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I actually have to work at a CBS station, but I usually miss most of Letterman. IF I was at home, I would miss it all. My station is battling Time Warner, currently, the Terre Haute Cable system has no CBS on it. I am hoping it doesn't last too much longer or I will figure out something and cancel TW because thier customer service sucks (I am not the only one cancelling cable or thinking about it).

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HAHAHAHA... Awesome Big Mike!


We're you nervous?

Jay was kind of making fun of you for riding coasters.

People just don't understand.

That was AWESOME! I love Jay Leno, and I love The Big Mike Road Show!

This was perfect!


P.S. I kept trying to spot you in the audience with the oh so famous yellow BMRS tee, but I see you had normal civilian clothes on.

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Awesome performance, Big Mike! It's about 20 minutes into the show when they start interviewing the audience. I thought it was pretty funny! You had the crowd laughing! The Big Mike Road Show has reached a whole new level of fame!


How old are you? 12




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This is what happens when you are an addict of the Daily Show/Colbert Report. Hopefully i will be able to catch it somewhere online tomorrow. If somebody can, please post it on youtube.


Sorry for missing your appearance on the Tonight Show Big Mike . I actually prefer Leno over Letterman.

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^Thanks for posting Robb. I got your text about you being on the show Mike, but I was in work and didn't have my phone with me so I didn't get it until I got off of work just now(around 4am Philly time) but thanks to Robb I just watched it. Wow, I know a real celebrity ! I'll have to show the family the video. Great job! You are the man Big Mike!----Bobbi Jo

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