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Ask Title Fairy For A Custom Title

Title Fairy

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Oh magic title fairy, could you change mine to "I wonder what kind of donkey 'Ziz' will be?" Please? Oh thank you oh wondrous title fairy.


What?, how did you get a custom title and I didn't?


Uh-oh, good luck there..

Golden Rule #3: Title Fairy is VERY busy. Your title may not be changed immediately, or even weeks or months later!


Golden Rule #4: Don't piss off Title Fairy by nagging and pestering her. This will only make her angry and get you STUCK with a very awful custom title.


Golden Rule #5: If you ask for a custom title, Title Fairy reserves the right to change your custom title to whatever she wants. It could be changed to something relating to your avatar, your various posts, whatever! Asking for a specific custom title DOES NOT guarantee you will get it, so ask with caution (especially if you are possibly annoying!).

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Oh sweet and glorious Title Fairy!


Since I've never asked for a custom title and have racked up a decent post count in my time here, please graciously consider my humble request.


I'd like mine to be "Founder of the Cult of Skull Mountain"


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  • 2 weeks later...

Dear Title Fary


I know I've already asked a half year ago and I've been wondering that it hasn't changed yet. So please could I have a custom title? I would love if it would be something like: "lives near Intamin's main location" or that I like skiing.


Greetings from Switzerland


K1ngdaKa88 (Lukas)

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