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Ask Title Fairy For A Custom Title

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I believe the Title Fairy is now enjoying some much needed permanent retirement... and with that, has bestowed the power for custom titles to all users under the "Edit Profile" screen. If you cli

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Oh magical title fairy....after four long years I have gained enough posts to be graced by your presence. As I beg to you....I wonder if my title could be changed to something to the effect of "All right everyone, line up alphabetically according to your height." As it would be much appreciated.

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You may use in your literary arsenal such devices relating to:

- Homosexuality

- Lady Gaga

- Rhinoceroses

- Coffee

- New Orleans

- Or Antartica


Lady Rhinoceroses Ate Homosexual Coffee in New Orleans


This thread continues to be full of win.

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The TPR forum has an automatic title change when you reach certain milestones on your post count. When you see a slightly different "donkey title" it means you posted a lot more!


The title fairly wouldn't make up such silly titles.

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Thanks Robb for letting me know that was just a normal change. I have seen the "Donkeys Are My Way Of Life" and a few others like "Full Fledged Donkey Enthusiast" and "I Guess Donkeys Are Okay" but some how I must have missed the version I have now stuck below other posters names.


The title "I Teach At The School Of Donkey" made me think that somewhere I had posted some smart-ass (donkey) remark in some topic where someone had asked a question instead of giving an answer and pissed off the Title Fairy.

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Good evening Title Fairy,


I was just wondering if I could have another title. Years ago, I never asked for this title, yet, I am very fortunate of it. However, I haven't said or done anything creepy in the last years. May I have another title, maybe something to do with school buses since I'm a fanatic of them.


Thank you for your precious time.



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Oh Great and Omniscient Title Fairy, whose half-digested churro leavings I am unworthy to even touch, whose terrifying and earth-shattering visage makes the Starflyer look like a broken-down version of the squirrel cages, I, Mozart67, lowest of the low, (primarily because I do musical theatre and progressive metal for a living rather than perform a respectable function), ask that the following obtuse, incoherent, and ridiculously dull title be bestowed to my name as a symbol of my inability to post anything the least bit interesting:


"Please Nuderstand This. Mozart67: It's Something!" (also, because "If Shatner is past tense, is Shitner who he is now?" is ineligible for obvious reasons..)


Thank you, O Feral and Beatific..er..Fairy of Doom.


[like I said, theatre for a living makes you a little out there..]

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Oh wonderful Title Fairy of goodness and joy and wonder and beauty and wonderment and goodness and joyfulness!


I seek saving from the evil grip of the Donkey Fairy!I have come to you as I believe you are the only fairy now powerful enough to undo the Donkey Fairy's evil works of wickedness and free my title from rancid testicles breakfasts.


My current title does not reflect any truth about my person. Please consider my plea oh mighty fairy and I shall be forever in debt to you....until tuesday.


Much love darling. x


EDIT: IT'S ALL TRUE!!!!!! I LOVE THE RANCID TESTICLES!!!!! I can't hide it anymore!!!!

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