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How many hours of sleep did you get last night?


Hours of Sleep Last Night  

101 members have voted

  1. 1. Hours of Sleep Last Night

    • 0, I didn't even get the chance...
    • 1-2
    • 3-4
    • 5-6
    • 7-8
    • 9 or more

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^That would involve reducing your post tally by one a day right?


True, I mean it's hard to consider uploading pictures of celebrities from Google Image Search as actual posts, so that rules out about a third of your post count.

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probably about seven hours


The world is ending in 2012. In 2012 years, assuming that leap years don't exist, there are 734380 days; this translates into 17625120 hours, which divided by seven and rounded down is 2517874. Divide that by 2012, and you get a number that rounds to 1251. Erase the first two digits (the last two digits in 2012) and you get 51. We apparently have about four years to live, correct? Seven times four is 28. 51 minus 28 comes out to the number




It... it all makes sense now... the world is a neverending spiral... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

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Thank you Colincoon. Have you marked the 5-6 interval in the poll yet?



^I've been bullied enough, can you just continue your feud with Downunder and leave me out of it?


Wes, you're being a jerk. What about the families who saved up all year, but can't afford Nostradamus? How is that fair to them? Whatever happened to everyone being equal?

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