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Since I believe that this may be your first trip to SFoG I highly recommend that when you ride either Ninja or the Georgia Cyclone, make sure you ride in the front bench of the very last car. Anywhere else equals death. I find that the Cyclone is quite amazing in that row, just prepare yourself for some violent airtime.

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I would like to just say...

Sir Gooney's credit....FAIL!

Zuma credit.....DOUBLE FAIL!!

He got Nascar......yippee.

Didn't even try for Dixieland.......Lame.


But thanks to me, he got all the credits at Dolly and SFOG....otherwise he would be two short ten at SFOG.

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Hey Everyone, Big Mike here!


I went down to Tennessee and Georgia this weekend as The Big Mike Road Show packed up all our gear and headed out on a plane.


This part of the country was virgin territory, which means lots more new credits for the Big Man


My friend Rich, also known as SFNE2005 on TPR, or also known as Hot Fuzz, was my side kick for the trip.


This trip report is a few of the smaller parks we visited before I post a great time at Dollywood and and even better time at Six Flags over Georgia with a pair of wonderful couples that met us there!


So please enjoy this Southern edition of The Big Mike Road Show and look for the big updates of Dollywood and Six Flags over Georgia coming soon!



Peace, Big Mike


Everyone leaves happy :) Up next... A big Dollywood trip report and a fantastic time at SFOG with Coaster Palooza and Beemer Boy!


Awwwwww, look how happy Rich looks to be riding The Speedway Draft!


Hmmm, It kind of looks like you might be enjoying yourself afterall Rich.


Well look at this! Somebody actually gave in and decided to ride after all, but said he would not enjoy it!


Rich starts getting jealous that Big Mike is having all the fun!


Rich watches on as Big Mike is having a fantastic time on Speedway Draft!


Big Mike hops right on with a whole train full of other coaster enthusiasts.


"$3 a ticket times 2 tickets equals 6 bucks. Fuck you, I am not paying $6 for a kiddie coaster" Rich says. Big Mike said "OK, see ya!"


The theming just makes Big Mike so excited to ride it. Rich too right?


Here is a view of the whole layout for your viewing pleasure.


The reason we are here... Speedway Draft!


Now this is some hardcore dedication to bring all of you the most info available on any trip report on TPR :)


2 tickets!! Big Mike goes out of his way to bring you the most important info everytime he visits a park.


We check out the prices to go on the coaster, $3 a ticket. But, how many tickets would we need? Big Mike has you covered folks.


This place has a little of everything, Go carts, rides, and a coaster!!!


Right near Dollywood, we finally have success at The Nascar Speed Park!! #20 Tony Stewart = Big Mike's favorite driver too.


I could not get close enough this time to see if this coaster was laughing at me too.


Again, Big Mike does not want to let the faithful down, so out he goes in the rain to snap some shots for TPR.


Of course, we get there as a storm is rolling in. We walk in the front door with no rain, we walk out the back door to a downpour :(


Zuma would be the next stop on the way from Sir Goonys to Dollywood.


Here is a quick look at the rest of the park. Time to go hunting for another credit.


It seems that whenever I have missed a credit this year, it seems that the coaster is laughing at me. This is 3 times now already.


I figured you would want to see the coaster too! I am pretty sure I would have fit in them.


Most people would just leave, but NOT Big Mike. I had an obligation to show all my TPR friends the coaster layout.


What is this?? The park is open 7 days a week, but the coaster is only open Saturday nights??? Grrr. Guess I will see Jaime and Bubba next time.


Awesome! Open 7 days a week. Lets run in and get our credit!


Our first stop is Sir Goonys in Chatanooga TN. We were going to meet our friend Jamie there, but it did not work out timewise.


So Rich and I are off to find fun, credits, and hot babes! We are having a blast on the ride!


This is the back. Please note that Holland should have been Belgium. I don't think it will lessen the babe magnetism though.


The Big Mike Road Show T-shirt finally makes it's debut!!! This is the front.

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Speedway Draft actually looks kinda fun, but 6 bucks? LOL.... They should let you go around a few times? right? :0)


You haven't been to Lake Winnie have you Mike? It is practically 2 mins down the rode from our house. I wished they would do something good and actually get some more thrilling rides. They could so boost attendance with a bigger and better roller coaster.


Anyway.... hope to catch you the next time your in TN! Maybe you can catch me if I ever get to come up to have a Nathan's hotdog!


Look forward to your Dollywood and SFOG pics!

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I would have been happy to just go around once, but no. I got 5 full circuits. I was the only person in the rides area that day besides a family of four. It was awesome because if you wanted to ride something you had to kind of go get somebody to run it for you.


Also, Speedway Draft touched me inappropriately.

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I had actually asked the ride op if he would only do one lap for me as I didn't want to do six. He said if he took his foot off the pedal, the coaster would stop midcourse and I would be stuck there. Yea, no thanks. Thanks for the free tickets Mike.

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Looking closely at the train in that dark pic where you couldn't tell if the coaster was laughing at you or not - it looks like the same train front as the previous coaster so that's yet another coaster mocking you when you couldn't ride!


On the plus side; yet another great TR! I don't know what we'd do if we didn't have Big Mike searching out credits and giving us the low down on all these small parks (as well as the big parks!) - enjoyable as always, thanks Mike!



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Jaime, you are correct that I still need to visit Lake Winnie, which in turn, did not make me upset that I missed these kiddie credits as I would have had to come back again anyway.



Rich, your welcome for the free tickets! I had bought a ride for myself and the guy never collected my tickets, so the nice guy that I am, I gave them to Rich so he could ride also.



Mattty, after I posted everything, I did see that the coaster was also laughing at me again. Thanks for the compliments!!



Peace, Big Mike

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I see that the Big Mike roadshow tour is heading up to New England. You'll have to let me know when because I have a feeling having a gay in your entourage will score you much better chicks (ie older than 4) that your babemagnet shirt is getting you. Are you sure you didn't reverse the polarity of the magnet somehow and it's actually repelling them.

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This is the back. Please note that Holland should have been Belgium. I don't think it will lessen the babe magnetism though.


Our King Albert and Queen Paola announced today that you won't be allowed to enter the stadium at Walibi Belgium where they perform their daily 'fairy tale show' during your visit next TPR Europe trip for this.


I however, love your TR updates

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The Big Mike Road Show took some time off from roller coastering today and pulled the road show into NYC.


We were greeted warmly by my good friend The Naked Cowboy!


As everyone knows, Big Mike likes to incorperate hot bikini pictures into my trip reports to add a little something extra that others don't include.


Big Mike also likes to please everyone else who wants to see hot guys also!


So it is my pleasure to induct my good bud, The Naked Cowboy, as an official honorary Big Mike Road Show Roadie!!!!



Dollywood and Six Flags over Georgia posting tomorrow!



Peace, Big Mike


The Naked Cowboy said he was disappointed that I did not wear my Big Mike Road Show T-Shirt.


The Naked Cowboy and Big Mike share tips on how to pick up the hot babes.

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"$3 a ticket times 2 tickets equals 6 bucks. Fuck you, I am not paying $6 for a kiddie coaster" Rich says. Big Mike said "OK, see ya!"


I love how Big Mike gets away with using swears in the main forum! His original post doesn't say "fudge you".

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Hey Everyone!!


The Big Mike Road Show traveled to Tennessee to make its 9th stop of 2008 at Dollywood!!!


Please enjoy the following:



Peace, Big Mike


Dollywood was a fun time! Nice park, clean, pretty, and fun. Six Flags over Georgia with my great new friends posting tomorrow!!!


Even with NO wait, guess I should have passed anyway.


The big splash!


Good buds having a great time!


How can you pass up a log flume with NO WAIT?


I got on some other rides now that all the credits were taken care of.


We saw this buzzard squaking "The Big Mike Road Show is in town everybody! Love that gold shirt!"


Big Mike rates this 5 out of 5 bikini tops!


If the people on land don't get you, some water surprises will!


Battles occur with people on the boat and on land.


Very interesting concept and a lot of fun.


The new ride for 2008 is River Battle!


Rich hanging on for dear life!


Rich was mad that Big Mike would not share a seat with him.


Rich is super excited to ride!


Here is a picture of the full course.


Odd coaster cars.


Got all the credits! Coaster #560, Veggie Tales Sideshow Spin!


Last week, hot dog eating contest. This week, pie eating contest!


Since it is an indoor coaster with water, this was the only pictures you get from me.


Here is a picture of the station with fire warnings.


Time for some Blazing Fury action. Credit #559 for the Big Man.


See what happens when you are gazing at The Big Mike Road Show and not paying attention to the road.


How about that loop? Not a bad coaster.


The rest of the train.


Front car.


Next up, The Tennessee Tornado, coaster #558.


I wish I was an oscar meyer wiener.


Got a Q-bot. Rode 3 times right after the other. Q-bot is cheap at Dollywood. $10 for 1st person, $5 for each after that. After 3pm, half of that price!! We paid $3.75 each. Cant beat that!!!


You finish with a little upside down action. My favorite ride at the park!


After going back inside again, with some cool surprises, your back outside into some rolls.


After some indoor action, you shoot outside into this turn.


You immediately drop right into the mine, which was cool.


Here is your seating, 2 rows of 4.


Next up, The Mystery Mine. Coaster credit #557 for Big Mike.


I enjoyed the coaster, but was not blown away with it.




The coaster has a very nice layout.


The first ride of the day was Thunderhead, coaster #556 for Big Mike.


The word must have gotton out that The Big Mike Road Show was going to be in town!


Dollywood amusement park. Big Mike's first trip here.


Once again, Rich (sfne2005) came along for the visit.

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Great TR Mike!


Take another look at your pic of the Veggie Tales coasters... the one that you labeled "here is a picture of the full course"... the kid on the bottom right reaching up.... Looks like he has his hand on the track.... too funny.

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