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Going to SFMM


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My family and I are going to Six Flags Magic Mountain for spring break. We're flying into Burbank on Saturday March 22 and landing at 9:00 that night. Then we're going to check into Courtyard Marriott. If anyone has stayed there then can you tell me how it was? The next morning we are going to get to the park at 10. I realized just a few days ago that that day is Easter Sunday so will the park be more or less crowded than usual? We are also going to the park on Monday. Will two days be enough to ride all the rides without buying a flash pass? Then we're leaving California at 6:00 in the morning on Tuesday.


The last time I went to Magic Mountain was when I was eight. I hardly remember anything about it but the fact that I puked my guts up in front of the big Goliath sign. Last time we only spent one day (which was definatly not long enough time), and we were running from ride to ride with out a break. That really takes a toll on you body after a while, hence why I threw up. If anyone has any tips to get the most of my time while I'm there I would really appreciate it.

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Two days will definitely be enough time to hit everything at SFMM.


I don't recall when LA schools tend to have their spring break, but of course some will be out around Easter. I would say, if you are getting to the park at opening, eyeball the crowd while you are waiting. If it is really big, the first thing I would do is go and buy Flash Passes (run straight ahead when you get through the gates, and where you need to be is right behind Guest Services, next to the wheelchair rental). I recommend getting passes first, if need be, because the last few crowded days I've happened upon, I've arrived at the park about 30 minutes after opening (due to not enough parking/toll gates being open) and found a 45 minute line for Flash Passes. Get them first and get them out of the way!


When the park opens, since it's likely that X2 won't be open, run to Tatsu. If necessary use a Flash Pass. Then go to Deja Vu, which does not take Flash Pass, so you'll have to wait in line. MM is pretty circular in its layout, so continue around the park after that, using Flash Passes if you bought them/if needed.


I don't know about Easter, but I don't think Monday should be that crowded.


Enjoy and hope this helps!



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Thanks Amanda. I'm so bummed that X2 won't be open, because last time I went I didn't get to ride it either . At least the museum up at Sky Tower is planned to be open. If anybody has any other tips I would greatly appreciate it.

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I went to SFMM on Easter Sunday last year and they were no crowds except for Tatsu in the morning. Although Easter Sunday was not during Spring Break last year. I know some colleges will have that week off so you might get some crowds. The best thing to do at SFMM is get there early, hit Tatsu right away then do the back of the park and make a loop. You can pretty much do everything in a day if you want but you just have to get there early.

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So much is going on right now at the park. I know that some rides are going through rehab, but I don't know exactly which ones. Is Deja Vu still in rehab, and is Jet Stream going to be open. Also, would anyone recommend visiting the new projects that have recently been completed, like the Three Point Challenge and the Cyber Cafe. I'll try to take a few pictures, but I bet I'll be enjoying the park too much. Thanks for the help!


I can't wait! There is only four days! Wahoo!

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