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Will the world end in 2012???


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A friend from work just got back from a cruise and mentioned going to one of the Mayan ruins. Their tour guide told them that while the Mayan calendar does end on December 21st, there is another calendar (just to the right of it) that starts on December 22nd!


Of course, we then had to rent 2012 on PPV to see how it was all going to end. I guess I'm just going to have to party like a rock star now (just in case) because there is no way in hell that I am popular or rich enough to get on one of those arcs!

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...Stooop, I can´t breathe anymore...

Didn´t mentioned that before, because I didn´t watch this Monster Piranha... TV Movie, but was it directed by him, too? Maybe in the earlier years without such great digital effects like today? Hope I won´t bump sumeone, but the trailer were so bad. Think you have had a large funny chat about that movie.


By the way, maybe we should all visit the cinemas if the next Emmerich comes out "The Day after Independence Day in the year 2013" and chat with our Iphones and so on This film will be a really blockbuster.

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