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Will the world end in 2012???


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Don't go all victim on us. Nobody is attacking your religion. It's just that Nostradamus is an obvious fraud. Anyone with the remotest inclinations of rational skepticism knows this.


Nostradamus wasn't really a fraud.


It's the people who interpret his "predictions" that are frauds.


You need to realize that Nostradamus never made predictions like. "The world is going to end in 2012" or "On 9/11/2001 two planes are going to crash into WTC".


His writings were complete gibberish. (partly to avoid being caught up in a witch hunt). His "predictions" are so vague and misleading that you could find any number of matches in history.


Hindsight is 20/20.

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DBru, if you're really all that worried, allow me to paraphrase some advice given to me last year by my current chairman of the board: Why worry about stuff you can't control?


"Stuff" would be the paraphrased word in that sentence, by the way.


I don't know if Nostradamus really predicted anything. I don't know when the world will end. The only thing I know for sure is that canadianfreak has the absolute best avatar I've ever seen on this site!


I believe Jughead is Mayan.

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2012?! I'll be 22...that means....only ONE year of drinking legally for me!!!!!!


I do think that something 'big' will happen in the near* future. It could be the magnetic field around the Earth flipping, a major disaster, or something environmentally unsound. Right now, there is absolutely no reason to be worried about it. It will come, 2012 or not, and when it does, who cares, we wouldn't live through it anyways.


Right now, we really are nothing but a speck on the evolutionary time line. In a little bit, all humans will be gone, and we will be nothing but history. Then the Earth will move on!


* - Near future in an evolutionary time line is within 1500 years.

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Actually, you're all deluding yourselves. What you call "the world" exploded in a fiery cataclsym some years ago, when the Mayans gave Sylvester Stallone money to make the newest Rambo flick. We are all just figments in the imagination of a giant space monkey, who, in turn, is the imaginary construct of L. Ron Hubbard, who currently lies in stasis on the planet Tralfazz, which is also imaginary.


In fact, I'm not typing this now at all. It's Criswell, who is channeling Nostradamas, who is busy predicting the creation of boneless chicken wings.

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I did a pretty major research paper on this not too ago, and it's not just nostro(nothing he ever said made sense anyway)domos and the mayans who predict this date, it's also many ancient asian religions, ancient Mediterranean religions, and the aztecs. The Aztecs actually started the whole ancient religious "the world will end on this date" theory. If you look on the Aztecan Sun Stone, there were 5 suns which corresponds to 5 different dates in history, each of them having some sort of relation to a major catastrophe. Well, the fifth sun was predicted to run out around Christmas 2004. Some scientists believed the fifth sun was a prediction of the end of the world... being that there were not going to be anymore suns... but what ended up happening on that date? well, granted the world didn't end, however there was a major disaster. The Tsunami in Sri Lanka.


POINT being that granted, a lot of the dates for MANY... and I do mean MANY... religions do point to 2012 being the last date of recorded history...

but that's all it is.. the last date... NOWHERE in their records does it state the end of the world... It's just as far as they all saw. Probably because when you're predicting the future.. can you really predict thousands and thousands of years in the future?! NO!


But... it is weird they all are 2012.


Now, i'm not saying I believe it or not... but the facts do remain there. Do i think the world will end? no. Do i think something major will happen? yes. but when does something major NOT happen? I don't know. I say bring it on 2012!


-Neil "hoping to be the only survivor if this is true... no more wait times" Curiel.

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If you consume vodka laced with phenobarbital and cover your head with a plastic bag, aliens passing by on the Halle Bopp Comet will take you away before the earth is destroyed.


Just remember to wear all black with new Nikes so the aliens can identify you as someone wanting to be saved.

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Nostradamus has predicted that the world will end in 2012. At first I didn't really think much of it, but as I looked farther into the French Astronomer, I found that he also predicted the great Chicago Fire, as well as the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in New York. Nights have gone by, and I've began to think about it more and more.


I am only 14, and 2012 is the year I graduate. As this came into my mind, I began to ask myself many questions. I don't really know if I'm ready for the world to end. I mean, I go to church every Sunday, I pray often, and I have a healthy relationship with God. So I'm not so much worried that I won't be saved, its that I have worked hard to get really good grades, and I have a plan for my future. I've always dreamed of having a beautiful wife with 2 great kids, and a long, successful life.


So what do you think? Will the world end in 2012? And if it does, will you be ready???


Just so you know, it is impossible for the world to end in 2012. If such was true, the rapture would have had to occurred almost 1000 years ago. Because it goes---> Rapture, time period before Isreal treaty, 7 year tribulation and 7 seal judgements, Christ's Millennial Kingdom.


And, I'm pretty sure this is NOT the Millennial Kingdom run by Jesus.


If anything, the rapture will happen in 2012. And even of that I'm skeptical. (Not of the rapture occurring, but rather it happening in 2012)

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Vekoma Fan Boy: Just so you know, it is impossible for the world to end in 2012. If such was true, the rapture would have had to occurred almost 1000 years ago. Because it goes---> Rapture, time period before Isreal treaty, 7 year tribulation and 7 seal judgements, Christ's Millennial Kingdom.


just so you know.... this theory is before christianity was around..... this is an ancient religious theory. nothing to do with christ. it's the end of ancient religious records. that's all.

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