to Beech Bend. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t know anything about Beech Bend until my visit, other than that it was home to the Kentucky Rumbler, a compact GCI, and my first GCI (barring Roar-west, which wasn’t running to well by the time I finally got on it). But I was excited none-the-less.


Our drive began with a quick briefing by Elissa on the upcoming park.


After Elissa’s spiel, over half the bus literally crashed out! This is only day three of the tour and we were already exhausted!


OMG…A KFC, in Kentucky! I’m such a horrible, shameless tourist!



Two and a half hours later, we were there!


An unnecessary photo of Beech Bend ticket distribution!



Once we got in the park, we waited forever for a bathroom to come available. While waiting, we could tell that the park was somewhat crowded, but not in any way that would handicap our visit. In fact, once we started our circuit, we realized the ride lines themselves were actually rather short.


Our first taste of Beech Bend was the Zamperla spinning wild mouse—one of five same models we’d encounter during the trip…lmao .


As we were queuing, I was shocked to find maintenance freely doing checks within the track area as units were cycling. I soon realized it was that kind of park. LOL. The operations were also terrible, if I may say so. They were cycling so slowly for the number of vehicles that they had, that every car blocked! The second half of the ride literally consisted of coming to a complete stop in a block brake. Wait for the block ahead to clear. Reset automatically and slowly coast to the next block. Stop at the next block. Wait for the next block to clear. Reset automatically and slowly coast to the next block. It was pretty lame.


You guys look excited enough to get back in line!



After Wild Mouse, we messed around on some flat rides before making our way to the next credit.


Lol. Dick.


On our way to the Dragon Wagon, we played everybody’s favorite game—Steal Ryan’s Hat!!!




Once Ryan reached down Casey’s shorts and got his hat back, we all rode the Dragon Wagon.


Chuck seems to have enjoyed it—TJ, not so much.



I seem to have forgotten the order we did things at this point, but I’m pretty sure we went to grab a ride on the Pinfari Death Machine. The ride operator informed us that the ride vehicle’s name was Dora. Smelling our fear, she told us, “If you are nice to Dora, Dora will be nice to you.” She ended up being right! For a “Death Machine”, the ride was honestly not that bad!


Dora, doing her thing.


My post-Dora hair. Looks good, but not worth waking up every morning and riding a Pinfari Looper.


With three out of four credits under our belts, it was time for one last.


*cues background music*


The Kentucky Rumbler was unique in that it was both Chuck and my 100th credit! But I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the ride. As I said, I had only been on GCI’s Roar-west before this ride, which was somewhat rough when I rode it. And this ride was even smaller than that.


GCI certainly makes the most ‘photogenic’ woodies, in my opinion.


Unfortunately one-train operation (by default) was somewhat obnoxious, considering the line wouldn’t have been longer than 7 minutes with a second train. But that was our own fault for waiting, as we had scheduled ERT, later that evening.


LOL…I find that little chain-return roof-thingy to be charming!


Chuck knew as a fact that the Rumbler would be his 100th credit. I was just mostly sure of it. If I was one off and my 100th ended up being Dora, I was actually ok with that. That being said, we rode together in the back row in case the Rumbler ended up being my 100th.






The Rumbler? Wow. I loved it. I have never had that much fun on a wooden coaster before. I mean, even the lift approach was fun! The first drop was perfect. As Joe described it, the laterals build as you round that turn, only to yield to a weightless-like drop. And the rest of the ride was a blur. You were here. You were there. You were everywhere. But the transitions and directional changes were so smooth. I’ve never been so comfortable on any coaster (I totally want a GCI coach for a couch or something!).


Anyway, Raven was great. Voyage was fun. But this was my favorite wooden coaster on the trip thus far. And thus on the trip. And thereby in general.


The entire ride was void of straight-aways. Directional changes were natural and everywhere!


TJ and Dane demonstrate how fun the simple turn out of station is!:<img src=:'>


Anyway, after our ride on the Rumbler, we decided to round up a few last minute rides on random things.


LOL…Ryan and Jon pretty much sum up how we all felt after the haunted house!


BOO to penguin themed flat rides!!!!


We also took a ride on—on—on—damn, the name escapes me at the moment! It was a giant orange flat ride, with arms and suspended seats that spun around and around! It was SO fun! I hate that I cant remember the name. Help, anyone?


As the sun began to set in the Kentucky-sky, we had a SECOND group meal provided in the picnic pavilion.


Dinner was tasty. Not “SFKK Italian Feast” tasty, but tasty. I still cant believe that.



After dinner, it was time for our Kentucky Rumbler ERT. But there was a surprise—


The GCI guys would be our ride operators!!!


Riding off into the dark night air!



It was really an amazing way to end the night, by marathoning a great ride! It was really a high-energy night and exhausted us all. I want to give a big “thank you!” to the GCI guys for volunteering their time and Beech Bend for hosting us!






Well, I know it wasn't long, but that would do it for this installment. My favorite park of the trip, coming soon!



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AWsome TR once again, Jahan!


Beech Bend was your favourite? Seriously?

I enjoyed it alot but I think it might be like #4 on the trip for me.


The orange ride was called Power Surge and it was full of cutting-off-people's-circulation awsomeness.


Interesting to see all sorts of shenanigans you ahd no idea even took place in other people's TR.


Tomi "Did Ryan seriously go fishing in Casey's shorts?" Zandshtein.

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Awesome TR Jahan! I'm planning on heading back down there so I can get missed credits and see the park in day time....and not when it's 35 degrease outside!


Oh, and where was the Wild Mouse?! I looked all over the park and couldn't find it! Maybe they had stored it up for the winter or something?


Oh...and no scary-drop-tower-of-death photos? That ride was insane!!! Definitely the scariest moment on a ride that I can remember!


Shock Drop for Jahan! :D

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I hate the Dragon Wagon coaster. It's horrifying!


But good TR. I love Kentucky Rumbler! It has a little bit of everything! I'm glad you enjoyed the Kentucky parks...

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mmm...Rumblah...I loved that thing


I remember Dora; me & Chris went back and rode it for a second time (not sure why) and we saw that Dora caused the structure of the coaster to warp as it went around. SO not good...she was such a fatty.


Man...I wanna ride Kentucky Rumbler again now...stupid nostalgic photo TRs!


Kidding, great pics Jahan.

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