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To my extra-special coaster buddy on my Milestone Coaster at Movie Park Germany...




See you sooner than later, I hope.


(Edit for The Credit to TPR for the pic.)


Me and the BM - together again! And that all-important nerd note.

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Hello Friends!!!!


Thanks very much for all the awesome birthday wishes, it was very overwhelming to see such great support!!



Well todays trip report will cover Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in California, the 90th stop on The Big Mike Road Show 2008!


I will also post a few extra pictures from the Intrepid trip report I did last week, which are pictures that I did not include in the trip report but just happens to be EXACTLY where the US Airways jet splashed down in the Hudson River!


Lastly, Big Mike Productions has been granted exclusive rights to interview the Theme Park Review Donkey! The WORLD PREMIERE of the TPR Donkey is at the end of the report with a quick Q&A segment.



Before we start, I want to give special thanks to Rick (Coasterpalooza) and his wife Gyendolynne for letting me be a guest at The Coaster Palooza Hotel!!


Now, what everyone has been waiting for! Big Mike interviews the Theme Park Review Donkey! As you all know, Theme Park Review has a forum called "Theme Parks, Roller Coasters and Donkeys"! You always see Theme Parks, you always see Roller Coasters, but you NEVER see Donkeys!!! Well Big Mike, since he is a man of the people and the little guys, decided that the Donkey needed to be recognized for his valuable contributions to the site. Big Mike called in advance and set up this informal one on one chat with the Theme Park Review Donkey, who moonlights at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for a 2nd job to make ends meet in this tough economy! Here is how the interview went:


BM -Good afternoon TPR Donkey, it is great to finally meet you!


D - It is nice to meet you too Big Mike, I have been a big fan from day #1 of your thread and I knew if there was one person out there that would be friendly enough to come see me, it would be you!


BM - I do my best to promote TPR and to meet all of the great members, it is just something I enjoy doing. Can I ask you a few questions Donkey?


D - Of course Big Mike, but first I just want to know if I can check off The Official Big Mike Road Show 2008 T-Shirt???


BM - We will see Donkey. OK question #1 How do you like being the TPR Donkey?


D - I used to be living the high life. Robb, Elissa and I would do everything together! Play video games, go to Mc Donalds, go on cruises, have threesomes in bed, I was the gleam in thier eyes! Grrrrr!


BM - Do I sense some anger Donkey? What happened??


D - KIDTUMS! Thats what happened! Everybody is now Kidtums this, Kidtums that, what about Donkey anymore??????


BM - I still love you Donkey! Question #2 Do you have any relatives on TPR?


D - Oh I am sure you have seen them Big Mike. Of course you know the Donkey comes from the "Ass" family, and I am sure you have seen a few Asses commenting and hating in your thread, those are my relatives.


BM - Question #3 - Do you get any royalties for having your face on the Theme Park Review site or luggage tags?


D - Robb and I have come up with an agreement, Robb can use my likeness anyway he feels fit and in return Robb won't eat me.


BM - Question #4 What is your favorite time of year?


D - Any holiday when we all get together and Elissa's Mom comes over and I get to gaze at her beauty! I often have dreams of me and her starring in a donkey show together, but she is to high class for that. I can always dream though.


BM - Thanks Donkey! Any last things you would like to tell the Theme Park Review membership?


D - Yes, Theme Park Review has been very very good to me. By supporting TPR with clothing or dvd purchases, you can avoid me having to make these public appearances at SFDK and I get a carrot for every sale if you mention the donkey sent ya there! Remember everyone, when you are enjoying theme parks and roller coasters, just don't forget about the Donkey!!! I love you Big Mike! Thanks, but I have to get back to work now.


BM - I love you too Donkey! Nice chatting with you.


... Gyendolynne and Rick! Awwwww! How cute! Thanks guys!!!


Big Mike gives Six Flags Discovery Kingdom two thumbs up, one thumbs up for each of my two special friends...







Of course, this park is not all about coasters alone. Discovery Kingdom has animals too, which is Big Mike Approved as Big Mike likes to get in touch with his nature side on occasion.




Boomerang - Coast to Coaster!



The lift.


Road Runner Express!


By now, Gyendolynne was in need of a nice foot massage and secretly dipped into Rick's smashed penny fund.








Six Flags management were smart enough to hire Rick for the big Halloween party DJ job instead of Samantha Ronson! Rick is way better for sure!


Once again, a totally empty station for us!




We met up with Theme Park Review member Kevin (doubleOkevin) and he filled us in on a lot of the Halloween happenings going on in the park, which was very interesting to hear! Thanks Kevin!!!



The lift.


Here is Roar as part of a triple overview.




Here is Big Mike giving this cat some lessons on how to get into the role.




The lift.


Another empty station for us.


Semi overview.


Medusa! Credit #730 for Big Mike!


Charles let us be the 1st people on the ride and here he is giving it a test run. Thanks Charles!!!


We got to meet Theme Park Review member Charles (Noobitizer) who was really cool to us.



The lift.


The car.




Tony Hawk's Big Spin! Credit #729 for Big Mike!


The charactors were dressed up in Halloween costumes too, which was really cool.



Here is Rick in the totally empty boarding station, a scene that replayed itself the whole day.


Here is a view from the other side. I like how this one just seems to come to an end instead of going straight up.




V2 - Vertical Velocity! Credit #728 for Big Mike!


It was Halloween time, so everything was decorated up!


Stop #90 on The Big Mike Road Show 2008, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in California!


Here are my gracious hosts Rick and Gyendolynne!


Now on to the trip report. Big Mike is welcomed to the Coaster Palooza Hotel by a nice huge sign upon arrival!! This sign is now hung on the walls at Big Mike World Headquarters!


Fortunately for everyone on the plane, the ferry boat terminal is right where the plane went down, so there was a very quick response and help on the scene and thankfully everyone was saved!!! The End


As you can see, the water is very dark and murky, which is hampering the efforts to find the two engines that fell off.


I am not exactly sure why I took these pictures as they are not really anything spectacular, but now it all makes sense weirdly. This is looking up the river where the plane would have been coming down for the landing.


Here is Big Mike less than 2 weeks ago at the Intrepid Museum on 46th street, which is Exactly where news reports say the US Airways jet splash landed in the Hudson River! You can see that the river is not that wide and that New Jersey can be seen across the river.

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BM - I still love you Donkey! Question #2 Do you have any relatives on TPR?


D - Oh I am sure you have seen them Big Mike. Of course you know the Donkey comes from the "Ass" family, and I am sure you have seen a few Asses commenting and hating in your thread, those are my relatives.


Best Q&A

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HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, BIG MIKE! Hope you had an amazing birthday!

(I've been having a surprisingly busy winter, and haven't been on as much as usual.)


I loved the past few updates, and that Q&A with the TPR Donkey was amazing! I do believe that I remember seeing a few of the Donkey's relatives spreading the hate throughout the thread. Asses!

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Hello Great Friends!!!!!


It's time for another update



This time The Big Mike Road Show 2008 will feature Pixieland, in Concord California!!!


Once again in attendance along with Big Mike is Rick (CoasterPalooza) and his awesome wife Gyendolynne!



First though, before we go to the trip report, a Valuable Big Mike Reader is asking for some help once again!


Chrissie, who I have been communicating with a long time and is a really cool friend of the Big Man, is doing a university study and would like some help filling out a short questionairre on Disney!


If all the Valuable Big Mike readers could help her out, I am sure she would be thrilled!


Here is the link:




Tell her Big Mike sent ya so I get some brownie points with her!



Anyway, it has been some time now since Big Mike Productions has published the overall Theme Park Review Thread Standings!!!!


So that being the case, here they are for your viewing pleasure:


Rank Replies Topic

1 12336 What song are you listening to?

2 10747 The "Say Something Random" Thread

3 8340 GAME: Yes or No Game

4 6503 The SFMM Discussion Thread!!!

5 4966 Roller Coaster Game

6 4007 What Was the Last Beer You Drank?

7 3850 The "Picture Of Me" Thread

8 3316 What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

9 3313 Game-The Guy Above Me

10 3247 The "Rant" Thread

11 2589 The Official "Cedar Point 2007 Project" Thread

12 2548 Movies, Movies, Movies.....

13 2249 The BIG MIKE ROAD SHOW 2008 - PTR's of 105 parks! We did it!


We have moved up 3 spots since the last time we updated this!!!



Rank Views Topic

1 668897 The SFMM Discussion Thread!!!

2 612857 Photo TR: Fantazy Land, Alexandria, Egypt.

3 521856 The Official "TPR In Europe" Ongoing TR Thread.

4 438259 The "Official" TPR Returns To Asia Ongoing TR!

5 385212 The Official TPR Spain & Mini-Europe Trip 2007 Thread

6 378468 The Official "TPR Japan Trip 2007" Thread

7 336816 The "Picture Of Me" Thread

8 279074 Cedar Point's Maverick - Park's 17th Roller Coaster

9 262968 The Official "TPR MidWest USA 2007" Trip Thread!

10 251267 Shane's Amusement Attic

11 249908 The Official "TPR Europe Trip 2008" Thread!

12 244105 The "Say Something Random" Thread

13 237889 The BIG MIKE ROAD SHOW 2008 - PTR's of 105 parks! We did it!


We have moved up 2 spots here also!



This makes The Big Mike Road Show 2008 thread a top 13 thread of ALL TIME in BOTH catagories, views and replies!!!!





The Big Mike Road Show thread has vaulted up to the 4th best OVERALL thread in Theme Park Review HISTORY!!!


Only The SFMM Discussion Thread, The "Picture Of Me" Thread, and The "Say Something Random" Thread is ahead of The Big Mike Show in both catagories!! WOW!!!! And we are still only in our ROOKIE season! Amazing!!!



Lastly, Big Mike would like to thank everyone who sent a birthday card to Big Mike World Headquarters! I will post them in the next few reports and am eternally greatful!


OK, on to PIXIELAND!!!!



Peace, Big Mike


That is it from Pixieland! FYI - if you forgot your diaper during your visit, you can buy one at Pixieland! Hope you enjoyed! Peace, Big Mike






Here are some other rides at Pixieland:


Credit #731 for Big Mike!




Aerial shot!


The lift.


Rick is signaling me that it is time to go. (I was with Rick at Yankee Stadium when he bought that hat!)


Before we could collect the credit, the ride op was estatic that Big Mike was actually riding one of her rides and wanted to take a picture!


Rick and Gyendolynne needed the credit too!


I got my ride coupon and it is time to collect another coaster credit!




The Dragon Coaster!


The park map.


The prices. (Notice the ducky! The Championship Round of Find the Ducky is 8 trip reports away in the Disney reports coming up!)




Rick, Gyendolynne, and Big Mike journey to Pixieland using the sometimes reliable GPS! This time it was reliable.

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Nice TR Mike, and congrats on the fantasy football. So I guess it's time for me to update the stats in my shuffleboard league. So far not, bad 3rd overall, but to me it doesn't matter till the playoffs! Me and my partner also just won the all-star shoot-out, undeafeated! 10 more weeks till the playoffs so, another update then, but I don't get the BIG money like you, just bragging rights and petty cash!

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Happy belated birthday big mike!


I haven't been around in forever because life got crazy and the internet had to take a back seat for awhile. When spring hits I'm sure to be by a bit more. Nice to come back and see a bunch more reports from you, sure makes the winter not so depressing.

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