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  • 2 months later...

Hola Big Mike!


Being so caught up with things myself the last few months - I haven't been on here in AGES!! (Oh man, it just reminds me on how far behind I am in posting my PTRs, including the awesome behind the scenes tour of NITRO!) On top of the stuff you see on FB, I have been also busy planning trips and stuff!! So - that left me wondering where you are going to be this year. I have not found the new schedule! We have Orlando again this year from 6/28/13 through 7/6/13 and Carnival (cough, cough) Breeze from Miami 10/6/13 through 10/12/13. I just say that we should make this Caribbean trip a TPR trip... Anyone want to join in the fun (misery)? Seriously though - the only thing that made me agree to that one was the fact that I am going with awesome people. They booked before I could protest. Haha! I'd be more than happy to introduce them to uber cool people from here that want to come with! Before years end, I was hoping to arrange a trip to SFNE as well. Who is down?




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Hi Lena! Lovely to hear from you! I bet you had to really search for this thread lol. I am currently in Florida hanging with the TPR gang, so I will check my calendar when I get home.

I have been working on the new schedule and new update for 2013, plus finishing up last years contests!

I toolk a little time off to recoup from having Megan cheat on me but will be back soon.

The Big Mike Road Show has a new agenda for 2013, will reveal it soon!!!

Thanks for taking the time to write me Lena, you have always been super special to me



Peace, Big Mike

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Hola Big Mike!


Being so caught up with things myself the last few months - I haven't been on here in AGES!! (Oh man, it just reminds me on how far behind I am in posting my PTRs, including the awesome behind the scenes tour of NITRO!) On top of the stuff you see on FB, I have been also busy planning trips and stuff!! So - that left me wondering where you are going to be this year. I have not found the new schedule! We have Orlando again this year from 6/28/13 through 7/6/13 and Carnival (cough, cough) Breeze from Miami 10/6/13 through 10/12/13. I just say that we should make this Caribbean trip a TPR trip... Anyone want to join in the fun (misery)? Seriously though - the only thing that made me agree to that one was the fact that I am going with awesome people. They booked before I could protest. Haha! I'd be more than happy to introduce them to uber cool people from here that want to come with! Before years end, I was hoping to arrange a trip to SFNE as well. Who is down?




LOL! No matter what you'll have fun! I mean, the "Klassy Kruise" report is still one of the most read TR's we've done to date!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!


Big Mike will be leaving for Hawaii in 4 days, so I was unable to get an update upthis week as desired, but will have lots of time on the plane and in Hawaii to get this rolling again, promise!!


Your buddy, Big Mike

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Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!


Big Mike will be leaving for Hawaii in 4 days, so I was unable to get an update upthis week as desired, but will have lots of time on the plane and in Hawaii to get this rolling again, promise!!


Your buddy, Big Mike


Have a nice trip Big Mike!

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  • 1 month later...
Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!


Big Mike will be leaving for Hawaii in 4 days, so I was unable to get an update upthis week as desired, but will have lots of time on the plane and in Hawaii to get this rolling again, promise!!


Your buddy, Big Mike



When are you going to Update?

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Just need a jump start. Once I get one up, the rest will follow.


I do have about 65 of the 93 pictures uploaded already, just need to finish the rest.


No one is more disappointed not having this up than me dude, believe me.


I give you MY WORD and a PROMISE that it will be up THIS MONDAY FOR SURE!!!!!


Count on it and bring it to the bank!



Peace, Big Mike

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Oh man, i'm a terrible Big Mike reader. I've been busy catching up on updates from nearly a year ago on page 692! Glad I took the time to read through them all though and relive some of your fun adventures from all over the place, even China! And of course I have to mention those crazy ducks. Looking forward to more reports and I hope I can see you again sometime this year, i'll be at Cedar Point all summer long!

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Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!


Look who's back!


Yes, Big Mike took another hiatus sadly but is coming back new and improved and ready to entertain once again!


Real quick, just to set the record straight and give a quick explanation as to why I was on hiatus as I don't want to dwell on it, here is a quick summary of what happened:


Went out with Megan for almost two years..

Brought her on a $7000 trip to China with TPR..

She met a guy on the trip who didn't care she was with me..

She and him cheated on me behind my back..

I found out and kicked her out..

Big Mike was completely heartbroken and totally devastated..

So if you ever see Megan MacWHOREsland or Richard BanniSTEALER again, just let them know you think that was pretty low and rotten. Thanks


OK, that's all on that subject for now and on to The Big Mike Road Show 2013 season!!!


Big Mike is switching goals around this year and it will be reflected on this year's Big Mike Road Show thread!


Big Mike could not pull the trigger on an overseas TPR trip this year, nothing really worked out and this put an end to an amazing 7 year streak of going overseas with TPR sadly! Thus, Big Mike is switching gears and concentrating on everything in the United States!


Big Mike is on top of every single coaster currently running or opening in 2013 and will be a wealth of information to the valuable Big Mike readers!


You will be informed every time a coaster opens, closes, relocates, and even when you can get those "only open one week a year" coasters!


Big Mike will have updates on all his travels in 2013 of course too.



Big Mike has 3 GOALS in 2013 and will concentrate only on these 3:


1. Big Mike wants to ride every single coaster in the USA and visit every single establishment that has a coaster!


Currently, Big Mike has 25 establishments to go and 45 coasters left to ride.


Big Mike is counting EVERY type of coaster: kiddie, powered, mountain etc. If you are going to have a BIG goal, you may as well go for it all and not half ass it!


Thus, after extensive research and a few chats with other coaster enthusiasts, Big Mike can CONFIRM he is OFFICIALLY RANKED #1 in the WHOLE WORLD at being closest to riding every single type of coaster in the USA!!!!!


2. Big Mike has a TOP 50 ALWAYS WANTED TO DO LIST, and as he travels around, will start knocking these items off and also post some updates on these events too! This has actually been going on since 2008, just like The Big Mike Road Show, and Big Mike knocks them off and replaces them with new items.


3. Lastly, Big Mike's 2013 resolution was to meet a Facebook friend daily for the entire 2013 year! So far, after 100 days into 2013, Big Mike has been 100% successful!!! Still a long way to go but make sure to add "Big-Mike Betzler" as a friend if you are reading this, because there will be many states visited this year and loads of meet up opportunities to help Big Mike reach his goal and be successful!! You will even see some individual pictures of Facebook friends in this update!



As you can see, there is no contest scheduled for 2013. We will finish up the 2012 contest and declare a Grand Prize winner, hand out Magical Mikey T-Shirts to everyone who has already won, and there will be a couple of Find the Ducky games starting next Monday in which everyone can still have a chance at the 2012 Grand Prize!!! Watch for it next Monday!


Finally, Big Mike has stock piled 3 HUGE boxes of prizes and will add even more in 2013 and they will be given away when Big Mike announces his SUPER SPECIAL PROJECT that he has been working on for months already and will work on throughout 2013! This venture should be a big success and Big Mike can't wait to debut it, but it is still under wraps and top secret for now!



The 1st Big Mike Road Show update of 2013 will be the 2013 coaster season debut Big Mike took to Orlando back in January to meet up with a lot of TPR friends and to just have lots of fun! There were no new coasters to ride but Big Mike used this trip as kind of a "spring training" trip to get rid of the kinks of a long off season


You can skip to the update and enjoy it or you can read further as Big Mike posts his 2013 schedule and his Top 50 Always Wanted To Do List!



THE BIG MIKE ROAD SHOW 2013 WORLD TOUR SCHEDULE: (This will be posted on the front page when the 2012 contest is over)


* This is only a limited schedule, more will be added soon!


Jan 11-19.....ORLANDO

Sea World Orlando


Animal Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

Hollywood Studios

Fun Spot

Old Town

Universal Orlando

Islands of Adventure

Busch Gardens Tampa

"Top 50" See Winter from "A Dolphin's Tale"

"Top 50" Play two Top 5 Mini Golf course


Feb 6... Eastcoaster off season event


Feb 23... Six Flags Great Adventure off season tour


Mar 1-15... Hawaii

"Top 50" Helmet Dive

"Top 50" Volcanoes National Park

"Top 50" Visit Pearl Harbour


Mar 23... Six Flags Great Adventure Opening Day


Mar 30... New for 2013 coaster opens at Fun Spot in NJ


Apr 27... Opening Day at Knoebels


May 4... Fun Day at FunPlex in NJ


May 16-19 COLORADO

Elitch Gardens


Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Breckinridge Ski Resort

City Park


May 23-27 GULF COAST

Celebration Station

Dixie Landing Family Theme Park

Galveston Island Historical Pleasure Pier

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Six Flags Over Texas

Zuma Fun Center

"Top 50" NASA Space Center in Houston


July 4-13 DEEP SOUTH

Cobra Adventure Park

Fun Spot USA

Fun Spot America

Sam's Fun City

Wild Adventures


Family Kingdom

O.D Pavilion


Fun Stop

"Top 50" See a Super Speedway Nascar race.

"Top 50" Visit UPS Headquarters

"Top 50" Visit Stone Mountain


Aug 2-10 MIDWEST

Funland Amusement Park

Magic Springs and Crystal Falls


Silver Dollar City

Route 66 Carousel Park

Worlds of Fun

Frontier City

Kiddie Park

"Top 50" Graceland

"Top 50" Cruise the Mighty Mississippi

"Top 50" City Museum in St. Louis



Still undecided for now



Sea World San Diego

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Knott's Berry Farm


Oct 11-20 TPR CRUISE

"Top 50" Visit Atlantis in Bahamas

"Top 50" Watch planes at St. Maartin airport


More smaller trips to be added to schedule soon!






Still to go in no particular order:


1. Visit NASA Space Center in Houston

2. See stepson John in a football game

3. Visit Alaska

4. Visit City Museum in St. Louis

5. Play the 5 best mini golf courses in the USA (4/5 done)

6. Buggy Ride in Amish country

7. Join the Mile High Club

8. Ride 4 dog allowed rides at Knoebels with Lucky Dog

9. Visit Atlantis in Bahamas

10. Boat cruise the Mighty Mississippi River

11. Visit Flight 93 Shanksville PA site.

12. Go to the San Gennero Festival in NYC

13. Go on the ledge hanging over the Grand Canyon

14. Tour the White House

15. Visit Macchu Picchu (7 Wonders of the World)

16. Go to Carnival in Rio

17. Do the Polar Plunge on New Years Day

18. Mardi Gras in New Orleans

19. Raft the Grand Canyon

20. Go to Australia

21. Visit the Hamptons in Long Island

22. Do the CN Tower Edge Walk in Canada

23. Visit Africa

24. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

25. Visit all 50 states (48/50)

26. Meet up with childhood crush Jill Wallach

27. Go to one of my step kids weddings

28. Ride the Olympic bobsled ride in NY

29. See a Nascar super speedway race

30. Take a NYC Open Air Double Decker Bus Tour

31. Watch planes land at the St. Maarten airport

32. Visit UPS Headquarters in Atlanta

33. Play Whirly Ball

34. Visit every establishment with a roller coaster in the USA (25 to go)

35. Attend Ground Hogs Day in Punxatawny

36. Ride a segway

37. See the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy

38. Do the Sky Jump on the Stratosphere in Las Vegas

39. Walk across the George Washington Bridge in NY

40. Visit Bermuda

41. Ride every single roller coaster in the USA (45 to go)

42. Visit the Corn Palace in South Dakota

43. Visit Graceland in Tennessee

44. Attend the Superbowl

45. Visit Stonehedge in the UK

46. Ride a roller coaster with Lucky Dog

47. Take a trans Atlantic cruise

48. See AC/DC in the front rows

49. Visit Stone Mountain in Georgia

50. Lose weight to ride El Toro, Millenium Force, & Bizarro again (1/3 rode)


Things Completed so far:



Visit Pearl Harbour in Hawaii

Volcano National Park in Hawaii

Ride Jane's Carousel in Brooklyn

Take the NBC Studio Tour in NYC

Take Scott's Pizza Tour in NYC

See "Winter" from "A Dolphin's Tale" in Clearwater FL



Great Wall of China (7 Wonders of the World)

Meet the Fonz (Henry Winkler)

Go to the Price is Right

See Lambau Field in Green Bay

Ride Tram car to Roosevelt Island in NYC

Visit Chichen Itza (7 Wonders of the World)

Ride the Toys R Us Ferris Wheel in Times Square

Visit Cancun

Visit the Fonz Statue in Wisconsin

Visit Wrigley Field in Chicago

Hike to the back of the Hollywood Sign

Visit Yosemite National Park

Do a helmet dive

Have a picture taken with a Panda Bear



Visit UPS Founding Park in Seattle

Bring Lucky Dog to Central Park in NYC

Cruise on the Minne Ha Ha at Lake George NY

Compare Pat's and Geno's Cheese Steaks in Philly

See The Liberty Bell in Philly

Run up the steps from Rocky in Philly

Change Facebook status to "In a Relationship"

Attend a NY Jets open practice

Go to Japan

Visit Disney Sea in Tokyo

Ride 1000 different roller coasters in the World

Go see The Peoples Court or Judge Judy

Visit new Citi Field

Visit Betzler Field in Wilkes Barre PA

Have a monthly Big Mike Road Show "show"

Visit La Brea Tar Pits in CA

Take a Hollywood Home of the Stars Bus Tour

Visit Randy's Donuts in California

Dance on The Big Piano from "Big" at FAO Schwartz



Visit Aruba

See Old Faithful

Visit Mount Rushmore

Go to the Top of the Rock in NYC

Visit Barbados

Go to Octoberfest in Germany

Find long lost love Jennifer

Bring Lucky Dog to the Ocean

See the Jersey Shore House

Visit the World of Coke in Atlanta

Go to the Little League World Series



Visit Fenway Park

Visit Grand Canyon

Perform on a Broadway Stage in NYC

Visit 4 Corners USA

Visit Roswell New Mexico

Do the rides on the Stratosphere

Ice skate at Rockerfeller Center

Visit Key West Florida

Ride an air boat in the Everglades

Visit the Baseball Hall of Fame

Visit new Yankee Stadium

Visit new Prudential Center



2013 - Coasters Still Needed to Ride Left in the USA:


X-Coaster at Magic Springs & Crystal Falls in Arkansas


Roller Coaster at Blackbeards in California

Manta at Sea World in California


Roller Coaster at City Park in Colorado

Wild West Express Coaster at Glenwood Caverns in Colorado

Cyclone at Lakeside in Colorado

Gold Runner Coaster at Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado


Dragon Wagon at Cobra Adventure Park in Florida

Miner Mike at Sam's Fun City in Florida


Wildcat at North Georgia State Fair in Georgia

Twisted Typhoon at Wild Adventures in Georgia

Swamp Thing at Wild Adventures in Georgia


Toytown Coaster at Yellowstone Bear World in Idaho


Runaway Mine Cars at Donley's Wild West Town in Illinois

Dragon Wagon at Gradys Family Fun Park in Illinois


Unknown at Greeley County Fairgrounds in Kansas

Roller Coaster at Kiddieland in Kansas


Miner Mike at Celebration Station in Louisiana

Galaxi at Dixie Landing in Louisiana

Ragin Cajun at Dixie Landing in Louisiana

Xtreme at Dixie Landing in Louisiana


Alpine Coaster at Wisp Resort in Maryland


Roller Coaster at Paul Bunyan Land in Minnesota

Timber Twister at Spirit Mountain in Minnesota


All American Coaster at Brookhaven Exchange in Mississipi


Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City in Missouri

Prowler at Worlds of Fun in Missouri


Nor'Eastern Mountain Coaster at Attitash Mountain Resort in New Hampshire

Cranmore Mountain Coaster at Cranmore Mountain Resort in New Hampshire


Fun Coaster at Funplex in New Jersey - RODE 3/30/13

Wacky Worm at Gillian's Wonderland Pier in New Jersey - RODE 3/30/13

Alpine Mountain Coaster at Mountain Creek in New Jersey


Nor'Easter Mountain Coaster at Adventure Center in New York - RODE 4/6/13

Mountain Coaster at Holiday Valley in New York


Dinosaur Canyon at Deadwood in North Carolina


Runaway Train at Super Slide Amusement Park in North Dakota


Little Fire Ball at Kiddie Park in Oklahoma

Steel Lasso at Frontier City in Oklahoma


Sky Rocket at Kennywood in Pennsylvania


Dragon Coaster at Atlantic Beach Park in Rhode Island


Go Gator at O.D Pavillion & Amusement Park in South Carolina

Wacky Worm at O.D Pavillion & Amusement Park in South Carolina

Zycklon at O.D Pavillion & Amusement Park in South Carolina


Wild Eagle at Dollywood in Tennessee

Choo Choo Express at Sir Gooneys in Tennessee - Being sold, will not open again!


Iron Shark at Galveston Pleasure Pier in Texas

Miner Mike at Zuma Fun Center in Texas


Bombora at Lagoon in Utah


Dragon at Riverfront Park in Washington





Coast Rider - Knotts Berry Farm in California

Full Throttle at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California

Gold Striker at Californias Great America in California

Undertow at Santa Cruz Boardwalk in California

Freedom Fighter at Fun Spot Action Park in Florida

White Lightning at Fun Spot Action Park in Florida

Wildcat at Santa's Village Azoosment Park in Illinois - (Already rode at Fun Spot)

Boomerang at Six Flags St. Louis in Missouri - (Already rode at Six Flags over Texas)

Kiddie Coaster at Playland's Castaway Cove in New Jersey

Loco Motion at Steel Pier in New Jersey

Max's Doggy Dog Coaster at Martin's Fantasy Island in New York

El Loco at Adventure Dome in Nevada

Gate Keeper at Cedar Point in Ohio

Flying Turns at Knoebels in Pennsylvania

Twist N Shout at Family Kingdom in South Carolina (Already rode at Magic Springs)

Iron Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in Texas





Unknown at Adventure City in California

Unknown at Fun Spot Action Park in Florida - (Already rode at Playland's Castaway Cove)

Unknown at Keansburg Amusement Park in New Jersey - (Already rode at Beech Bend)

Unknown at Flushing Meadows Corona Park in New York - (Already rode at Jeepers Southfield)

Unknown at Western Playland in New Mexico - (Already rode at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk)



Coasters Denied to Ride (but still working on):


Wildcat at Funland in Arkansas

Wild Kitty at Frontier Land in Oklahoma

Kiddie Coaster at Lakeside in Colorado

Blue Flash at John Ivers in Indiana

Sooper Jet at Trimper's Rides in Maryland

Go Gator at Rt 66 Carousel Park in Missouri

Go Gator at Fun Plex in Nebraska

Miner Mike at Adventuredome in Nevada

Hoot N Holler at Darien Lake in New York

Little Dipper at Conneaut Lake Park in Pennsylvania

Speedy Gonzalez at Family Kingdom in South Carolina




Wow, lots of info since it is the first post of the season, but from here on out, please enjoy The Big Mike Road Show thread!!!!!



Peace, Big Mike


Big Mike kicks off the 2013 coaster season and arrives in Orlando and picks up his hot rod for the week!


Big Mike checks into one of his condos, the Orange Lake Resort!


Big Mike's first stop of the trip is Sea World Orlando!


Sea World was very grateful for Big Mike to visit their park, so Big Mike got a shout out on the big screen!


Do you see Big Mike on the screen??


Big Mike went to see some shows and can you believe that Big Mike is the only person who has VIP status in the whole park??? The whole VIP section to myself!


My friend Chadster came to hang out and ride some coasters together! Thanks Chad!


My new friend Steve also came out and was a lot of fun to meet and hang out with!! Thanks Steve!!


No trip to Orlando would be complete without a trip to the Peabody hotel to see the ducks walk!


This visit, Big Mike wanted to get a prime seat to get up close and personal with the ducks!


Big Mike went to check out Fun Spot America, where they are building two new coasters for 2013!


Oh well. Guess Big Mike will be coming back later in the year when they are finished building them.


Big Mike checks out Downtown Disney for some lunch at a place he heard a lot about.


Earl of Sandwich!! Not bad, had better without the 45 line.


That evening concluded with a night full of go cart riding on International Drive with Chadster, Mikey, and Jenn!


Anyone who follows Big Mike knows that he loves to meet up with TPR hotties, and Jenn was a very pleasant sight to see!


I was also really happy to meet Mikey, who has one of my favorite threads to read and earned my respect for all the traveling he does like myself!


The next day Big Mike decided for a day trip to Tampa, visiting the ORIGINAL Hooters!


Big Mike continues his tour of all the NFL stadiums with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers home!


Big Mike also checks out the New York Yankees spring training area!


It's great to be a Yankee fan!


The main reason for taking a trip to Tampa is a visit to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, home to "Winter" from the movie "A Dolphin's Tale"!

Visiting Winter was on Big Mike's Top 50 Always Wanted To Do List!!!


I see you Winter!!! :)


This is a good view of Winter, who was not wearing the prosthetic tail today. Anyone know why??


Oh! Big Mike was holding it!! Bad Big Mike, no teasing Winter!


It was nice to see that Winter gets lots of special attention!


Winter's friends from the movie are also here at the aquarium. Ricky and Lucy shared the role of Rufus, the main source of the comedy of the movie!


There were many areas around the aquarium where you could see movie spots!


Included with your admission is another place a mile away with more movie props and activities!


The best exhibit was the Hurricane Experience, where you walked through a hurricane!


Big Mike's next stop on his Tampa excursion was Hogan's Beach, Hulk Hogan's new restaurant and bar!


Big Mike was met at Hogans by another TPR hottie named Amy!! We had lunch together and hung out for the rest of the day!


The whole place was full of everything Hulk Hogan!


Even though we did not get to see Hulk Hogan, we did get to meet Jimmy "The Mouth of the South" Hart!


Amy and I continued on to Busch Gardens Tampa for some rides and fun!


Big Mike's favorite area of Busch Gardens Tampa is the kangaroo feeding area!


Yes, Big Mike could sit here all day long!


This little kitty seemed intent on keeping his eye on The Mighty Big Man!


Big Mike and Amy finished the night with a round of golf at Smugglers Cove, which is a Top 5 course in the USA and part of Big Mike Top 50 Always Wanted To Do List item of playing all 5 courses!


The following morning Big Mike had more friends to meet and more fun places to visit!

First stop Epcot!


My favorite part of coming to Epcot is to see Big Mike's face on the monuments!

Big Mike is located right in the front row and all the way to the left as seen in this picture!


Big Mike, his ex-wife, and his 3 step kids!

Give Big Mike a kiss next time you visit :)


Look who Big Mike gets to hold and hang out with!!!

The ultimate TPR hottie, Elissa!!!


Big Mike rode the newly improved Test Track and this was his car he designed. Sadly, the ride was having technical issues both times I rode and my car would not load.


Four really cool people named Robb, Elissa, Joey, and Amy were having tons of fun just like Big Mike, and they stuck us with one stick in the mud to balance things out.


Joey was a little sore from running all the marathons that weekend, but he still came out to hang out with me! Thanks Joey!!


2nd stop - Animal Kingdom!



Love that Disney now lets you take pictures of all the ride photos!




3rd stop - Hollywood Studios!


Tower of Terror!


Last stop - Magic Kingdom!


Met my buddy Dainan!


Big Mike got a part in the new Belle Show and was a guard to the princess!


Big Mike was having way too much fun on Buzz Lightyear!


Big Mike ended the night running into another TPR hottie, Stacey!


No trip to Disney would be complete without meeting the mouse!

See you next year Mickey when the new coaster opens!


Going to Disney parks are very expensive, so Big Mike had to go check out a few of his businesses and collect some cash!


Big Mike will also be going to both expensive Universal parks, so he needed to visit another one of his businesses to get even more cash!


There is always time to visit my cousin when I am in Florida too!


Big Mike wanted to make a quick visit to Old Town also to see something I have missed very much....


... TPR hottie Renee!!!

Renee should not wear that shirt around Big Mike because he will always take her up on it!


Big Mike also visited Fun Spot next door!


After Dainan, Renee, and I finished those two parks, we went to eat in the town of Celebration and did some geocaching!


Big Mike visited another of the Top 5 Mini Golf courses in the USA for Big Mike's Top 50 Always Wanted To Do List at Winter Summerland!


Thanks to Jack and his whole family for coming out to play and finding a way we could all play for half price!!


TPR hottie Amy played too among many others!


Jake was in my foursome!


Thanks to Eric for treating me to a round of mini golf for my birthday!!


Universal Studios Florida was next!


I know, take my word for it, it is Universal Orlando :)


Big Mike hung out with someone very cool all day long! No not Marilyn Monroe even though she looks delighted...


.... Michael the Rapids Nerd!!!

Thanks to Michael for hanging out at both parks from opening to closing!


Of course, the other park previously mentioned was Islands of Adventure!!


Drink up!!!


Just because I like this picture!


One night Robb invited me back to TPR World Headquarters to see the inner workings and to hang out with cool friends!


I guess you need a shirt and tie to work at TPR Headquarters like Andrew is wearing.


The best part of the night is that KidTums gave me this note that says roughly "You look much skinnier" :) Thanks Kristen!!!!!!!! It is now hanging on my refrigerator!


The next and final stop was Discovery Cove to hang out with my sweet friend Renee, who also got The Big Man a HUGE discount!!!


What do you think, was Kristen right??? Big Mike HAS lost over 40 pounds since the last update!!! If any TPR hotties thinks Big Mike looks good, make sure you post it :)


I am sure I won't stay skinny long after having a meal like this for lunch AND dinner!! All included thanks to Renee!


Since I already had the wet suit on, may as well do some snorkeling!


Snorkeling with the manta rays!


The great thing about Discovery Cove is the snorkeling is stocked with tons of things to look at!


There is also a nice lazy river type attraction that was fun to swim through!


You get to meet lots of wildlife along the way too!


Just watch out for these dive bombing birds looking for fish, they would just skim the water and your head!


This everyone, is the new and improved Big Mike!!


Snorkeling and swimming took it's toll on Big Mike and he had to lounge around in the pool for a little bit!


There is also an aviary which Big Mike always loves to partake in!


Thanks to sweetheart Renee for setting me up with such a fantastic day!!


BIG thanks also to everyone else who came out and hung out with Big Mike while he was in Florida, it was really special and I appreciated it very much!!!

Till next time, hope you enjoyed!


Peace, Big Mike

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